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[YesAuto electric car] This summer, Euler Motors opened a new naming method. Its Euler R1 was renamed Euler Black Cat, and two new cars, the white cat and the good cat (not listed), were launched. The cat series The naming method fully demonstrates the youthful, trendy and individual characteristics of the Euler brand. The Euler White Cat continues its cute and retro style. NEDC has two versions with a range of 360km and 401km. Is it a qualified scooter? The answer lies in this issue of “Unpacking a New Car”.

●New car overview:

●New car pickup:

● Get started quickly:

● Get started quickly:

● Front engine room and chassis:

Full text summary :

The Euler White Cat continues the family's retro, minimalist design style, and the interior makes every effort to create a good technological atmosphere. In terms of configuration, all new cars come standard with keyless entry, PM2.5 filter devices and other comfort configurations. In terms of safety, all cars come standard with functions such as tire pressure monitoring, ABS anti-lock, reversing imaging, and uphill assistance. If there is a need for assisted driving functions, you can choose the top model that is actually shot today. The appearance of personality is coupled with a more literary name. The white cat of Euler is destined to be the darling of the young consumer crowd. Have you lit the cat today? (Photo/text/photograph by Zhang Wenhao, the home of the car)