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[YesAuto Electric Vehicles] Buying pure electric vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles from new power car companies, has an advantage, that is, through continuous OTA (that is, downloading technical firmware upgrades or software upgrades, the vehicle can be updated through it. Multi-function, or the function is optimized), after buying a car, you can also enjoy the latest functions and get a fresh experience through OTA, which is unmatched by traditional fuel vehicles. Xiaopeng Motors P7 has just been delivered on a large scale in July 2020. Recently, the car has already carried out OTA with the version number of Xmart OS 2.0.4. This upgrade includes a number of detailed optimizations, such as the “Private Audio “Mode” is a very fresh experience, I believe you will like it.

The version number of the OTA of Xiaopeng Motors P7 this time is Xmart OS 2.0.4, which contains 7 function optimizations, as shown in the following table:

Xiaopeng Motors P7 Xmart OS 2.0.4 OTA project
OTA project Brief description of optimized content
Optimize the smart music cockpit enhancement kit Added X Sound Xiaopeng sound effects; headrest audio provides three modes: sharing mode, driving mode, and private mode.
Optimize smart car language Added light language loop playback.
Optimize vehicle control module Optimize the overall page of vehicle control.
Optimize the overall performance of vehicles and machines Optimized the startup speed of the large screen, and the overall system performance is smoother and more stable.
Optimize online content services Optimized to also support the use of Bluetooth music, audiobooks, and national radio functions when not logged in to your Xiaopeng account.
Optimize small P smart recommendation service Optimize the video content in the AI homepage, add P7 highlights and recognize P7, so that car owners can understand the vehicle.
Optimize the main driver's welcome mode Optimize the welcoming moving position and functional logic of the main driver's seat to ensure that the main driver is convenient to get on and off the car while leaving enough space in the rear.

Let’s first talk about the headrest audio mode. In fact, setting the audio on the seat headrest is not the first of Xiaopeng Motors. Previously, Cadillac CT6/XTS, Mazda MX-5 and other cars also had this configuration, but this time the P7 is We have brought more ways to play. In Cadillac brand models and MX-5 cars, the greater significance of headrest audio is to improve audio quality, especially for convertible models such as the latter, headrest audio seems to become more important.

The P7 headrest speaker does not have the effect of enhancing the sound effect, but it is functionally enriched by different matching methods with the conventional position speakers of the vehicle. Both driving mode and private mode are more practical. The former means navigation and Bluetooth phone sounds are only transmitted from the headrest speaker, and passengers can listen to music through the in-car speaker normally; while in private mode, all sounds are emitted from the headrest speaker and the passengers rest. At the same time, this mode can keep the passengers unaffected, and at the same time enable the driver to continue listening to music or navigation. It is believed that friends who have taken their family for a long distance can understand the practicality of this function; as for the sharing mode, that is, the headrest is not enabled. The sound is turned on, and all sounds come out from the regular position speakers as usual.

As for the X Sound Xiaopeng sound effects, this is actually a set of sound effects tuned by Xiaopeng Motors. It coexists with the previous Dynaudio sound effects for users to choose from. Which set of tuning works well depends on which music style you prefer.

In short, the upgrade of the “smart music cockpit” is quite interesting. If you have higher requirements for the sound effects of the speakers, the two sound effects modes can provide you with more choices; even if you are not so picky about the sound effects of the speakers , The three modes of headrest audio can also give you a new caring experience.

In fact, before the system did this OTA, Xiaopeng Motors P7 also had the “light language” function, but after the user clicked to view the light language in the central control screen, the “light language” was only played once, and now it can be played in a loop. Thanks to the penetrating light strip on the front of the P7, this adds a lot of playability to the lights; in addition to the light prompts when the vehicle is locked, charging, etc., it can provide users with vehicle status references, such as “Say Hi” and “Dance of Lights” “The content of the display is mainly based on entertainment attributes.

Although the current P7’s light language has achieved the purpose of adding entertainment attributes to a large extent, this function still leaves us with plenty of room for imagination, such as whether the car can achieve some “participation with other traffic” through lights in the future. The communication of the people”? Or can the user achieve some personalized expression through lighting?

