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[YesAuto in-depth experience] When it comes to front and rear drive, what do you think of? That must be sports. Reiz is such a medium-sized car that takes sports as its basic route. Compared with Ruiyi, Spirior and Regal, which are also positioning sports, there is an innate advantage in transmission mode. The rear drive seems to be an easily convincing thing.

Before experiencing the happiness and excitement brought to us by the post-drive, we first proceeded from a static point of view to experience all aspects of Xin Ruizhi in detail. Since this car is the 3.0L fashion flagship navigation version, which is the top model of the whole series, some very small places are not mentioned in the article. For example, the sunroof is a very basic function such as one-click opening. The trolley must exist, so we won't take up too much space.

Appearance and other fierce front face + godless tail

Compared with the old model, the appearance of the new Reiz is obviously changed. The fierce front face naturally brings a murderous look. The slightly ferocious expression and staring eyes together form an exaggerated and radical front face, which is also the most direct. The language tells us that Reiz is a sports car, and this is its identity.

The sports kit is the original collocation of the fashion elite version and above. The front surround kit increases the layering of the front face and makes the lines more abundant. The skirt and the small rear wing better interpret the positioning of Reiz; in addition to the vision In addition to the improvement of the effect, the kit plays the role of air diversion during driving, which can not be said to be useless for driving stability, but it is also limited.

The overall shape of the side continues the characteristics of Reiz’s low center of gravity. The lines are not as tight as the front face. It would be wrong to say that there are no muscles. At least the muscles are stretched out, and there is only one waistline with clear edges and corners. There is no feeling of exaggeration; compared with competitors such as Ruiyi, Regal and Sporui, the characteristics and side characteristics are not so distinctive.

The shape of the rear of the new Reiz has not changed much, but the design of the taillights is completely new. The new taillights create the effect of a straight eye, but it looks lacking in charm. I just feel that it is staring at itself but looking listless. . It's not as “elegant” as the old taillights.

There are image probes under the right reflector and the rear license plate lights. We all understand the conventional functions of the rear probe. As for the side probe and some other functions, we will introduce them below.

The tire size of 235/45 R18 and 18-inch multi-spoke wheels bring enough visual tension. The maximum speed allowed by the Michelin tires used is 270kM/h. As for the actual grip of the tires, please pay attention to our evaluation article .

The 3.0L V6 naturally aspirated engine brings smooth and strong power. The gearbox is still the 6-speed automatic manual gearbox. Compared with the competition, the power performance of the V6 engine is somewhat superior. The shape of the handlebar has a new design. Although it continues the short design style, it does not seem to be as sophisticated as the old one, but it feels very good to hold it in the hand.

As for the keys of Toyota cars, please note that it is the key of Toyota's entire brand, not limited to the Reiz. The keys of all Toyota models are not so powerful, from the design to the texture of the key itself, or low-level cars. Compared with the car, there is no advantage at all. The times have changed, and it should change.

●The sensory and touch operation experience can be satisfied without obvious shortcomings

The center console and door panels are wrapped in soft materials, which will not feel any looseness. The center control panel uses chrome-plated decorative strips for edge treatment and matches with the imitation wood grain panel; objectively speaking, there is no problem, the overall feeling and the price. The feeling that it should be is more in place, but I personally think that it is slightly lacking in texture.

The steering wheel is full and full in the hand, the leather material is wrapped in a good feel, the multi-function buttons are not as tight as I imagined, and the dry horn is “dididi” sound, lacking momentum! The steering wheel has paddle shifters, which are indispensable for sports cars. The paddle shifters can rotate with the steering wheel. You can also easily shift gears through the paddles in corners. However, we think the size of the steering wheel is biased. It is not conducive to drastic steering operation.

The buttons and knobs on the center console are not strongly damped. The buttons have a large area. The advantage is that it is easy to operate while driving. The resolution of the LCD screen needs to be improved. It is easy to find the three primary colors by carefully observing the screen. The background light of the buttons on the center console is yellow-green, which is not a sign of denial, but at first glance it does not arouse all the passion at once, but it is also another special feeling.

Go down the line of sight, there are three storage boxes on the vertical surface of the center console, the leftmost small storage box and glove box are covered with flannel, some small items will not produce annoying noise when placed inside ; The central storage box has a large depth, but it does not have any soft materials, it is bare plastic.

The two water cup holders in the front row are equipped with fixing devices, but when we actually put the drinks into them, we found that the fixing effect is not obvious. The two different specifications of beverage bottles are not securely fixed as they should be, and they are very swaying. Extremely, it will appear crooked during driving. Maybe we need stronger bottled drinks.

