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[YesAuto Connected Travel] This is probably the most special car-linked voice system so far. With two different wake-up words, I can wake up two different voice assistants to serve me. This is Volvo's new intelligent human-computer interaction system that we are going to introduce today (for the sake of presentation, we will all be referred to as Android interaction system below). In addition to the two sets of voice assistants, what other surprises are waiting for us in this car-linked system? Check it out now.

  30 seconds to understand the full text:

1. Volvo's new car linkage system is currently only installed on XC40 pure electric models, and may be extended to Volvo XC60 and other models in the second half of this year.

2. The new system is jointly developed by Volvo and Google and is based on the Android-based car operating system.

3. In order to meet the needs of localization, the Chinese version of the system has built-in Huawei HMS in-vehicle service and Huawei application market.

4. The two sets of voice assistants come from iFLYTEK and Tmall Genie respectively. The wake-up words are different, and the implementation functions are slightly different.

5. Application services cover many aspects, such as password-free payment and video applications have been integrated into the system.

● The globalized Android operating system has introduced HUAWEI CLOUD service functions in response to localization needs.

Volvo's new intelligent human-computer interaction system was developed by Volvo in cooperation with Google. It is a car-machine version of the operating system based on the Android ecosystem, which is also known as the iCUP system. Not only the Chinese market, but the Volvo XC40 RECHARGE (pure electric version) launched in overseas markets is also equipped with this system. Due to some relatively complicated reasons, and in order to cope with user preferences in different regions, the application service providers introduced by vehicles in the Chinese/overseas market are also different. The overseas market is supported by Google apps and services, while the Chinese version of the model has introduced services such as Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), Huawei HiCar, and App Market.

Let's take a look at the hardware first. The model we experienced this time is the Volvo XC60 T8 E-drive Hybrid Zhiya Deluxe Edition, which is a mid-to-high version of the two 2021 plug-in hybrid versions. However, it should be noted that the current production version of XC60 is still equipped with the previous Sensus system. The car-connected system experienced this time is still in the development stage, and the formal mass production is expected to be realized in the second half of this year.

The hardware of the system includes a 9-inch vertical screen with a resolution refresh rate that is better than that of the previous Sensus system. The screen resolution is 768×1024 pixels, 142DPI (Dots Per Inch, dots per inch), and the processor is Intel Atom A3960 quad-core 2.4 G Hertz chip, the hardware configuration is greatly improved compared to the previous one. The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and HUD head-up display are standard, and their performance in luxury brand models is at the mainstream level.

Except for the touch screen and voice assistant, the overall shape of the XC60 center console is basically the same as the old model. There are still many physical buttons on the steering wheel and under the screen. The buttons are all in bright black style, and many bright silver chrome plating are added around. The decoration and high-level creation are in place. The damping force of the buttons and knobs is set moderately, and the hand feel is very tight, reaching the level that luxury brand models should have.

● Support multi-account login, Volvo On Call is still one of Volvo's special services.

In terms of services, the system supports multi-account login, and functions such as vehicle remote control and vehicle sharing can be realized through the “Volvo On Call” mobile phone App. Volvo On Call is also the “golden sign” of Volvo Car Butler. After the new car is landed, it will provide 3 years of free manual service. Users can ask for help from manual customer service through the ON CALL or SOS button on the roof. In the event of a vehicle accident, the vehicle will automatically connect to the human customer service as soon as possible to ensure that passengers can get assistance as soon as possible.

● The functions of the two sets of voice assistants overlap slightly. In contrast, Tmall Wizard is more entertaining .

The most unique of the system is probably the two sets of voice assistants of iFLYTEK and Tmall Genie. I have seen a lot of dual-navigation and dual-entertainment applications. This is really the first time for dual voice assistants. Let’s talk about the voice assistant of iFLYTEK. You can wake up by shouting “Hello, Xiaowo” directly in the car. The assistant can control entertainment, navigation, air conditioning, seat ventilation/heating, and Bluetooth phones. Most functions, and also have voice zone (air conditioning temperature zone control, etc.), partial wake-up (under navigation and music interface), continuous voice input and other functions. In addition to the need to control the speech rate, its recognition accuracy is still very high of.

