[YesAuto Test Drive] The new Audi A8L has been launched last night. There are currently 5 models with a price range of RMB 928,000 to RMB 132.62 million (click to view the A8L listing article). I believe that for most consumers, the Audi A8L can only stay at the point of dreaming and thinking. As a luxury flagship model of a luxury brand, not everyone has the opportunity to experience it. The Audi A8L was held on the first day after its launch. Test drive meeting, let me tell you what I understand A8L through this test drive meeting.

In view of the fact that the price of the entry-level A8L is close to 1 million, I don't think I need to introduce some regular functional introductions for this car, because those configurations are necessary for it, and it is worth talking about if not. If you have a strong interest in these powerful features, please pay attention to another A8L test drive article written by another colleague of Autohome tomorrow. There will be more detailed repetitions. What I want to share with you in this article is your feelings. ,Please excuse me.

The overall change in appearance comes from a new design concept

We can easily find the changes between this generation of A8L and the previous generation, and the public personality seems to be reflected in this luxury car. Faced with this change, my ears have been filled with positive and negative voices throughout the test drive meeting. One is, “A8L is too handsome and too aggressive”; the second is “At all. It's unstable”. And I want to give four evaluations of sharpness, sportiness, exaggeration and mediocrity.

First of all, sharp and sporty, the two are better explanations. The front face features a clear price comparison, and the strength and tension are in place. Let us know that luxury cars can also be designed to be so sporty, but I don’t know how to use the synonymous “personality”. Is it appropriate to describe a luxury car, but we can really feel that A8L does have a lot of personality. I think the personality comes from bold integration and bold innovation. What is fusion? The fusion is the overall shape of the Audi family. What to innovate? Innovative thinking.

The headlight in the front face is the most eye-catching place. Just like a person, the eyes can definitely show a person's character accurately, and the same is true for a car. The headlights of the new A8L are obviously aggressive, and the fundamental reason for this aggressiveness is the styling design and the finishing touch.

The slender body is closely linked to the movement, and the side shape of the new A8L is very smooth. It is visually felt that the center of gravity of the body is very low, and these are only part of the movement. The short front suspension is designed for a more balanced axle load distribution, and the purpose is naturally to be more accurate and convenient to control.

I admit that the taillights are very ecstasy after they are turned on, and the visual effects are great. The A8L's taillights are very complicated, so it will bring eye-catching effects, which is really great! Looking at the entire rear and sideways, I feel that this generation of A8L and A4L are very similar, whether the combination of family genes, and the proportions of the sideways design are so similar, don't you think about the silhouette?

Experience the feeling of being a driver, this driver can be

The identity of A8L should be regarded as a veritable rear-seat car in China. Since it is a rear-seat car, there must be a boss and a driver. Well, let me experience the feeling of being a driver first, and evaluate this Audi flagship model from the perspective of a driver.

In the subtitle, I have almost summarized the feeling of being a driver-this driver can be. Perhaps I am picky. In the driving experience of tens of kilometers of urban comprehensive road conditions + highways, I feel that A8L gives drivers easy and safe driving, but it also makes me nervous.

The first step in getting in the car is to adjust the driving posture. I can’t help but feel very interesting in the face of numerous seat adjustment options; from the length of the seat cushion to the shoulder support, as well as the lateral wrapping of the seat cushion and backrest, each item is adjustable. Yes, it is not difficult to find a sitting posture that suits you, even if you have physical defects, you can get better support. After adjusting the seat, you can completely open the seat to massage. It is not easy to be a driver, and to secretly relax when the boss is not paying attention. In this function, to a large extent, the driver and the boss have the same treatment. This is where the driver feels comfortable.

Convenience, the convenience of A8L comes from the support of ACC adaptive cruise to a large extent, this cruise system can implement adaptive cruise in the speed range of 0-250kM/h. Set the following distance through the joystick on the left side of the steering wheel. After setting, the system will automatically maintain a fixed distance from the vehicle ahead. Naturally, the measures are oil and brakes. This can make long-distance driving easy, at least not so hard.

