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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] At the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Tesla will undoubtedly become the focus of the auto show. The “Tesla brake failure” echoing over the exhibition hall stirred up waves, and Tesla's safety issue once again became a hot spot of public concern. With the release of “brake data”, the female car owners' rights protection incident accelerated, and users, automobile media, engineers and even CCTV all focused on this incident. However, with the release of the data, a larger-scale discussion has been triggered. Has the brakes failed? How reliable is the data? Is the key data information missing…

In view of the current divergent opinions and constant new materials, Autohome, as the world's largest automotive Internet service platform, has recently conducted a corresponding analysis of the news about the incident on the Internet. For details, please click “Brake system failure? Brief Analysis of Tesla's Public Data. In order to further trace the root cause, Carhome technical editors Yang Peng and Wang Xingyu will connect with driver assistance system expert Luo Xinyu@众风volkswind to fully analyze the details of the incident that you did not pay attention to by means of online live broadcast.

What are the details of Tesla's “brake failure” incident worthy of attention? What is the principle of electronic brakes? Carhome technical editors Yang Peng and Wang Xingyu, together with driver assistance system expert Luo Xinyu, opened the topic “Details that everyone needs to pay attention to in the Tesla brake failure incident.” At 16:30 on April 27th, we disappeared in the Carhome live broadcast room. Do not leave!