[YesAuto Race] On the evening of October 2nd, Beijing time, the ninth race of the 2011 DTM German Touring Car Masters-Valencia, Spain ended. The Audi team won the race and the team driver Exeter Roma, Albuquerque, and Tom Zick dominated the top three. At the same time, Tom Zick also defeated Mercedes-Benz driver Spangler at this station and won the DTM annual championship in the 2011 season.

This race was held at the Valencia Circuit in Spain. This circuit is located in Chester, Spain, with a total length of 4005 meters. Most of the corners with greater downforce tend to be high-speed. In the first two stops of the race, Audi driver Tom Zick reversed the situation in one fell swoop, leading Mercedes-Benz driver Spangler by as much as 9 points. In Valencia, he only needs more than Spangler. 2 points can lock the championship in advance.

In the official race, Tom Zick’s starting position was not good, ranking 10th on the grid, but he was in a good form in the race. After the start, he surpassed the Mercedes-Benz driver Parfitt, and his teammate Molina was subsequently also taken. He transcends. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz driver Spangler was only ranked 10th due to the blockade of the Audi. It was not until the 11th lap that the drivers pitted, and Spangler had the opportunity to narrow the time gap between the two. Unfortunately, after completing the pit stop and changing the tires, Spangler got out of the station but was again blocked behind Audi driver Motala.

Although the difference between the top two of the standings Tom Zick and Spangler was only 4 seconds at this time, the four cars between them have been hindering Spangler's pursuit. At this time, the Mercedes-Benz team used the strategy of two stops ahead of schedule to win more opportunities for Spangler to catch up. This trick proved to be quite effective. Then Motara was squeezed out by Mercedes-Benz.

But Mercedes-Benz did not expect Tom Zick to continue his brave performance in the first two stops. As the driver of the 08 old Audi chariot, he rose to third place after completing the second stop. In the first group, the Mercedes-Benz driver Ekstrom did not receive any challenge at all. The Swedes took the lead for more than one second on the first lap, and dropped Albquik behind him by as much as 3 seconds after 5 laps. . In the end, Ekstrom easily won the victory, and Albquick also stood on the podium for the first time in the rookie season.

After the end of the race, Audi driver Tom Zick has won the annual championship one race ahead of time by taking the stage 7 times in the first 9 races and standing at the highest point three times, with a total score of 13 points. This is also his 10-year DTM career. For the first time. The next stop is also the finale of the 2011 season DTM will be held on October 23 at Hockenheim, Germany. At that time, Mercedes-Benz driver Spangler will compete with Audi driver Ekstrom for runner-up. We Wait and see.