Convenience and comfort during driving for tens of kilometers is the biggest feeling, which is quite satisfactory to me, but I also added the word “tension” to my feelings about being a driver. Because adaptive cruise is still a safety system, the probe monitors the vehicle ahead in real time. When the system finds that the vehicle is approaching the vehicle in front at a very fast speed, and the driver does not have any braking measures, it will definitely collide if it continues. The system will immediately use a sound alarm or even automatically brake. The rapid “di di di” sound really makes the driver suddenly nervous.

We all know that the Audi A8L uses the newly developed MMI human-computer interaction system. The biggest highlight of the system is the addition of a handwriting board. At the same time, the handlebar is also a new design. When operating the MMI, you can put your arm on the handlebar and use your fingers to Swipe on the tablet to select six stored radio channels; in GPS mode, you can slide the map through the touchpad.

It is the first time that the night vision system has appeared on the A8L. In a dark environment, it is difficult for us to find the distant situation. When there is no night vision system, we need to open our eyes, but we still can’t accurately judge whether there are obstacles in front of us. , But through the night vision system, you can clearly see two people in the distance.

Summary of feelings of acting as a driver: When driving A8L as a driver, I feel very relaxed. Although the body length has exceeded 5 meters, I can feel that this is a big car, but there is no feeling of drag when driving; many The electronic equipment of the company detects the driving condition of the vehicle and the road safety in real time. At this time, the main task of the driver is to drive safely. Remember, don’t let the anti-collision safety system call the police, because it is really scary. If you call the police, sit down The boss in the back seat will definitely be dissatisfied, “What kind of driver is this!”

Feel comfortable being a boss

The natural back seat of the car is the key point, because no boss is so stupid to sit in the co-pilot. The wheelbase of the new A8L has been lengthened by the previous generation, so what is the actual feeling of the back seat?

As the boss, I have very high requirements for the space in the back row. I am 190cm tall. The space in the rear row of the Audi A8L is impeccable. There is plenty of room including head space. The picture shows the front passenger seat. Location, the rear space is now at its maximum, which can definitely be described as luxury. Everyone feels it for yourself, and I no longer use my hands to gesture for legroom and shoulder room.

If the boss is sleepy! Press the button on the door panel, and the seat will assume a half-lying posture. This posture is relatively comfortable and can be fully relaxed in the rear. Because the model we test drive is low-equipped, the seat co-pilot did not provide a foot rest in the rear. , But it feels pretty good.

Panoramic sunroof or double sunroof is the current trend, but many sunroofs behind the car are decorated, but the A8L makes us comfortable that the sunroof in the rear row can be opened at a small angle to ventilate the rear row. ; It’s just that the wind dryness will increase a lot after turning it on. The solution is to control the speed.

The A8L is an air suspension. The advantage of the air suspension is that the soft and hard damping is adjustable. When I want a soothing ride, I choose the comfort mode. At this time, the suspension damping becomes soft, and the potholes on the road are passed by. When selecting sports, the suspension becomes harder, the steering wheel becomes heavy, and the throttle becomes more sensitive accordingly.

Another function of the air suspension is to adjust the balance of the vehicle. When a passenger is on one side of the vehicle, especially the passenger is heavier, the vehicle body will have a tendency to tilt due to changes in the left and right weight distribution. The air suspension senses this. After the objective conditions, one side of the suspension will be inflated to ensure the balance of the body. When I sit on the seat, I can clearly hear the sound of the air pump working.

As a rear car, there should be no less facilities in the rear. Independent audio-visual entertainment system, independent dual-zone air-conditioning, massage seats, etc. are all equipped with A8L, and they are also necessary for this price level. , I won’t explain it in detail here.

Summary of feelings of acting as a boss : In fact, the boss’s role-playing is much more difficult than the driver’s, because the back row is completely built for comfort. I can only describe it in words. The expressions of ecstasy will inevitably be a little fake. The first thing you feel in the back row is the comfort of the seat, from leather to chair shape. To make an asymmetric metaphor, the A8L seat is N times better than the A6L! Especially in terms of hardware and software, this will account for more than 50% of comfort! Regardless of whether the appearance is sporty or not, at least I can tell you that the A8L is absolutely comfortable by riding in the back row! The function is also powerful enough.