The cover of the central armrest box can slide back and forth to facilitate access to items, but the central armrest box cannot be opened directly. Sliding backward is a necessary step, which is the same as the old model. After opening it, I found that the depth of the armrest box is not large, almost the same as the length of the mobile phone. In addition, the AUX interface and the 12V inverter power supply interface are also placed in the armrest box, but Reiz does not provide a USB interface or SD card direct reading device. In contrast, these two configurations are more direct and convenient.

About configuration experience, reversing image and maintenance information, humanized design is in place

The large LCD screen on the entire center console is naturally the most eye-catching, so we start with its functionality. Conventional navigation is naturally one of its necessary functions, which is no different from our common ones, so we introduce some interesting things. Point something. First of all, the “various settings” in the settings made us provoke the corners of our mouths, and popular vocabulary came into view. After naturally clicking in, we found that the so-called “various settings” are some of the basic settings of the navigation. .

The following introduces some characteristic functions

Although Reiz’s displacement is not small, I think consumers who buy this displacement are also concerned about fuel consumption; Reiz’s multimedia system is closely related to the trip computer and can record past fuel consumption in minutes, hours and days, allowing car owners Know your own car.

The second thing that makes us feel intimate is the maintenance items. There are very detailed maintenance items in the maintenance items, which have been refined to the oil filter, brake pads, tire replacement, tire replacement and gearbox oil, etc. It is no longer as simple as just lighting up to prompt maintenance. The user can also set the 4S shop for maintenance. When an item reaches the set value, the navigation will automatically prompt and set the destination as the 4S shop. This function is really thoughtful, but I believe that few consumers will patiently set each item one by one. I hope that this setting will be completed by 4S points after each maintenance.

About the experience of reversing

The only 3.0L top-mounted model we have experienced by Reiz is equipped with reversing image and reversing radar. The reversing image provides two reversing scenarios. The first scenario is side parking. After selecting this scenario, the reversing image will guide the driver according to the characteristics of side parking. Different routes will be planned through the left and right turning system of the steering wheel, and a prompt will also pop up if the steering wheel is over-steered.

The second scenario is reversing and warehousing. In this mode, the guidance of the system is more common. It can also be reversed to the left or right, and parking with the reversing radar will not be very difficult.

Side-pointing camera is another characteristic configuration of Reiz. The “VIEW” button next to the start button is the side camera switch. After turning on, the camera under the beam mirror will shoot the real scene on the right side of the vehicle, effectively avoiding scratches when parking. The event of rubbing the hub occurred; the irradiation range can be selected through the touch screen, whether it is the front right or the entire right.

Press the “OPEN” button in the upper left corner of the screen and the screen will automatically flip up. After flipping up, you can see two CD storages. The division of labor between the two storages is clear. The top is the CD and the bottom is the navigation map.

The position of the hand in the picture is the key point. In the experience, I also had questions at the beginning, but how do I turn off ESP? Finally, the switch was found in a hidden position of the instrument panel; the buttons of the ESP body stabilization system and the AFS corner auxiliary lighting are designed to be hidden. The reason for this setting is very simple, because the user does not want to easily turn off these two safety-related items. Features.

There is no “S” gear at the Reiz gear bar, which is what we often call sports gear, but there is a button behind the gear bar to turn on the sport mode and snow mode, and there will be corresponding instructions on the dashboard after turning it on. The lights are on, and the actual feelings of the two modes are also handed over to our evaluation article to show you.

All Reiz models are equipped with knee airbags as standard. In fact, this is not a rare configuration in foreign countries. As for why there are so few in China, I believe I don't need to explain to everyone. Among the models currently on sale in China with knee airbags are the Mitsubishi Wingshen and Highlander.

Experience related to comfort, high seat comfort

The comfort of the Reiz seat is high, and the side wrapping of the body is supported in place. The suede texture of the seat provides effective friction, and the body will not sway greatly during intense driving. In addition, the seat The support for the shoulders is also obvious, especially in long-distance driving, which can greatly reduce the fatigue of the shoulders.

I have a high evaluation of the comfort of the central armrest box. It is not only wide, but also soft on the surface. The arms of the driver and the co-pilot can be placed on it to get a good rest without mutual interference or any interference.

More people are concerned about space. I am 190cm tall, sitting in the front row of Reiz, and adjusted to a correct and comfortable driving posture. My head is two fingers away from the edge of the skylight. If the skylight is the upper limit, the distance from the skylight is four. It means that you feel good in the driver's seat and will not feel depressed, because after all, this car itself is not small.

