[Auto House Race] On September 4, the seventh round of the 2011 DTM German Touring Car Masters was staged at the Brands Hatch Circuit in the United Kingdom. After 98 laps of fierce battle, the Audi Legion won the championship, second and third place. Tomczyk, who drove the 2008 Audi A4 DTM car, won the third race championship of the season. At the same time, he overtook his main rival Mercedes-Benz Spengler in the overall score list. , Rose to the top of the standings.

After a four-week summer break, DTM came to Brands Hatch in the UK as scheduled. However, the DTM only uses a part of the track. The lap length of the race is only 1.929 kilometers, and the lap time is about 42 seconds. The race has a total of 98 laps. Rockenfeller of Audi Abt Team took pole position in qualifying, Paffett of Mercedes-Benz HWA Team and Tomczyk of Audi Phoenix Team ranked second and third.

The heavy rain turned the race at the British Grand Prix into a truly thrilling race, during which several overtaking dramas were staged. Tomczyk, who drove the 2008 Audi A4 DTM, became the winner of the dominant race and also broke the Canadian Spengler (Mercedes-Benz) lead in the drivers' standings.

Drivers' standings
Ranking Rider integral
1 Tomczyk (Audi) 50
2 Spengler (Benz) 49
3 Ekström (Audi) 29
4 Scheider (Audi) 29
5 Green (Benz) 25
6 Rockenfeller (Audi) twenty three
7 Schumacher (Benz) twenty one
8 Mortara (Audi) 15
9 Paffett (Benz) 15
10 Jarvis (Audi) 10

“This is a very exciting race and I really enjoy the driving process. We keep advancing to make the championship race even more exciting,” said 29-year-old German Tomczyk. Former Formula One world champion Scheckter awarded Tomczyk the championship trophy. Ekstrom (Audi) and Mortara (Audi) won the second and third place. The 4th-10th places are: Paffett (Benz), Schumacher (Benz), Rockenfeller (Audi), Spengler (Benz), Green (Benz), Jarvis (Audi), Engel (Benz).