Another set of smart assistants comes from Tmall Genie, and the wake-up word is “Tmall Genie” like the brand's smart home audio. Compared with “Xiaowo”, Tmall Elf has a more playful assistant voice. In addition to the same functions as the “Xiaowo” assistant, such as navigation and air conditioning control, Tmall Elf also provides hundreds of interactions or services, covering entertainment , Life, tools, education, and games, with functions such as ordering, interaction, scheduling, and answering calls.

● Entertainment applications cover many resources such as audio, video, news and information, which can be listened to and watched.

In addition to Bluetooth music and local/Internet radio, the system’s built-in online audio applications include Tencent Aiqu Listening and Kugou Music. The editor feels that Tencent Aiqu Listening is better to use. This application includes QQ Music, WeChat Reading and Himalaya FM With three applications, users can directly search the programs they want to listen to in the three applications after binding all three accounts, with strong integration capabilities. Kugou Music also has relatively rich audio resources, but it is still a bit behind compared to the three-in-one Tencent AiquTing.

In addition, click on Huawei Smart Assistant, and you can find dozens of third-party software in the quick app. In addition to listening to songs and books, we also found Bilibili, which is called by many people. “Station B” video site. With this application, many fans may fall in love with this system. In addition, Archimedes (an app for listening to radio stations), Sina News, and Phoenix News can also be found in the fast app, and the choices are extremely rich.

● AutoNavi has comprehensive online navigation functions, and the navigation path can be projected on the instrument and head-up display.

AutoNavi Navigation is also one of the navigation applications selected by many intelligent connected car machines. The functions are the same as those on other car machines. It has rich functions and massive location information, such as real-time road conditions, dynamic avoidance of traffic restrictions/congestion, group travel, instrumentation and The head-up display projection navigation path can be realized, reaching the mainstream level of intelligent connected cars.

● Dozens of third-party applications cover a wide range, and smart home remote control is not absent.

Smart home remote control is not a new feature. By binding a Huawei Smart Life account, users can remotely control the Huawei ecosystem equipment at home, such as smart speakers, air purifiers and other products through the car. In terms of mobile phone interconnection, after connecting the mobile phone and the car via Bluetooth, in addition to making and receiving phone calls and playing mobile music, the system will automatically synchronize the text messages received by the mobile phone and broadcast them via voice. However, considering that people nowadays use WeChat more frequently, it would be even better if the WeChat text & voice broadcast function could be added in the future. In terms of mobile phone mapping, the system will support Huawei's HiCar function in the future.

● Baohua Weijian brand audio and wireless charging and other hardware facilities are in place.

Finally, let’s take a look at other hardware facilities in the car. As a luxury brand model, the Volvo XC60 hybrid model provides a wealth of hardware facilities. The Baohua Weijian premium audio system contains 15 speakers, except for the shocking concert hall mode. In addition, the jazz club mode also has a shocking effect when playing fast-paced percussion. In addition, mobile phone wireless charging, air purification devices, etc. are standard on this high-end model, and these are also in-car facilities that more and more users will pay attention to.

● Article summary:

Although the Android interactive system developed by Volvo and Google is a set of globalized Android operating system, in the face of different regional policies and market needs, the introduction of Huawei HMS, HiCar and application markets is indeed closer to localized usage needs and habits. . The combination of dual voice assistants is currently unique among all smart cars. The two sets of assistants have different personalities and specialties. The “Xiaowo” of HKUST iFLYTEK is more focused on the various functions in the control system, while the Tmall Wizard More like a playmate, used to amuse and explore a wider external environment. If you need to control the various functions of the system, you can find “Xiaowo”; if you want to find a restaurant, order food, or dispose of loneliness, it is more appropriate to find a Tmall wizard. At present, the system is only mounted on the pure electric version of XC40. It is expected that it will not be expanded to more Volvo models including XC60 in the second half of the year. The future is promising. I hope it can serve more family members in the future. Bring convenience and joy when traveling.