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[YesAuto Edit Car Selection] The new topic is established, let’s take a preface : In the days before, I wrote the car I bought and wrote about my feelings when I had nothing to do. I suddenly found out that it was the fifth car ( Click here to see the previous 4 articles), edit the car you bought, from the reasons for choosing the car to experiencing the advantages and disadvantages of the car, it will be more profound. Therefore, “Editing and Talking about Your Car” is a very reference topic for consumers. Therefore, during the Spring Festival, I upgraded all the similar articles I wrote before to the new title “Editor's Talk About Your Car xxxxx”, and established it as a continuous topic selection. I hope other editorial colleagues will follow up. The editor has to change cars all his life, and this topic is likely to continue to exist.

Returning to the topic of this article: “About Loulan”, this article is divided into several paragraphs:

Chapter 1 / Loulan's Past.
Chapter 2/The price has been lowered, why is it still not popular?
Chapter 3/Why did I choose Loulan?
Chapter 4/How do you feel after using this car? Let's talk about the shortcomings first.
Chapter 5/Talking about the advantages.
Chapter 6 / Conclusion.
Chapter 7/2013 Loulan Parameters/Configuration Table

Loulan 2013 3.5L CVT Honor Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

365.8 thousand

● Chapter 1 / Loulan's Past:

As we all know, MURANO is a very well-selling car in the United States. Its biggest feature is that it is equipped with a VQ35 (3.5-liter V-6-cylinder) engine that has won the world’s top ten engines for N consecutive years. However, after entering China, The official guide price of the 2011 Loulan listed at that year reached 488,000 yuan. Although we all know that Dongfeng Nissan does not count on its sales, only to show the effect of a brand's flagship model, but this effect is too far away from ordinary people. The only value of the pricing is to be a chat and laugh after dinner: “The Loulan car sells for a small 500,000! It's crazy!”, “The VQ35 engine is good, but it's too expensive, only 5 seats, not enough for me”, “Which fool would buy it for 480,000 yuan”.

Dongfeng Nissan is not a fool. After more than a year of silence, they launched the 2013 Loulan model with 5 configurations reduced, namely: BOSE audio, rear seat heating, GPS, electric tailgate, Bluetooth phone access, and sales The price dropped from 488,000 to 365,800, which instantly improved the price/performance ratio.

Let’s analyze the 5 missing configurations. Bluetooth phone access is the most useless. Just cut it off. It’s reasonable and not distressed. Now free mobile navigation is widely available, and external GPS is also extremely cheap and shrinks. The GPS of the original car is not distressed; on the contrary, the two very intimate functions of electric tailgate and rear seat heating have shrunk, which is a bit regrettable. BOSE audio is a very extra bonus configuration, if 365,800 and these three configurations Without shrinking, the price/performance ratio is huge.

● Chapter 2/The price has been lowered, why is it still not popular?

As the generations born in the 1980s start to have children, the demand for 7-seater cars is increasing. To meet these needs, it is nothing more than buying MPVs or SUVs, and Chinese families who usually have only one car at home, for buying a 7-seater MPV at home, It is generally unacceptable, and many men think it is a silly thing for me to drive a 7-seater MPV to work, so 7-seater SUV has become a popular choice. There are still many choices for the 7-seat SUV (within 400,000) that ordinary people consume: Highlander, Coolway, New Shengda, and Capaci. At the same time, among these candidates, there are also 3.5-liter or 3.6-liter displacement V6s. Engine models, such as Highlander and Kuwei, so, in contrast, the engines are all V6, and there are two more seats, Loulan was forgotten.

● Chapter 3/Why did I choose Loulan?

There were two 2.0T cars in my family, one was Volkswagen CC, and the other was Regal GS media test car that was eliminated by the manufacturer to account for the indicator. The two cars have been driven in and out for more than two years, and the turbo cars have been driven more. I always feel that I want to experience the natural inhalation of medium and large displacement multi-cylinders. In addition, there are children at home, and the space of the two cars is small enough. So last summer, I sold the two 2.0T together and prepared to enter the medium and large platoon. The number of multi-cylinder naturally aspirated SUVs is the ones above. However, because I don’t need 7 seats (there is a GL8 at home), I chose a 5-seater Loulan, which has a good engine and a very good vehicle. Comfortable, this is the reason I chose it. Regarding the price of the car, I remember that the price of the bare car should be 340,000. That is, the official price was reduced by more than 20,000. It happened that the two 2.0T sold for 400,000. After finishing the process, Loulan still has a little left.

