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[YesAuto Practical Manual] As a technology configuration that is becoming more and more mainstream today, automatic parking is not only gradually improved in practicality, but also covers more and more models, which is no longer exclusive to high-end models. Before this, we have tested the automatic parking function of many models, but no Korean joint venture brand models have equipped this function, which has always been a big pity.

Beijing Hyundai recently released the new ninth-generation Sonata. Compared with the eighth-generation model, this model not only has a more mature appearance and more powerful power, but the automatic parking function has also become one of the core highlights. And this time, we have the opportunity to see a model equipped with this system in a recent test drive event, and experience one of them first, let’s take a look at its performance! You know, the automatic parking system is not only the first appearance in Beijing Hyundai's joint venture models, it is also the first appearance in all joint venture models of Korean brands.

Write on the front

The experience of the automatic parking function was carried out in the test drive event venue of Beijing Hyundai. Due to the limited site conditions, it was not possible to carry out all the automatic parking test items, and since the model was not officially tested It is listed, so we have no way of knowing the specific information about the configuration. All experience is subject to the actual situation on site.

“Possible” is only available for 2.4L models

At the scene, we learned from the test drive coach that only the 2.4L model of the ninth-generation Sonata will be equipped with automatic parking function, and the 1.6T model is not equipped with it. From the communication with the coach, we also learned that the 1.6T model The main focus is power performance, and 2.4L models have more technological configurations. We guess that if this is the positioning, it will be easier to understand why the 1.6T models are not equipped with this feature.

Of course, the above information is only the news we got from the scene. Which models of the automatic parking function will eventually be installed on, whether it can be optional, etc., will be announced when the car is officially launched on March 20. Please everyone. Follow our listing news.

Practical operation experience

The automatic parking system of the ninth-generation Sonata can be regarded as an easy-to-use category. All operations are “one-click completion”. Each time you press it, you can switch between different parking modes and switch to the desired mode. Then the system will automatically start the corresponding boot prompt. As for whether such a design is considered convenient, I think it is a matter of the benevolent who sees the benevolent and the wise.

Similar to the automatic parking system we have tested before, you must keep the vehicle at a slow speed during the process of detecting the parking space, otherwise it will affect the detection of the parking space. The system will detect the qualified parking space. A reminder will be made. At this time, you only need to drive forward for a certain amount of margin, and the system will prompt to engage in R gear, and the automatic parking action will be executed.

In the early stages of parking, the vehicle will continue to adjust the attitude of the vehicle. The steering wheel has a strong steering force. The automatic parking operation is completed after only two rubbings. The overall performance is good. The vehicle is parked very well. Positive, the front and rear spacing is reasonable, and the vehicle is not stopped crookedly. This performance is worthy of recognition. Moreover, the system supports the car owner to switch gears during automatic parking, and such an operation will not interrupt the automatic parking operation. The system will automatically give corresponding operating instructions according to the change of gears.

Video presentation

The automatic parking function of the ninth-generation Sonata still gave us a good first impression. First of all, its operation is very convenient. All operations can be “one-clicked”. Another point is that its radar detection is very accurate. This is more obvious in the process of rubbing the library. From the on-site experience, it is no problem to follow the prompts to complete all the operations. The only thing that needs to be noted is that you have to control the speed of the car at all times. Next we will experience its automatic driving out function and vertical parking in position function, let's look down.

Automatic drive out function

The automatic parking system supports the automatic driving out function, but the premise is: you must park through automatic parking, so that the system can realize the automatic driving out function, the operation is also simple, hang the N gear and press the automatic parking button , The system will automatically enter the automatic drive-out mode, and then you can “let it go”. Of course, you also need to control the speed of the car in this process, and switch gears according to the system prompts.

Video presentation

Judging from the conditions of the scene, the operation of automatic driving out is also very brief and very neat. The system will “break out” the front of the car after two “kneading”, and then the system will automatically end the operation, and this You need to take over the steering wheel to drive the car out.

Vertical parking

Video presentation

Maximum recognizable vehicle speed

The ninth-generation Sonata’s automatic parking system requires a vehicle speed not exceeding 20km/h when detecting a parking space. After the automatic parking is activated, the system will give a corresponding prompt. When the vehicle speed reaches 30km/h, the driving computer screen will Prompt “please slow down”, there is no prompt when passing the parking space. If the vehicle speed is reduced to below 20km/h, the detection can be resumed, and if the vehicle speed reaches 40km/h, the system will directly cancel this operation.

Minimum distance between body and parking space

For side parking, the larger the radar detection range is, the better. This greatly depends on the power of the detection radar. After many attempts, we come to the conclusion that the ninth-generation Sonata’s automatic parking system is As long as the distance between the parking space and the vehicle body is not more than 1500mm, the parking space can be recognized normally. Although this result is not excellent, there is no problem in daily use in most cases.

Summary of test performance:

Automatic parking test (sonata nine)
Test items Test result
1: Automatic parking function speed limit ≤20 km/h
2: The maximum detection distance between the body and the parking space 1500 mm
3: The minimum distance between parking spaces that can be detected (lateral parking spaces) Experience parking space 6150mm
4: The distance between the body and the obstacle on the left No
5: The minimum distance between parking spaces that can be detected (longitudinal parking spaces) Experience parking space 3430mm
6: Is it possible to use automatic parking without a seat belt/door locked? Yes
7: Whether the obstacles behind the car can be braked no

Edit summary:

The ninth-generation Sonata brings us not only a more mature face, but also a more advanced powertrain. It also closely follows the current mainstream in terms of technological configuration. For example, the automatic parking function we experienced this time, its actual performance is also To be sure, the function supports comprehensive and practical parking experience is also very smooth. Basically, there are no obvious shortcomings or flaws. In combination with the above points, as the ninth-generation Sonata equipped with this system for the first time in a Korean joint venture brand, it does make a good start for the Korean brand partners.