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[YesAuto electric car] Maybe you are an “old driver”, but many people may not notice it. Now we can hardly see traditional mechanical car keys, and even some pure electric cars start to use mobile phones and one The card is coming. Maybe you don't think the change of car keys will have much impact on our car experience, but after reading this article, if you use the last key and then use the first key, can you accept it?

In the era when the car was still the exclusive car for the “high-ranking officials”, the “car” that more people could access seemed to be the only tractor. At that time, the starting tool of the tractor could only be called the “key”. In fact, it should be called “the key”. Shake the handle” (you must add the word “zi” to get closer to life).

The advantages and disadvantages of this original “car key” are obvious. The advantage may only be reliable, because it does not require the participation of the starter, and one less component reduces the chance of failure; the disadvantages are obvious, laborious, and no safety. Language and convenience are poor. In fact, as early as the beginning of the 20th century, we already had a more labor-saving and convenient ignition method-electric starter, which is commonly known as “electric ignition”, but this requires vehicles to have a good circuit foundation, and some of the earlier years were low. The tractor at the end does not have the conditions. The crank start method is a thing of the past, but the starter has been used to this day.

For example, in the age of Audi's 100, Santana, Jetta, and Beverly were the “oldest three” years. If anyone had a private car, 80% of the keys would hang on his waist. Maybe many young people have no impression of this kind of car key. They are bald and cannot remotely control the door or open the trunk. It has limited functions, but at least it has an advantage in convenience. Girls can also start the car easily and gracefully.

The original starters are also divided into many categories, such as air starters, spring starters, electric starters, pneumatic starters and so on. In fact, the basic working principles of different types are also interlinked, that is, the principle of “handle”. The starter drives the crankshaft to rotate and helps the engine complete several work strokes. After the Cadillac model was equipped with an electric starter in 1912, in 1949, Chrysler used the key to turn the lock cylinder to start the starter for the first time, which has been used today.

Although traditional mechanical keys have created history and are still used today, their disadvantages are obvious-poor security, insufficient functionality, and average convenience. The mechanical key does not have a chip, and the vehicle cannot have the electronic anti-theft function. For people who “a bag of instant noodles can enter and exit various communities”, it should not be difficult to drive a car away. In addition to ensuring safety, the remote control key has richer functions and is more favored by car owners.

Remote control keys are too common, and basically cars with more than 40,000 to 50,000 yuan are equipped. Compared with mechanical keys, the most important advancement should be to have a chip, which can be identified by the vehicle ignition lock core reading coil, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-theft. In addition, the keyless entry/keyless start system also recognizes the key. Chip to achieve.

Just like an agreed secret code, for example, if the vehicle matches the signal of “Open Sesame”, the car key that “calls the king and the tiger” will never open the door and start the vehicle. However, the shortcoming of the remote control key is that the communication distance is limited. At the same time, most of the remote control keys cannot remotely control the air conditioner and other interior parts. On the basis of the remote control key, BMW has a car key equipped with a touch screen, which can achieve more Function to provide users with a better car experience.

BMW 5 Series New Energy and 7 Series come standard with a remote control key with touch screen, you can understand it as a key with built-in Internet App. On the one hand, this kind of key grade feels more satisfactory. On the other hand, it can be regarded as a product that has the same appeal as the mobile phone interconnection App, that is, to enhance the car owner's car experience from the functional level.

If you want to talk about the shortcomings of the touch screen key, it should be that there is room for improvement in convenience. If you want to see the status of the vehicle, turn on the air conditioner remotely, you still have to take the key out of the bag. Now, we can go out without a wallet or ID card, but we will definitely carry a mobile phone. Even at home, the mobile phone is basically in the state of holding it. Then you think if the mobile phone App can solve all the vehicle control needs, the convenience has been greatly improved.