After buying a car, I will talk to you about Loulan's experience after half a year. I am really too lazy…

● Chapter 4/How do you feel after using this car? Let’s talk about the shortcomings first:

4.1/ Appearance is unacceptable.

Loulan's front face and front side at 45 degrees still look solid. I think the overall line is the past, but some friends can't accept that its shape is mainly derived from the net and tail shape. On the front face, some friends can’t accept the traversing headlight lampshade material mesh. This is not the headlight but the lampshade mesh material. Many of my friends think Loulan’s eyes are not pleasing to the eye. I see In the forum, a friend bought it and installed an LED inside the lampshade, which lights up, and the result is even more ugly. This time it is completely eye-catching.

The tail shape is not good-looking, but the shape is too similar to the Qashqai, not like a car of such a large size, so some people laughed about the Loulan tail looks like a “3.5V6 Qashqai”.

4.2/36 million cars, but no reversing radar.

Many of Nissan’s cars are equipped with reversing images but do not install reversing radar for you. This is really painful because I have practiced only listening to the radar for countless years before, and I don’t even need to look at the mirror + the reversing ability of looking back. For Loulan, he needs to re-adapt completely. Every time he reverses, he carefully looks at the 3 mirrors + reversing image. I have been driving for almost a year and I haven’t adapted yet. I plan to install a front and rear 8 probe in a few days. The deputy factory reversing radar goes.

4.3/ The driving does not automatically lock, and the resolution of the central control LCD screen is low.

Loulan's overall configuration is not low. I will elaborate on it for a while, but some small configurations are missing and some should not be. For example, the automatic locking of driving is a safe configuration that can prevent thieves from sliding the door and prevent children from driving the door while driving, but I don't understand Why does the 360,000 Loulan do not include this configuration? The resolution of the central control LCD screen is very low, unlike the level of electronic equipment that the product sold in 2013 should have, such as the resolution of the NOKIA mobile phone in the 1990s.

● Chapter 5/Talking about the advantages:

5.1/ Overall, the configuration is not low.

I saw that some friends in the forum talked about not choosing Loulan because the configuration is low. After I carefully analyzed the configuration table + personally experienced it, I did not feel that the configuration was low. We see in the database that according to user behavior, Loulan’s most direct competitors are Toyota Venza 13 2.7 4WD luxury, Ford Sharp 12 2.0T Zunrui, Toyota Highlander 12 4WD luxury, I choose Comparing these 3 rival models with the same price range of 350,000-370,000 (click here to see the configuration of these 4 cars), overall, the configuration of Loulan is not low, and it has some core major functions. , Is still much higher than its opponents. For example, among the 3 opponents, only the Highlander has a 3.5V6 engine, but the engine horsepower is much smaller than that of Loulan (Highlander 273 horsepower, Loulan 310 horsepower); xenon headlights only Loulan and Venza Weisa have; these four cars have four-wheel drive models, but only Loulan can manually lock the central limited slip differential (note: the sharp world 12 2.0T Zunrui is two-wheel drive); steering wheel belt Electric adjustment, linked with seat memory, and can be automatically lifted when getting off the car, which is convenient for getting off the car; the rear seat has manual one-button reclining and electric automatic flipping functions, which is convenient for women to operate.

5.2/ Driving comfort and economy, give full marks.

