[YesAuto Race] On the afternoon of December 27, the day before the Haval Dakar team set off in South America, Great Wall Motors held a small farewell ceremony for the Harvard Dakar team at the Haval Dakar Beijing Press Center. The Haval Dakar team members including Zhou Yong will set off from Beijing at 1 am on the 28th to embark on a new journey for the 2013 Dakar Rally. Great Wall Motor leaders, media reporters and Haval riders will come to see them off.

This is the fourth time that Great Wall Motor has participated in the Dakar event. As the only Chinese car brand manufacturer participating in the 2013 Dakar, Great Wall Motor has a clear intention: to test the product quality of its leading product Haval SUV with harsh road conditions; at the same time; Standing shoulder to shoulder with international brands, rectifying the name of Chinese brand cars.

★The lineup of Harvard Racing Team:
There is little change in the racing car, and last year's third-generation Haval SUV car is used.
Personnel: 322 car driver: Zhou Yong, pilot: Pascal Maimon;
308 car driver: Carlos Sosa, pilot: Miguel;
Team Director: Dong Ming, Team Manager: Su Pengcheng;
Photographer: Yu Yonggang, Text reporter: Fang Zhao and Zhang Qianli, Photographer: Zhang Chao;
There are 8 maintenance support teams, 9 maintenance truck teams, and a total of more than 20 people in the fleet.

Dong Ming, vice president of Great Wall Motors and deputy general manager of Great Wall Motor Sales Co., Ltd., said: Great Wall Motors is the only Chinese car brand participating in the 2013 Dakar. The team is full of confidence in the 2013 race. In this competition, the scale of the Haval Dakar team has also been improved, including 2 cars, all of which are third-generation Haval SUVs. In addition, a support team consisting of 1 road rescue truck, 3 T5 logistics trucks, 1 Haval Dakar team news car (Haval H5), and 1 logistics work vehicle (Fengjun 5) will fully support the drivers and ensure the race. Go smoothly.

Team manager Su Pengcheng said: The Haval Dakar team's participation in this competition is mainly based on the brand meaning. It is hoped that foreign dealers and foreign friends can remember the Haval brand on the Dakar platform, and achieve the meaning of market communication through the communication of the event. . The preparations for the competition in 2012 were relatively hurried, and after the vehicle came back from the stadium, after repeated dismantling and testing, considering that the 2013 Dakar Rally will use a new track and the temperature is too high, we have gone through two trials. The test run in Morocco at a high temperature of 65 degrees Celsius showed stable performance during the test run.

In the farewell ceremony, although the relevant leaders of Great Wall Motor could not be there in person, they sent sincere blessings to the team members through video dialogues, and urged the team members to maintain a relaxed attitude and fully enjoy the race, hoping that the team will return with praise.

When asked what Zhou Yong was most worried about in the 2013 competition, Zhou Yong said that there is nothing to worry about, because one of the charms of the Dakar Rally is that the competition will not always develop according to your will, no matter what How well you prepare, there will always be unexpected things happen. Therefore, drivers and teams have a good ability to respond to problems, and they can solve any problems they encounter in the race.

As the only Chinese team (car group) in the 2013 Dakar Rally, the Haval Racing Team, Zhou Yong, as the only Chinese driver in the car group, was under less pressure than in the past. Putting aside the pressure of competing with his home country, he It is also possible to compete with outstanding foreign drivers without distracting one's mind and try to get better results. When you are reading this article, the Haval team has already taken a plane that took off at 1 am and embarked on a journey to South America. The reason why the team members arrived in South America one week earlier is because the team can conduct the final pre-match inspection of the racing car according to local conditions to ensure that it appears on the field in the best condition. On the other hand, the riders also need time to adapt to the local weather conditions to avoid “unaccustomed water and soil” affecting the state of the game.

From January 5th to 20th, 2013, Dakar 2013 will take a brand new look to meet everyone. The Haval Dakar team travels from Lima to Santiago all the way south. This edition of the Dakar Rally will restart the “north to south” route that has not been used since the 2009 race moved to South America, similar to the African version of Dakar. And this Dakar event ushered in a record of 459 participants from 53 countries and regions.