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[YesAuto edit car selection] Hello everyone, I’m Zhai Yuan, today I’m going to talk to you about my second car. You should know a little bit about the previous car. It’s a red Dongfeng Yueda Kia Cerato 1.6L AT Version, and the car I talked about today is the best model among all small cars currently on sale: Guangqi Honda Fit.

This article will talk to you about the Fit model from the following paragraphs.

1. Why choose Fit?
2. Appearance
Third, the interior feel
Fourth, interior/space/ride experience
Five, configuration experience
Six, driving experience
Seven, fuel consumption
8. After-sales service
Nine, summary

Fit 2011 Model 1.3L Automatic Comfort Edition

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1. Why did I choose Fit?

Hatchback, 100,000 yuan, automatic transmission, large space, with child seat interface, these items are my basic criteria for choosing the second car. The reason why it is a hatchback is mainly considering that you always have to “grab a parking space” when you go to work every day. The natural advantage of a hatchback can be “seamlessly” and can be parked in a place, and I already have a sedan, so I will buy a car again. I don't think about buying a sedan anymore. As for SUV or MPV models, I have no plans to buy them yet.

100,000 yuan. At that time, my wife and I calculated and calculated that the car purchase that we could use was at most 100,000 yuan, and I still didn’t plan to reach out and borrow money from my parents to buy a better and larger car, so I wanted to buy it. The car must not exceed 100,000 yuan after the whole car is completed. This is a rigid standard and cannot be changed.

Automatic transmission. This is a standard for me to choose a car due to the traffic environment in Beijing. The manual transmission model is simply torturing myself when traffic jams, and my wife’s driver’s license is C2, so I can only drive cars with automatic transmission. (Click here to see the introduction of the vehicle type applicable to the driver's license)

Large space, this mainly refers to the large storage space. Considering that this car will be used to take children out to play in most cases in the future, so the storage space is large to put down child safety seats, strollers and other Kind of necessities that children can use.

With a child safety seat interface, this is a must, because the previous Cerato did not have a child safety seat interface, the child safety seat with ISOFIX interface I bought can’t be installed, so when buying a car again, the safety seat The interface configuration is a must, and this is the most important point when I choose a car.

Based on the above requirements, I targeted the target models on the Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda Jingrui, Chevrolet Aveo, Dongfeng Nissan Liwei, Changan Suzuki SX4 and Guangben Fit.

In the end, I chose the Fit 1.3L AT. When I picked up the car, I chose the Paris Lan, which had only one existing car in Beijing at the time. At that time, I was hesitant to choose the newly launched Dutch Orange, but now I look at it. Choosing blue is the right choice (because it is not dirty and is metallic paint). The reason why I didn't choose the 1.5L model was mainly due to budgetary issues. It cost more than 100,000 yuan to complete the automatic 1.5L model. There was really no money at the time. Hey, a penny stumped the hero.

2. Why not choose a second-hand car

Seeing this, some friends will definitely ask, why don’t you consider buying a second-hand freshman car for 100,000 yuan? At that time, I also considered the market and condition of second-hand cars. At that time, the budget of 100,000 yuan could indeed buy Tiida with CVT gearbox, Civic with facelift and Dongfeng Peugeot 307, but considering that these cars are often used year and mileage There are relatively many used cars, and the water in second-hand cars is too deep. If you take a second look, you will regret it. So I gave up the idea of buying a second-hand car. Buying a new car steadily at least made me feel at ease.

After talking about the choice of the car, let’s talk with you about the actual feelings of the 1.3L auto-transmission Fit I finally chose during the months I used it.

3. Appearance

It has been 7 years since the second generation of the Fit was launched. Although it has been a long time, even from the current aesthetic point of view, this generation of Fit is still outdated in terms of appearance design, and Guangben has a good reputation for the second generation. After a minor facelift in 2011, Generation Fit made the model more dynamic in terms of appearance.

Fourth, interior/space/ride experience

This generation of cars is my favorite in terms of interior design, especially the flannel decorative material inside the door is not only new in style, but also brings some life to it, and it has a good touch to the touch, avoiding the use of hard plastic. It’s not good to touch.

Fit’s cup holder at the outlet of the center console is a particularly intimate design. Put the water bottle in the cup holder and blow the bottle through the cold wind from the outlet and the hot wind. You can drink warm water in winter and cold water in summer.

When choosing Fit, the most consideration was due to its changeable internal space. I won’t mention the conventional places such as the center console and the car door. There are actually two small storage boxes under the second row of seats, so the design is other. Not in small cars. In addition, the rear seats can not only be folded down, but also the seat cushions can be stowed, which makes it easy to carry large items.