If you don't say that the vehicle control page has changed, friends who may not be familiar with the car will not notice. But after using the new page, you will find that the position of the driving mode button is more obvious, and friends who have used the P7 for the first time will not find it; for example, the XPILOT button has become a more understandable “driving assistance”. Overall, the new page is easier to learn and understand.

The last upgrade this time is more abstract, but it is the basis for improving the user experience. Compared with the central control screen controlled by physical buttons or mechanical knobs, users may have higher requirements for the smooth operation of the central control screen system with a full touch design, and for a system with rich functions, this is a problem in itself. Such challenges, high fluency and movement speed are also what the so-called “intelligent cars” must do.

Opening up online content to temporary users is the right choice. Maybe you think, how can a car owner not log in to his account? Does this upgrade have any significance? In fact, I think the target group for this online content upgrade may not be the car owner himself, but the friends who temporarily borrow the car or other users who don't drive the car often. After the upgrade, car owners can prevent others from seeing their frequently used navigation locations or other information through their Xiaopeng account, and friends who use the car temporarily can also enjoy online audio programs, the best of both worlds.

In addition, when we experienced the online audio of Xiaopeng Motors P7, we found that the 4G network of the car was occasionally unstable and the audio program refresh rate was slow. However, when the car was connected to the 4G cellular data hotspot of the mobile phone, the network condition was normal. The official said that the 4G network of the car and the mobile phone is similar, and the signal may be poor in some road sections or in some cases; the situation encountered this time may be related to the thunderstorm when experiencing the car, but for a As far as the officially declared “intelligent car” is concerned, we still hope that it can provide users with a better intelligent experience.

In the fourth upgrade part, the vehicle introduction page is equivalent to a video version of the vehicle's main functions. I think very few car owners have carefully read the paper version of the car manual. On the one hand, most users are familiar with the normal operation of the vehicle. On the other hand, the paper version of the manual is boring to read, and the video demonstration makes up for the routine. The shortcomings of the manual.

Is the voice assistant smart if it can follow the user's instructions to complete some operations? Maybe it has to do much more than that. The active inquiry service of Xiaopeng Motors P7 brings unlimited imagination to users. When you may need certain services, the voice assistant will actively ask: “Do you need XXX”, which saves you the trouble of operating on your own , And through habit formation, the voice assistant will know you better, and you will have a better understanding between you, and you will also feel that this is an “intelligent assistant”. In addition to the recommendation services introduced in the video, there are many other active recommendations that Xiao P can do. These are left to the car owners and friends to dig and help the voice assistant develop.

Previously, Xiaopeng Motors P7 already had the active welcome function of the main driver's seat, but the current active welcome function of some models on the market has one disadvantage that the seat movement is too large, which easily makes the main driver's backrest and the rear passenger's leg Interference occurs, and it is not convenient for the driver to get out of the car if the seat is too back. The previous P7's active welcoming function also has this shortcoming. This update of the new system adjusts the movement range of the main driver's seat to ensure that the driver is convenient to get on and off the car, while the rear passengers can also have more spacious leg space. .

Compared with the original seat movement range, the upgraded seat movement range is indeed smaller. Through this, in fact, we can also see the benefits that pure electric vehicle OTA brings to users, and every small detail can be solved by upgrading.

to sum up:

To be honest, maybe the OTA upgrade of Xiaopeng Motors P7 did not bring any qualitative leap for users, but this time the small optimization on the details will indeed continue to improve the user experience, and it can also reflect the car companies’ products. Positive attitude. Based on the inherent advantages of the wiring harness architecture of pure electric vehicles, users are increasingly demanding “intelligence”, and the performance of these products on the market is also getting higher and higher. “Old cars can also bring new experiences” has been realized for us by pure electric vehicles. I hope we can continue to see excellent OTA cases. If your car can be OTA, what new features do you most want to upgrade, or what features do you want to upgrade? Chat together in the comment area. (Picture/Text/Photo: You Dongqing from the car home; Assistance/ Zhang Wenhao from the car home)