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[YesAuto News] At the press conference of the Paris International Motor Show that just opened, following the first show of the C30 concept car at the Detroit International Auto Show in January this year, Volvo Cars also showed a new C30 volume to the global audience. The production model marks Volvo's official entry into the two-door compact car market.

The brand-new Volvo C30 is designed for the dynamic young elite. During its research and development stage, Volvo Cars specially invited those young elites living in cities to provide opinions on the design style and technology of the car in Europe. “These car owners often need to shuttle between homes, offices, conference venues, sports gyms, and places where they frequent. They pay more attention to the design and driving experience of cars.” C30 project director Hakan said.

The C30 with two-door and four-seater design shows the unique agility of a sports car. With the design elements such as the body and large-area glass tailgate of many Volvo safety concept cars such as SCC and YCC, the C30 makes the driver have the best With a good view of road conditions, with shiny metal double exhaust pipes, the overall design shows a high-tech avant-garde feeling.

“C30 is positioned for young singles or a family of two. It is a car that meets the needs of urban life. These customers pay attention to the design and handling of the car. This car will fit their taste and lifestyle well.” Volvo car brand , The vice president of product strategy Lake-Kosmek pointed out.

Since the concept car was launched at the Detroit Auto Show, this car has become a hot topic in the market. It has received extensive media attention before the Paris Auto Show. Volvo cars are confident in the future market of the new C30.