After talking about the interior and space, I just want to describe the ride feeling of the Fit in one sentence: “Not suitable for long-distance driving.” Because the seat design is relatively thin and the lumbar support is not good, short-distance driving in the city is no problem, but If you drive a long distance, you will feel uncomfortable on your waist and back.

Five, configuration experience

I bought the Fit 1.3L AT Comfort Edition, which is also the lowest automatic Fit currently on sale. I am not dissatisfied with the configuration of this car, but if I look at the entire Fit car series, I have two points that I can’t accept: 1. No reversing radar and no reversing radar in all systems; 2. No central armrest, only the top-mounted panoramic sunroof version has the central armrest.

In addition to these two points, because my car is a low-end model, the side airbags, sunroofs, and aluminum alloy wheels have nothing to do with me, but in my current thinking, if I can afford to buy the 1.5L version Even better, because the 1.5L model has the side airbags and the central armrest box that I value most, so I regret buying a 1.3L car a little bit now. Friends who are going to buy a 1.3L Fit may wish to think about it carefully, or else Ruthlessly buy a 1.5L model.

Sixth, driving experience.

I have been driving this car for 4 months now. As for its driving feeling, I would like to describe it as: light steering, strong start, sufficient cruising, and anxious acceleration.

With the help of electric power assist, the Fit is very easy to turn on the steering wheel, because the Cerato that I drove before was hydraulic steering, and the light feeling of switching to the Fit made me a little uncomfortable when I first took over, and when I got used to the Fit After such a light steering, I felt that the steering was too heavy when I switched to Cerato.

At the start of the 1.3L engine, the manufacturer seems to have deliberately adjusted the throttle for it to be particularly flexible. A slight step on the throttle will feel that the car has a forward momentum, but this feeling lasts for 1 second. , And then the car became very stable and flickered forward.

In the cruising phase, the power of the 1.3L engine is basically sufficient, and it can ensure that the vehicle can still have some accelerating push back after stepping on the accelerator slightly. When accelerating rapidly, the power is not enough and the engine roars, but the car itself does not seem to increase the speed much. Later, I also drove the 1.5L automatic transmission fit, and it felt completely different. I felt a lot more joyful when I was accelerating. Therefore, for power performance, the 1.3L Fit is a complete family scooter. Don't expect how good its performance is. If you want to have a more “vigorous” feeling, then buy a 1.5L car properly.

Since the rear suspension of the Fit is a torsion beam suspension, the vehicle body shakes a lot when passing the deceleration bump or bumpy road, which greatly affects the comfort of the passengers in the car.

Seven, 1.3L is not as fuel efficient as expected

As a small Japanese car, the first impression of the Fit is that its fuel consumption will be lower. I guess the fuel consumption is about 6L/100km, but in fact, the fuel consumption of the 1.3L automatic transmission Fit is not what I expected. So low. In general, the average fuel consumption is 7L/100KM when driving to and from get off work, while the fuel consumption of 90km/h constant speed cruise can be reduced to 5L/100km. Although it is not as low as I expected, this value is still acceptable to me.

8. After-sales service

The car has been driving for 4 months, and the first warranty is also provided. Judging from the free first warranty, the 4S shop I went to provided repairs and maintenance services in strict accordance with the standards in the manual, and consciously followed The requirements of the user manual gave me two bottles of glass water during the first warranty. I am quite satisfied with this point, because only the details that consumers do not pay attention to can reflect the advantages of the manufacturer's service.

Regarding the maintenance price, since I have not carried out the maintenance at my own expense, the specific maintenance price cannot be given here, but I also asked the 4S shop about the small maintenance price of the Fit 1.3L model during the first warranty. The 4S shop said if it is used For the original semi-synthetic motor oil, the total cost of replacing the oil and filter is about 270 yuan. From the price point of view, I think it is in line with the maintenance price level of a household scooter.

Nine and four months summary

Judging from the current use situation, the use of my little Fit is pretty good, and there is no problem. And from the several times of “pull goods” experience and the fuel consumption during this period of time, this Fit car It did meet all my requirements. In addition, during this period of use, the design of the Fit's interior is also the best one of the family cars I have come into contact with within 100,000 yuan. But for some important configurations such as side airbags and reversing radar, it is indeed a little sad.

At present, my Fit has only been used for 4 months. Some of the feelings and functions in the car have not been better discovered, and I will update this article again when I have more experience in the future, and also hope to compare me to the 1.3L Share the experience of using the Fit AT version with more netizens.

Fit 1.3L model parameter configuration table