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[YesAuto Internet Travel] The Rolls-Royce Phantom is undoubtedly the top part of the pyramid in the luxury car field. For most people, when they see it, they can only pay attention to it. Today I sat in the Phantom car not to enjoy the comfort and luxury of the rear, but to take a look at the in-car entertainment system carried by the Phantom. Nowadays, the intelligent network is gradually being integrated into the entertainment system, but the Mirage still maintains the appearance of many years ago. Even so, after this set of iDrive from BMW is integrated into the Mirage, can it provide sufficient help for its owners to travel?

  30 seconds to understand the full text:

The Mirage is equipped with the BMW iDrive 6 system, which has certain voice command recognition capabilities.

The on-board screens are controlled by the knobs and buttons in the front and rear armrest boxes with elegant movements.

The rear row is equipped with a double large screen entertainment system, the screen size is larger than the front row center control screen and instrumentation.

● Phantom’s in-car entertainment system comes from the BMW Group.

The interconnection of the cloud ecosystem is one of the major trends of the “new four modernizations” of automobiles in the future. However, for the purchasers of Rolls-Royce Phantom, the connected intelligent system will not be considered as an indicator for purchasing Phantom, and it can even be said to be considered. Dispensable facilities. Because when its owner rides in the back row, he often has more important things to do, such as thinking about the company's plans for the next few years, exchanging valuable information with business partners, or giving himself a quiet time relax.

Although it does not have a strong “sense of presence” in the Phantom's positioning model, I still want to introduce this entertainment system today. There may be a Phantom user (maybe the driver or the secretary who often sits on the co-driver). /Bodyguard, etc.) Just need this simple experience. Let’s start with the hardware. The overall style of the central control part is basically the same as that of the previous generation. However, the most important change of this generation of Phantom is the introduction of the “artistic collection” gallery concept in the central console. The background behind the entire transparent glass can be The texture style with strong artistic sense can also be the decoration calligraphy and painting of the customer's choice.

Taking into account the driver's driving needs, a car with navigation function still needs to be provided. The Mirage is currently equipped with the BMW iDrive 6 system (also known as ID6 or NBT EVO). In the year when this generation of Mirage was released, the system was BMW’s most advanced entertainment system, and now more and more BMW models have been upgraded to networking functions. More abundant iDrive 7 system. Since the central control screen is hidden behind a whole piece of glass, it cannot be controlled by touch. It can only be controlled by the multi-function buttons on the steering wheel and the knobs and buttons on the armrest. The interface of the entertainment system is very simple, and the functions are not complicated, so it is not difficult to operate.

In terms of ecological services, Rolls-Royce has a comprehensive service assistant, who can find the corresponding service counterpart through the entertainment system or 400 calls. Considering the brand image of Rolls-Royce, I believe its after-sales and rescue services may be more upscale than other brands. Although the entertainment system does not have an OTA upgrade function, the system still supports the update of the entertainment system and part of the software in the system through the USB transfer update package.

There are five display devices in the car. The front-row display includes a central control screen, an LCD instrument panel and a HUD head-up display, all of which are common equipment in passenger cars. The Phantom provides two large-size displays and corresponding entertainment control facilities for the rear passengers. The displays are stored in the back of the main and co-pilot seats. The table and the display will only show up after pressing the button on the back of the seat. A sense of luxury. Different from the front center control screen, the rear entertainment system is functionally different from the front center control screen. Its main function is to control the entertainment system and adjust the rear seats, such as setting navigation destinations. Just let the driver come for the little things.

Let's first take a look at the interface and functions of the front central control screen. The entire interface is very simple, even if it can only be controlled by a physical knob, this simple design plus the uncomplicated functions are not difficult to operate. It's like using a smart touch screen with a lot of apps, and I will give you a mobile phone with a physical keyboard that was common many years ago. Even if you have never touched it before, you will be able to get started soon.

The car entertainment system focuses on local playback, including common functions such as USB/Bluetooth audio input, FM/AM radio and so on. The Phantom is also equipped with a TV signal receiver and a CD/DVD player. The latter is used more frequently and can be used to play high-quality lossless music, movies and TV shows in the car. The system's built-in navigation can display the congestion situation, but because the navigation does not have the ability to dynamically avoid traffic restrictions and congestion that is popular nowadays, it is necessary for the driver to make travel planning in advance.

● Article summary:

From the current point of view, the entertainment system of the Rolls-Royce Phantom lags behind the mainstream smart-linked system in function. Although the central control screen cannot be controlled by touching the screen with a finger, it is only controlled by the physical knobs and buttons. It also has its advantages. First of all, it will not leave fingerprints on the screen or glass to affect the beauty. Secondly, the knob and button control does not need to change the sitting posture of the driver and passengers, and the movements are more relaxed and decent. For a top luxury car like the Mirage, comfort and decent are One of the ultimate needs.

Think about it from another angle. Does Mirage need a leading networked intelligent connection system? Judging from the development trend of technology and the demand for automatic assisted driving in the future, intelligent networked systems are still necessary, but these functions are more for drivers (probably not the owners of the Mirage, but the hired drivers). Help, and its owner may not particularly care about the network speed of the vehicle and the speed of the vehicle during the journey, and their attention is likely to be occupied by more ambitious things such as stocks and securities market, corporate restructuring, corporate strategy, etc. . So whether and when Mirage will update its entertainment system in the future, and whether the next-generation system will be smarter and have richer networking features, depends on the needs of the owners.

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