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[Auto House Race] Mercedes has confirmed that it will extend the contract with Ralf Schumacher, which means that Schumacher will continue to play DTM events for the Mercedes team in the 2012 season. As a German driver and the younger brother of F1 seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, Ralf made his first appearance in the DTM in 2008, and the next season will be his fifth consecutive year to participate in this race.

In this year's DTM competition, Schumacher was on the podium twice, once in the third place at Hockenheim, Germany, and second in the Austrian Red Bull Circuit. In previous competitions, Schumacher has never been on the podium. “DTM is a very wonderful race. As a member of the Mercedes-Benz family for four years, I think this might be the best place for me,” said Schumacher. “Of course I am even more happy that next year I can continue to embark on a new journey with Mercedes.”

“Next year’s DTM will be even more exciting. On the one hand, it implements new technical rules. On the other hand, BMW, as a manufacturer of luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz and Audi, will also join the race. -I feel very honored to develop the Coupe DTM AMG race car.” Ralph said.

Haug, the head of Mercedes’ sports department, said: “Ralph Schumacher is not only the most well-known driver in DTM, he is also one of the most beloved and most successful drivers in international motor sports. I’m sure from From F1 to DTM, Ralph has gone through a difficult road. He kept working hard until he reached the podium for the first time. He also promoted the popularity of this event.”