If the rear row is only from the perspective of space, at least I don’t feel spacious when sitting inside. It’s not that the space is cramped. The main problem is that the head space makes me feel depressed. Although the backrest of the seat is adjustable, but Before and after adjustment, the head space is not very helpful. The 2850mm wheelbase is not long in a medium-sized car, but it is never lagging behind. I sit in the back seat with a punch in the leg space. If the driver is much shorter than me, the rear seat will have more abundant legs. Space to enjoy.

If you put aside the space and talk about the comfort of the seats alone, I can tell you that the rear seats of Reiz are also unambiguous. Obviously, they are more inclined to the two-person design. The seats on both sides are also mixed with suede and leather. The side of the seat wraps obviously, but the trivial thing is that the headrest is hard. Of course, these commendatory descriptions are all aimed at the two seats on both sides, what about the seat in the middle?

An interesting conversation with the owner of the car spoke about the drawbacks of the rear-seat rear-seat space of the Reiz. The high raised drive shaft ruthlessly encroached on too many passengers in the middle, and there was no comfort in sitting in the middle position, which was basically the same as a four-seater car like the CC.

The door handles of Reiz are leather-wrapped, and the front and rear doors are the same. The stitching and stitching are relatively delicate, and the grip feels good and comfortable. Reiz did not use high-end brand speakers similar to BOSE, because it did not find a recognized brand logo on the audio, and compared with Ruiyi, the audio competitiveness is not strong. The Reiz we experienced has seat heating, but there is no level division. In actual use, it can be adjusted according to your own feelings.

to sum up:

I want to use the simplest and most direct language to summarize the feelings of Reiz with me. During the hours of communicating with Reiz, what Reiz has brought to me is more of a warm, comfortable and slightly provocative psychological suggestion. Regardless of whether you are driving or riding in Reiz, the comfort of the seat can be maintained, and all aspects of support are in place. The suspension that is not soft or hard is ideal. When driving, it will always be psychologically generated because it is a rear-wheel drive vehicle. A little bit of “cheating” thoughts. In terms of configuration, there is no need to say about this highest-equipped model. Basically, there will be everything, and there will be no embarrassing situation of reversing image and no reversing radar. I think the configuration of Reiz may not be considered as compared with models of the same level. The richest on the list, but it should be the purest. As for the pure feeling of the rear drive and 3.0L V6 engine, please pay attention to our evaluation article. (Photographed by Zhang Ke, Liang Wei)

[YesAuto Evaluation] Friends often ask me how is this car? How is that car? I always insist on letting them go to the store to try it out for themselves, because it looks like this, what you imagine is like that, and it's another way when it's opened. For example, the 2010 Reiz is a model that can be easily misunderstood. The two core components of the engine and the gearbox have not changed. According to experience, this is a novelty without changing the soup or the medicine. In fact, every old model is always open. People at Reiz will tell you that the changes in Reiz are not small.

● Engine and gearbox

I think everyone is already familiar with this part, so I will just make a brief introduction. The domestically produced Reiz currently has a 3.0-liter 3GR-FE engine, and a 2.5-liter 5GR-FE engine that shortens the stroke on this basis. Both products are of V6 structure and have dual VVT-i technology. Due to the oil product problem of domestic refined oil (click to view the detailed article of Reiz engine), the in-cylinder direct injection technology was cancelled and the 4GR-FE engine was not introduced. The six-speed automated manual gearbox comes from Aisin, model A760E, and its specific performance will be explained below.

● Daily driving

The old Reiz was hailed as the “king of cost-effectiveness” at the time, but the steering system is a lame on the king. The fixed maximum number of turns of the steering wheel at 3.5 turns makes it difficult for ordinary consumers to enjoy the real driving pleasure. , The steering feel is light and fluttering. There is no feedback at all. Although we can often see the drift performances of the Reiz team through various channels at that time (I remember that there is a team where the drivers are all beautiful girls), but if you don’t fight If you practice hard for a long time, using Reiz to play more delicate movements is still quite strenuous.

The test car we got now is a 3.0V top-mounted version, equipped with two very practical systems, one is AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension System) adaptive suspension, and the other is VGRS (Variable Gear Ratio Steering) with variable speed. Steering gear ratio. Under their combined effect, the maximum number of turns of the steering wheel of the test car can be dynamically changed between 2.4 and 3.6 turns. Therefore, through the same curve, you only need to go in a few directions when the speed is low, which saves you worry, and when the speed is high, you need to go in more directions to ensure safety.

This is very helpful for daily driving, especially when walking between high-rise buildings with constant corners. I no longer have to fight with the steering wheel as before. In addition, the steering assistance has been lowered a lot, and the steering wheel will feel heavy when you first get started, and the effective road information obtained by your hands from here is also richer than before. This is a very gratifying change from a driving perspective.

