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[YesAuto original test drive] In our impression, SUVs are more fuel-intensive; in our impressions, American cars are more fuel-intensive; in our impressions, American SUVs are absolutely fuel-consuming, simply It costs like a rocket! Of course, the Rockets will not use No. 97 unleaded gasoline, so it's best to be relaxed and humorous!

Today this pure American SUV is different, let’s talk about how it saves fuel. You may think that talking about fuel efficiency with American cars is as taboo as talking about age with women and about income with men. But Escalade Hybrid is different, it is equipped with what is known as today's most advanced oil-electric hybrid power system.

In fact, the Buick LaCrosse Hybrid, another hybrid vehicle owned by General Motors Group (the former “GM”), has been on the market in China for a long time, but it is a so-called “light hybrid” car, and its fuel saving effect does not exceed 15%. %. The Escalade Hybrid is a standard “heavy hybrid”. According to the manufacturer, its fuel-saving effect in urban road conditions can reach 40%.

From the appearance point of view, the Escalade Hybrid is not much different from the regular version. The white paint is its main color, but there is also a traditional black to choose from. The biggest difference between it and the regular version is probably the chrome-plated Hybrid decoration on the front fenders on both sides. In addition, the “Hybrid” logo is also inlaid on the C-pillar and the rear of the car. In addition, the minimum ground clearance is also different.

Even if it is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly car, as a member of Cadillac, Escalade Hybrid still refuses to abandon those chrome decorations that symbolize traditional glitz. It's just that the design of the exhaust pipe is a bit too “low-key”, but it fits the rugged style of American cars.

To feel the luxury of the interior, you must first be able to get into the car. The taller body makes getting on and off the car not so easy. Fortunately, the foot pedals set by the Escalade. At the moment when the door is opened, the pedal automatically unfolds, and when the door is closed, it automatically retracts. At the same time, it is accompanied by a “squeak…” sound, which shows a sense of technology.

The first impression of the center console is the large-scale use of leather, solid wood and metal brushed panels, which is impressive in terms of luxury. However, such a design may not have good practicality. For example, a solid wood steering wheel has a good visual effect, but holding it for a long time will make the palm of the hand feel wet, because it does not absorb sweat.

In general, the interior of the Escalade Hybrid is no different from the regular version, and it is full of American luxury. It is hard to imagine such a model born with the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

Thanks to its huge body size, the Escalade Hybrid has ample interior space, with a total of three rows of seats arranged in the front and rear. The first row of seats is very heavy, with 14-way electric adjustment; the rear two seats have a moderate amount of space and can be reclined in proportion, and there are independent automatic thermostat air-conditioning and a DVD screen on the roof in the rear.

The power system is the core that embodies the advanced nature of Escalade Hybrid. It is equipped with a Vortec 6.0-liter V8 engine. This engine has the official function of VVT variable valve. The maximum power is 248 kW, the maximum torque is 498 Nm, and it has AFM capability. The fuel management system can automatically switch to the 4-cylinder working state according to the road conditions. For fuel economy considerations, the power output of this engine is slightly inferior to the 6.2-liter engine on the regular version.

In terms of electric system, this car is equipped with two electric motors of 83 kilowatts each, which are integrated in the EVT electronic continuously variable transmission. Electricity is stored in a set of nickel-metal hydride batteries at the bottom of the car body, and is charged by the power of the gasoline engine or the energy recovery system when braking.

Escalade Hybrid's gasoline engine and electric motor can be matched with each other to realize several different working conditions. The system will automatically switch among several working conditions according to the difference of vehicle speed, engine load and pedal force. The switching process is relatively smooth, but as long as you are careful If you experience it, you can still feel it. However, this will not affect the mood of the driver, and the momentary frustration of power switching will not be greater than the shifting process of the automatic transmission of ordinary models.

First of all, in the idling state, if the battery is fully charged and the engine is completely at a standstill, there will be no feeling in the car, and the air conditioner and other electrical appliances can work normally.

Initial stage

Slowly step on the accelerator and rely solely on the electric motor to drive the vehicle. At this time, the engine does not start and the fuel consumption is “0”. At this time, you can faintly hear the sound made by the electric motor when the speed of the electric motor increases, and the vehicle accelerates linearly and gently.

Deeply press the accelerator

As long as the accelerator is stepped deeper or the vehicle speed is increased to a certain level, the electric motor is no longer sufficient to provide sufficient acceleration power. At this time, the gasoline engine begins to intervene to drive the vehicle together with the electric motor.

High speed cruise

In the high-speed cruising state, the advantages of low-speed and large-torque of electric motors cannot be effectively utilized. Relatively speaking, gasoline engines can achieve the best fuel economy when driving at a constant speed. Therefore, the vehicle is completely driven by gasoline engines and will be able to 4 out of 8 cylinders are automatically closed.

slow down

Through the energy recovery system, part of the heat energy during the deceleration process is converted into electrical energy and stored in the nickel-hydrogen battery pack. Of course, the traditional braking system still has to decelerate even when the braking force is strong.

It sounds simple, but in fact this is a very complicated hybrid system. But no matter how complicated it is, in the end it has to be implemented to what practical effect it can achieve. The picture below is the best state of the Escalade Hybrid achieved during the entire test drive: a speed of about 80 kilometers per hour, pure gasoline-powered drive, 4-cylinder working state, and the instantaneous fuel consumption displayed by the on-board computer is 9L/100km.

It needs to be emphasized that this figure is not obtained when the vehicle is collecting fuel, but is driving at a normal constant speed. Of course, the fuel consumption information of the trip computer can not be completely believed. We have to look at the problem dialectically: As a 2.7-ton full-size SUV, the comprehensive fuel consumption of the Escalade Hybrid must be much higher than that of ordinary family cars, but it is in the case of gasoline-electric hybrids. Under the action of the system, this car has a significant improvement in fuel economy.

Finally, let me talk about the daily driving experience. For me, driving such a huge American SUV is a brand new experience. Although the road feel is rather vague and there is no communication between people and cars, the driving experience is pleasant, especially the kind of condescending and domineering feeling, like a land-flying “Saturn V” rocket, huge and powerful.

to sum up:

After the half-day test drive was over, the overall fuel consumption displayed by the Escalade Hybrid’s trip computer was always more than 17 liters. Of course, this has something to do with personal driving habits, as well as the congested road conditions during the test drive. I believe that if the road conditions are ideal, there is still a lot of room for fuel consumption to drop. But perhaps in a city like Beijing, no matter how lightly the driver steps on the accelerator, he will never reach the official 11.1L 100km constant speed fuel consumption. But to be honest, if the pursuit of absolute energy saving and emission reduction effects, the Escalade Hybrid is obviously not as good as a 1.6L small displacement car, but the environmental awareness it expresses is absolutely positive and forward-looking.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the price of this car is the same as the regular gasoline version of the Escalade, which is 1.36 million. We must know that it is very difficult for some “rich people” to pay for the so-called sense of social responsibility, even if it is only a trivial price. Now with the Escalade Hybrid, it may be difficult for consumers who are optimistic about the Escalade to find reasons to refuse it!

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