The remote interconnection App is realized by the cellular network, and the popularity of this function is also relatively high at present. In terms of the functionality of the connected App itself, most of the products support functions such as remote unlocking, remote starting, air conditioning control, and vehicle location checking. And based on the App, many models have also made functional services such as one-click rescue and maintenance appointment. For pure electric vehicles, another main purpose of the App is to check the remaining cruising range of the model so that the user can arrange the trip and charge at any time.

We said before that the security of mechanical keys is poor, because there is no chip protection, but App remote control also has certain risks. We know that electronic products may have downtime or loopholes, and the vehicle interconnection App is no exception, and there are also software risks. In 2019, the Tesla App was down for 4 hours, causing some car owners to be unable to open the doors through the App. Then Tesla customer service replied that the mobile app could not directly control the vehicle because of the system server failure.

Although it is convenient for App to control the vehicle, it is mainly for remote scenes. Wouldn't it be silly to take out the phone to unlock the door after walking to the side of the car? Some people say, isn’t there a keyless entry? In fact, we now have a more convenient way-the Bluetooth key.

●The technological era of Bluetooth key/NFC key

Simply speaking of the Bluetooth key, in fact, many models have already implemented mobile phone Bluetooth to control the vehicle, but its convenience is relatively limited, because it also requires the user to open the App and then unlock the vehicle. The Bluetooth key we are talking about today is my personal favorite unlocking method, that is, automatic unlocking/closing the lock through the induction of the car and the key, and the user no longer needs any manual operation.

At present, many models are equipped with a keyless entry function and have a Bluetooth key. This should be called “no need to manually unlock and enter”. Take Xiaopeng Automobile P7 as an example. When the user brings the key close to the vehicle (within 1.5-2 meters), the vehicle will automatically unlock the door when the vehicle recognizes the key; when the user walks 3 meters away from the vehicle with the key, and leaves the vehicle for 4 seconds, The door lock will automatically close. In addition, considering the influence of various external factors, Xiaopeng Motors P7 still offers “inductive unlocking” as an option to users.

The Bluetooth key is indeed very convenient, but if you happen to forget to bring the key, the phone is out of power? At this time, the advantages of the NFC key are reflected. NFC (a short-range wireless communication method) is very common in life. For example, swiping subway cards and bus cards with mobile phones is realized through NFC. It can be normal when the mobile phone has no network or even no electricity (some mobile phones support) Use, this is also one of the advantages of the NFC key. At the same time, models that support mobile phone NFC keys are generally equipped with NFC card keys, the size of a bank card, you can always keep it in your wallet just in case, it is much more convenient than traditional remote control keys.

In terms of actual use experience, compared with traditional remote control keys, NFC keys have a certain reaction time. It is as if we have to wait about half a second for a subway card with a mobile phone's NFC to respond, but overall it is more convenient. In fact, in addition to mobile phones, many car companies are now considering integrating NFC car key functions on smart bracelets and other products, which will further meet the needs of users in different scenarios.

One of the big benefits brought to us by technological development is that we can complete our daily work in a more preferred, more convenient, and more comfortable way. The effects of so many car keys are the same. They allow you to work in more scenarios. Find the unlocking method that suits you.

As for the future, the technology of car keys will definitely continue to develop, and it will develop in a more convenient direction. For example, will cars in the future be able to unlock doors and start vehicles through fingerprints or face recognition like mobile phones? Wouldn't it really achieve “keyless entry” and “keyless start”?

to sum up:

Compared with fuel vehicles, the wiring harness structure and network of pure electric vehicles are more complete, which facilitates more electronic and remote operation of vehicles, just as it is difficult for fuel vehicles to achieve remote OTA, but pure electric vehicles can achieve full vehicle remoteness OTA. The same is true for car keys. At this stage, connected apps, NFC keys, and Bluetooth keys are still more convenient options, but in the near future, can the vehicle air conditioner be directly controlled remotely through smart speakers? Is it possible to perform more operations through remote and wireless technology? Leave the imagination space to you, and welcome to leave your big brain holes in the comment area.