It is necessary to discern that the principle of the AVS system is to use sensors to read the driving state of the vehicle, and the actuator will automatically adjust the damping hardness of the shock absorber after ECU calculations, so as to provide the vehicle with the suspension softness and hardness for different road conditions. The air suspension that can lift the height of the body is two different things. Don't confuse it.

High-tech things such as sensors and ECUs run very fast. In actual driving, it is difficult for our bodies to feel the subtle changes in damping. Compared with the old models without AVS, the biggest feeling is that the comfort is greatly improved, especially the sand The fine vibration of the stone pavement is processed and transferred to the cab, which adds a lot of fun. The support on the paved pavement is a kind of hard and retractable, unlike the old style rear suspension spring. Tuning.

In terms of power, the output of the V6 engine has a very obvious linear characteristic, which makes you feel powerful enough and also very easy to control. Even in the acceleration test, there is no sudden sense of explosion. The abundant power reserve is impressive, and it can be delivered in a continuous state. The throttle adjustment is in place. Unlike supercharged models, it is not necessary to deliberately find the tipping point to stimulate downshifts. In daily driving, you can speed up smoothly as you want. I have always liked the reason why natural aspiration is more than forced pressurization.

Talk about the gearbox. A few years ago, 6AT was a very avant-garde configuration, and now the opponents of the same level have caught up and surpassed, so that Reiz no longer has the advantage. From today’s point of view, its shifting action is no longer smooth, especially the power gap between the first gear and the second gear after the start is a bit obvious. In addition, the Sport mode is set to be optional, and it is almost imperceptible in daily driving. The difference, unless the combination of S gear + Sport mode can find that the speed has risen slightly faster. Taking into account the strength of the opponents today, I gave this gearbox 70 points.

● Accelerated testing

Now we look at the performance test performance of the new Ruizhi 3.0V. Despite the cancellation of powerful technologies such as direct injection, the current Xin Ruizhi engine is still one of the best naturally aspirated engines in the domestic mid-size car market. The acceleration of 7.03 seconds has proved this.

Since the acceleration test needs to turn off the VSC dynamic stability control system, the rear wheel slips seriously under the strong torque output at the start. The G value in the initial stage is not very stable as seen from the graph. After the second gear, the grip returns to normal, V6 The smooth output characteristics of the engine were immediately revealed, and the performance of the 6-speed automatic transmission was in line with expectations throughout the process. We are satisfied with the score of 7.03 seconds. The strength of the 3GR-FE naturally aspirated engine cannot be underestimated.

● Brake test

The car home once tested the 3.0-liter Reiz of the 07 model, and the brake score was 43.1 meters at that time (click to view the test article at that time), and this time the score of the 2010 model has increased to 39.6 meters.

Two important points: First, the tire size is upgraded from 215/55 R17 to 235/45 R18, and the contribution to the grip need not be explained; second, the newly added adaptive suspension system can increase the front suspension after emergency braking. The damping of the shock absorber keeps the body in a good posture, stabilizes the center of gravity, and improves performance. In addition, the stability of the braking system is also excellent. The results of several consecutive brakings are very close, and the graph is almost drawn into a straight line. In short, I give full marks to such performance.

● Performance test and exterior interior display video

● Noise

In the static experience part, we have already seen the workmanship of the new Ruizhi interior. Although there are no surprises, as a medium-sized car, its fundamentals have maintained a high level, with excellent cabin airtight performance, and the large displacement V6 is natural. The smooth and low noise characteristics of the air-inspired engine are also outstanding, and the noise level of the vehicle is excellent.

● Summary

Now we are accustomed to the stimulation of new things, and unheard of technologies are springing up like mushrooms. Under this wave, the upgrading of new ambitions seems dull and weak. But after driving, I discovered that even after several years of service, 3GR-FE (including 5GR-FE) engines are still available in the domestic market today, while the AVS system and VGRS system make the vehicle control safe. And driving pleasure has been greatly improved, except for the mediocre performance of the gearbox, which is no longer beautiful, the new Ruizhi has completed a change with less effort.

In fact, I would like to see how the 2.5-liter model performs. The 3.0V we got is undoubtedly a bit extravagant for daily use. Except for the performance test, I have never stepped on the accelerator two-thirds of the depth. If you I have a soft spot for rear-drive vehicles with a V6 naturally aspirated engine, and I believe that 2.5 liters is enough.

● 2010 Toyota Reiz Part of the detailed parameter configuration table