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[YesAuto New Car Illustration] At this Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz officially released the Mercedes-Benz EQV concept car. The new car is a purely electric MPV model, which can be regarded as a purely electric version of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. Although the car is called a concept car, from the maturity of its exterior design to the overall style of its interior, it is very similar to the fuel version of the V-class model, very close to the state of a production car. Due to the large space of the MPV model, the car is equipped with a power battery with a capacity of 100kWh. According to the official introduction, its endurance will reach 400km, so let's first understand the static performance of this car.

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The Mercedes-Benz EQV can be said to be an electric version of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, and the EQV concept car unveiled at the auto show, from all aspects, is closer to the state of a mass-produced car. The official claim that the car can reach 400km of endurance is actually not difficult to achieve, for two reasons: First, MPV models have more space available and can be equipped with larger and higher-capacity power batteries to provide long-term endurance. Sufficient power; secondly, the current battery technology has allowed compact cars that are much smaller than MPV models to have a battery life of more than 400km, so this level of battery life is not a problem for EQV. However, why doesn't Mercedes-Benz take advantage of this type of vehicle's space and install more batteries to give the vehicle a higher range? This is the game between battery power, body weight, energy consumption level and cruising range. How can these elements achieve an optimal ratio under the premise of satisfying practicality? This should be the real submission of Mercedes-Benz with EQV Answer sheet. It is understood that the production version of Mercedes-Benz EQV will be unveiled in Frankfurt in 2019, let us wait and see.