[YesAuto Car Race] This was an accident in the American Formula Drift Series in Texas last weekend. When the driver who learned of the accident was the owner of the Mustang GT Drift Car: Vaughan-Kiding (JR) , Suddenly a little puzzled, why did such a master have a serious accident? The scene state is restored through the accident pictures. Based on my understanding of drift racing, I think it should be in a set of continuous corners. When the car enters the second corner at high speed, the center of gravity shifts excessively. At this time, the rear tires lose their grip. Cause the car to lose control and crash into the inner retaining wall, then we will introduce the structure of the car by hitting the damaged car.

Vaughan-Kiding is an American professional top-level drift driver who won the annual championship of the American Formula Series.

It can be seen from the crash that the fuel tank and water tank of this car have been moved to the rear of the body by the modification team, and are cleverly linked together with a tube-array frame and rear suspension structure. This design can greatly improve the front and rear of the car. The body weight ratio allows the car to try to ensure perfect handling performance during drifting.

The main body of this car can still clearly see the outline of the Mustang GT, but the decorative components of the body have been replaced with carbon fiber materials. In addition, it can be seen that the modification team has indeed made great efforts to reduce the weight of the car. The replacement rear anti-collision beam design uses lightweight aviation aluminum alloy material to greatly reduce the weight of the body. Even the water tank bracket has been beaten by the engineer. For many holes, the direction of all efforts is for a “light” character. The two round black marks on the back of the water tank are two high-power electronic fans installed by engineers to help the engine dissipate heat.

The 6.7-liter V8 engine can explode about 800 horsepower. Engineers adjusted it backwards and downwards to obtain the maximum center of gravity. The rearward shift ensures that the control load of the front suspension structure is reduced. The tubular car in front of the engine compartment The frame is integrated with the front suspension structure, which can improve the metal toughness of the front engine compartment and help obtain good front wheel pointing performance.

Of course, all the design needs to cooperate with the perfect chassis adjustment to make a beautiful glide angle and a super-visiting drifting driving trajectory.

Racing is a competitive form of competition. No matter what the race is, the best driver will have a horse blunder. The essential reason for this accident should be the negligence of the driving route during the drifting process. The experience minimized the damage of the car. The powerful power output of the Mustang GT car before the loss of control and the precise intervention of the differential lock can make the tires brave thick smoke rings, which once pushed the atmosphere to a climax. With the rise of drifting culture , Many car fans in China can also personally feel the hustle and bustle that makes you boiling.