The domestically sold Loulan VQ35DE engine uses a high-power version, reaching 310 horsepower, which is only 265 horsepower compared to the overseas version of MURANO. The power data of the domestic version of Loulan is really amazing, but the biggest significance and value of Loulan’s opening is not how fast it accelerates. The CVT gearbox it is equipped with will make 310 horsepower output very linear, and the daily driving experience is very comfortable, and because the machine itself, which has won the world’s top ten engine awards for many years, has an excellent design. When idling, it is almost outside and inside the car. No engine sound can be heard, even when the engine cover is opened at idling speed, the sound of the engine can hardly be heard. During driving, it is the smooth and quiet features that middle-aged and elderly people like very much, accelerator pedal, chassis, gear lever There is no vibration and the noise in the car is very low. I, a person in my early 30s, has successfully transformed into a middle-aged and elderly person. Why do I feel smooth and quiet now, so important…

Regarding the advanced nature of the VQ35DE engine, I recommend that you read this article, which explains it very clearly: “VQ35DE Engine Disassembly Instructions”.

5.3/The later use cost surprised me.

Because the engine is relatively advanced, and the CVT gearbox that is optimized for economy is used, even though the displacement reaches 3.5 liters, the comprehensive fuel consumption of Loulan has always been stable between 11-12 liters. It is like I go to work every day. Road, get off work late, the loop is smoother, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is basically always 9.5-10.5/liter, which is more economical.

The fuel consumption is mentioned above, but this is not the most surprising to me. The most surprising is the maintenance price. First of all, this engine only uses 4.5 liters of oil (other 3.5V6 engines, the oil volume is between 5-6 liters), so The large displacement only uses 1.8T engine oil. Some people did not expect it to save a lot of oil costs. At the same time, I went to the 4S shop for maintenance and oil filter. The cost of completion is 730 yuan (oil Using fully synthetic), the price is indeed very cheap. Looking back on my two 2.0T cars, the small maintenance cost 800-900 yuan at every turn, I feel very content.

Regarding the post-maintenance of Loulan, I wrote a lobbyist article explaining: “Loulan Second Guarantee and Unannounced Visit to Dongfeng Nissan 4S Store Service”.

5.4/ The seat and steering are also very comfortable.

The seats of Nissan series cars are always very comfortable. Loulan has also continued this tradition. The seats are soft and soft, the seat surface is wide and the leg support is reasonable, especially the sponge cushions of the rear seats are very thick, and you will sink into it with a whisper. Yes, the passengers in the rear are very satisfied. In terms of steering, it is obviously designed to live a life. The steering damping will not have any competitive behavior with you. I believe women will like it very much.

● Chapter 6/Concluding Remarks: It's a pretty good car, and the 2011 model price buried it.

Appearance: The overall shape has a sense of security. Some users of China Net are uncomfortable, and the tail looks more like a Qashqai.
Interior: The styling is quite satisfactory, the central control is easy to use, and the resolution of the central LCD screen is too low.
Configuration: It belongs to the middle to upper level of the same level, and the unique rear electric flip-up and electric steering wheel adjustment are more convenient.
Space: Very small, basically the same as the 200,000-300,000 compact SUV.
Seat: The seat is very soft and comfortable, which I am very satisfied with.
Driving: The power output is smooth, the vehicle vibration is also very small, and the 3.5V6-310 horsepower power reserve is sufficient.
Fuel consumption: 12 liters per 100 kilometers in comprehensive road conditions, which is relatively provincial.
Late stage: Beijing 4S shop, change the oil/machine filter, use fully synthetic oil, 730 yuan, the price is very low.

On the whole, Loulan is a particularly good mid-end living SUV. It has advanced power system, comfortable driving experience, and economical use cost. It is a particularly good choice for middle-aged people who like a comfortable style. You may say that because it does not have 7 seats, it is at a disadvantage in competing with opponents. However, I still don’t think so. I think like me, there must be many friends who don’t have 7 seats, but they still choose I didn't pay attention to Loulan when I was driving, why? I think it’s because the price of 488,000 when the 2011 model was launched has “offended” everyone. Everyone has a snack and felt that Nissan was not kind enough. As a result, even if the price of the 2013 model came down, the price-performance ratio increased, but it was not listed in the end. Into the purchase list.

Although an article can’t save the fate of a car, I still hope that those who don’t need 7 seats and are choosing an SUV within 400,000 can go to see Loulan. I heard that in some areas, the 2013 model can be reduced by 30,000. That’s pretty good. worth it.

● Chapter 7/2013 Loulan parameter/configuration table.