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[YesAuto Factory Quest] As the best-selling automobile manufacturer in China, SAIC Volkswagen had a total sales of 1.52 million vehicles last year, far ahead of the second-ranked FAW-Volkswagen (1.14 million). Since it sells well, it should have enough production bases. From 1984 to the present, from the earliest Anting factory to the latest Changsha factory, SAIC-Volkswagen has built eight factories in China, and the number can be regarded as one of the domestic manufacturers. most. Some time ago, we visited the Nanjing plant of SAIC Volkswagen, and this time we came to its latest plant in Changsha. In addition to the fact that the Changsha factory is its most automated and environmentally friendly factory, more importantly, the Changsha factory is also the production base of Touran L.

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This time we introduced the stamping workshop and welding workshop of SAIC Volkswagen Changsha plant. From the perspective of overall equipment and production efficiency, the overall situation is quite good. First of all, in terms of equipment, both Schuler presses and KUKA robots are the mainstream equipment of today's joint ventures; secondly, its degree of automation is also very high. It’s worthy of praise that the previous graphic article mentioned that the factory also pays great attention to environmental protection. For example, the roof height of the stamping shop is High, save resources. In the next article, we will give a brief introduction to the paint shop, and then share in detail the process of the Touran L assembly becoming a car.

[YesAuto Factory Secret] Last issue we introduced the stamping and welding workshop, this time we came to the final assembly workshop. Those who are familiar with automobile factories should know that the assembly quality of a car mainly depends on the final assembly. Indeed, in the case of the speed of the car going offline every minute, it is not easy to accurately assemble nearly a thousand parts together. What's more, there are a variety of different configuration models. If there is a mistake, the previous effort will be discarded. . Unlike other workshops, this workshop mainly relies on manual assembly tasks. How can this seemingly intricate work be done efficiently and accurately? Let us walk into the assembly workshop together to see how SAIC Volkswagen Touran L (hereinafter referred to as Touran L) completes the last step.

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SAIC Volkswagen Changsha plant, as the newest SAIC Volkswagen plant in China, the production cycle of 60JPH and the annual production capacity of 300,000 units can be regarded as a relatively high level in China. It has better energy saving and emission reduction and humanized transformation of the staff. These are the bright spots of this plant compared to other SAIC-Volkswagen plants, and this feature is gradually being popularized in other SAIC-Volkswagen plants in order to improve the overall quality of the vehicles produced by SAIC-Volkswagen.