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[YesAuto Motorcycle] Recently, it was learned from foreign media that Ducati Motorcycles announced their motorcycle adaptive cruise system. This set of functions was applied to Ducati's new car Multistrada 1260 GT for testing. Previously, Ducati had announced that it was developing this technology, and now they hope to become the first manufacturer in the motorcycle industry to use intelligent cruise.

We all know that Ducati motorcycles are better at building cross-border property models, such as XDiavel (devil) and Hypermotard (hacker). The intelligent cruise system under test is set on the new car of the Ducati Multistrada adventure series. They built a GT touring version based on the MTS model. The power, weight, and size of the car are almost the same as the Multistrada Adv. The difference is that it is more conducive to paving Long-distance driving on the road.

Currently, the new Ducati Multistrada 1260 series has just been launched in China, and the GT version of the model is still in the road test stage. In order to make long-distance travel more comfortable, the vehicle configuration may exceed the adventure model. The smart cruise system used for the first time uses a front and rear dual radar device. The front millimeter wave radar is used to feed back obstacle information to adjust the speed of the vehicle, and the rear is to remind the driver of the blind spot and the fast approaching vehicle behind.

Ducati has launched the new Multistrada adventure car this year. The engine part has changed to make the vehicle more powerful. In addition, the vehicle has also updated the frame and electronic control system, all of which are to make long-distance riding more comfortable. The Multistrada 1260 GT model is expected to be launched in October 2019, and dealers in the European market will receive the first batch of new cars next spring. The Chinese market may have to wait for a while.

Although Ducati is not the only manufacturer developing intelligent cruise systems for motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, KTM, and BMW motorcycles have announced their own intelligent cruise and even autonomous driving technologies, but they have not been applied to mass-produced vehicles. I believe Ducati After Cardi takes the lead, other motorcycle manufacturers will successively introduce more and more intelligent safety electronic equipment. (Compiling Zhu Xuran from Car Home)