The power and suspension of the A8L on the track are tested

When I first heard the news that I was going to be on the track, I seemed to be a little entangled in my heart, because in our hearts the A8L is a complete luxury business car. It seems that its work tasks do not include intense driving. What will the test drive ask? Want to go on the track? After a short period of thought, we came to the conclusion that Audi wants to pass on to us the concept that the upper hall is the kitchen, and it also points out that the A8L is a sporty luxury commercial vehicle. But I think this is just the willingness of the manufacturer to promote the product. Neither the driver nor the boss would be willing to drive A8L intensely.

The maximum power and torque of the two engines with different tuning styles will naturally be slightly different. The official acceleration time from 100 kilometers for the high-power version is 6 seconds, and the low-power version is 6.2 seconds, which is not much difference. Both engines are equipped with 8-speed automated manual gearboxes. The smoothness of gear shifting and fuel economy have good performance. The speed is less than 2000rpm when cruising at a speed of 100km/h.

Facing the empty track, there will be impulsiveness. After a strong pressure on the accelerator, the engine's thick sound will follow. The 8-speed gearbox will immediately respond to the downshift action, and then the incisive push will follow. From here. The power performance of the engine can be recognized. After all, this 3.0T engine is already very powerful, and the torque output platform is relatively wide. Even if the speed is close to the red line, they are working hard to squeeze themselves. There is almost no slack in that process!

After opening various sports modes, the suspension damping becomes larger, the suspension feels very tight, and the overall sense of the vehicle is strong; the suspension can support strong centrifugal force when facing a curve, and the body does not show a frightening side tilt. I feel that the effective support of the suspension is very good, without being bulky or sluggish.

In addition to the track, simple field activities were carried out. Piling is a common project, and the sports mode is also used. The main purpose of these projects is to feel the rear axle sports differential and quattro full-time four-wheel drive. When changing lanes in an emergency, the rear axle differential will release different torques to the two wheels of the rear axle to ensure the tracking of the rear and the stability of the vehicle. However, this design is not designed to allow the driver to drive intensely. It is to reduce the chance of ESP intervention, because ESP relies on braking to correct the posture, which will bring a sense of frustration.

In the winding pile, you can feel that the rear of the car is just about to be unstable, and after a short time of power distribution, you can feel the rear of the car linearly pulled back, but the fundamental function of this set of differentials is to improve the stability and comfort when cornering. Sex is not real sword manipulation.

If the driving style is too intense, or the situation of emergency avoidance is too dangerous, the rear axle sports differential will appear a little sluggish. At this time, the ESP electronic equipment will intervene without hesitation, and the vehicle will have a tendency to push its head when changing lanes.

A simple summary after intense driving: I can score a higher score for the entire power system and chassis suspension of the A8L. It can give the driver a stronger confidence in driving on the track or on the field. The air suspension has a strong sense of road. The feedback is relatively direct, and there will be no vague and dull feeling. However, I still advise that although the A8L can be used with sports, it is still a luxury commercial vehicle. The suspension structure does not allow long-term intense driving. The key is that the driving style must be in line with the brand and model, and it must not be incompatible with each other.

to sum up:

    This article mainly tells the feeling of the simple experience of the A8L in just a few hours. In conversations with fellow media friends, everyone agreed with this car. There is nothing to question or question from the power to the driving experience. Place, at least not now. So I can only put my actual feelings here in plain words. I personally think that this generation of A8L is more bold, but when this kind of boldness can be recognized by the Chinese people, it depends on the market performance. However, I firmly believe that the market performance will not be bad. As for the reason, you and I all know the “right”. Tomorrow, there will be another Audi A8L test drive article online, and there will be a richer functional introduction, so stay tuned. (Zhang Ke, Home of Wenzhou)