[YesAuto Race] On October 23, the DTM German Touring Car Masters once again came to the Hockenheim circuit in Germany and ushered in the final race. Mercedes-Benz driver Green won the championship and Tom Qi, who had already defended the annual championship of the drivers in advance Ke took second place. So far, the 2011 DTM competition is coming to an end.

In the qualifying race held a day earlier, Audi Abt team driver Molina won pole position with a 0.2 second lead time, and Tom Zick took third place on the grid. However, in the race, Molina did not perform as well as in the qualifying, finishing only in third place, while the Audi driver Tom Zick, who has already secured the annual championship, continued his excellent state throughout the season, driving veteran The Audi A4 DTM chariot took second place again, adding another 8 points to the standings.

The champion of this race was Mercedes-Benz driver Green. He was solid on the grid when he took second place in the qualifying. He won the DTM final battle and was also his first personal title of the season. At this point, the 2011 DTM German Touring Car Masters is officially over. Audi Phoenix team driver Tom Zick won the drivers’ annual championship. Audi Abt Sportsline driver Ekstrom surpassed the Mercedes-Benz driver with 3 points in the last race. Pangle won the second of the year with 1 point. As for the team, the team that won the annual championship is Audi Abt Sportsline.

Next year, BMW will join the ranks of the DTM German Touring Car Masters. This event will truly become a competition among the three German luxury car giants. This competition will also have more highlights and highlights. Let us continue. Looking forward to the arrival of the new season DTM.