[YesAuto original test drive] I really have a preference for the Dongfeng Yueda Kia brand. In addition to the fact that I am the owner of the car, his development speed in the past two years is also an important factor that keeps me concerned. Take this year as an example, in addition to the K5 that is already on the market, the protagonist of our test drive article today will also be officially listed in mid-July.

At the product communication meeting before the test drive, the manufacturer's propaganda staff repeatedly emphasized that their car is very dazzling, very young, and very dynamic, and the configuration leapfrogged…, STOP! Don't say, the product quality can only be determined after actual contact, so please readers follow me, let's take a look at this guy who looks like a smaller K5.

Since the test-drive model is not the final mass-produced model, it is quite different from the mass-produced car in some details. The opinions in this article are also based on the test-drive model.

Dongfeng Yueda Kia K2 is a car that made its world premiere at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show. It’s a pity that I didn’t go to the Shanghai Auto Show, but I was also shocked when I saw the actual appearance of the K2 released by my colleague. Isn't this the reduced version of K5? Does Peter Cyrill also want to learn from MINI designers to become the most relaxed car designer on earth? After designing the body line and pulling it in various ways, you feel good even if you have designed a new car? Of course, I said this is purely a joke. I believe many people will think that the K2 and K5 are surprisingly similar because of the front face design.

Dazzling and impactful design

The manufacturer positions this car as a young consumer group, so it can be seen from the appearance of the color that it is indeed like this. We understand that there are eight colors of K2, and I personally recommend two colors, one is Xinya Blue; one is champagne gold.

A master is a master. What he said at the beginning has been verified. From Kaizun, Freddy, K5 to today’s K2, the “tiger roar” front face is impressive. I believe that if this continues, one day we will like to mention BMW immediately thought of the design of the front face of the kidneys and remembered this design of Kia.

In the K5 experience, I mentioned that the design of the tiger-style front face includes the convergent air intake grille, slender headlights and large front fog lights. This design is completely retained on the K2. , And targeted improvements.

For example, fog lights are a very good example. When we are visually fatigued by round or square fog lights, K2 changes the front fog lights to an “L” shape, and this shape is similar to the “tiger style” The front face of the camera just formed a visual response. The fog lamp is equivalent to two tiger teeth, which makes the design that already has a strong visual impact more beautiful and impactful.

K2 is a small car. It is a product of the same level as Dongfeng Yueda Kia’s RIO Ruiou, but it has fully surpassed its predecessors in body size. The most obvious is that the wheelbase has increased by 70mm and the body length has increased by 80mm. The width of the body is increased by 5 mm, and the height is reduced by 20 mm in order to match the sporty design of the body. Compared with competitors of the same level, this body size is not obvious, but the wheelbase of 2570mm has certain advantages. For a small car, the quality of the space in the car sometimes even directly affects whether consumers buy it, but can the space in the car give us unexpected results? Below I will have a dedicated space to explain to you.

From the earlier Freddy we can see that the new car launched by Kia also has a common feature, that is, the high waistline design. The waistline from the front to the rear of the car also makes the whole car very angry.

Judging from the recently launched cars, Kia seems to be very fond of the design of polished aluminum alloy wheels, and K2 is also equipped with wheels of this design. In addition to the 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, there are also 14-inch aluminum alloy and steel wheels that are installed on models with different configurations. After seeing the real car, I always feel that the manufacturer is going to two extremes, one is fine and the other is a copycat. Needless to say, the 16-inch wheels are exquisite in workmanship and style, and they match the bodywork very well; As for the 14-inch wheels, you should evaluate them yourself.

I want to criticize the manufacturer here. The trunk of the K2 can still only be opened by the key or opening the trunk inside the car. This feels very inconvenient. For example, in the same class of models, the polo can be opened directly from the outside of the car. Kia manufacturers You can learn it.

The weight of the K2's trunk lid is as light as its predecessors. This design is in line with the characteristics of Korean cars. It can easily open and close the trunk with one hand. This is very intimate for female users. Let's not talk about the trunk. The material of the car, but from the point of view of the fact that the power of closing the trunk is very light, it should be recommended to many German cars to learn, because too many German cars, even men sometimes can’t close them with hard hands. The trunk lid.

Simple and practical interior design

The interior design of K2 is very different from the impactful appearance. The interior design is very simple, but this simplicity is not the kind of dull and moderate as understood in the conventional sense. The designer uses some simple and rich The lines make this interior look less boring, and it also creates a stylish feel. Black and beige are the two interior colors that K2 can provide. I personally think that the black interior is more suitable for the whole car, which is more in line with the cool design concept. Although the beige interior looks very warm, it lacks a little smart atmosphere. .

I think the design of the K2 instrument panel is more beautiful. It uses a popular three-tube design. The white pointer is easy to identify. The display in the center also shows comprehensive vehicle information. Although it is not fancy, it is very practical.

The design area of the center control panel is clearly divided. It is more convenient to use the function buttons. The feedback strength of the buttons and the damping of the knob are also very comfortable. Similar to Japanese cars, it is easy to get started. At the same time, the USB and AUX interfaces can also satisfy the current young people. Human needs. In terms of panel material, the black paint used in the high-end models is very textured and looks very high-end, while the low-end models use the matte material. Compared with the two, I chose the latter matte material because the match is very good. Comfortable. Although the piano paint looks very high-end, but I always feel that it is not compatible with the overall interior design.

Regarding storage space, K2 can be said to perform very well. It can meet daily needs. Unfortunately, there is one point. In order to take care of the audio system, the rear door panel sacrifices the rear door storage slot and only leaves one for simple and small miscellaneous items. The vacancy of the object. Although there are some small regrets, there are also bright spots, that is, there is a place for books or newspapers on both sides of the center console. There is not much space, but there is always a difference.

The details of the interior design are important points that can distinguish the degree of intentions of a car’s production. Fortunately, the K2 does a good job in some details. The double vanity mirrors and the door handles with anti-slip particles. These small places, although we usually I don't pay much attention to it, but it really feels good when I use it.

Enough space for family use

As mentioned earlier, K2 is in a relatively leading position among its class models in terms of wheelbase, so for such a small car, the space inside the car is also more critical, especially in the country where the purchase of a car pursues a “large” space. More important in the market environment.

The K2 has leather and fabric seats. The leather seat used in the K2 leather seats is very soft and not hard to the touch, so it feels comfortable to sit on. The front row is very well wrapped, and the lateral support part is designed to be thicker, so that we can get very good support when making sharp turns. In terms of seat adjustment, after all, this car is still an entry-level model and the price is less than 100,000 yuan. Therefore, all the series are manually adjusted seats. If the manufacturer can provide more benefits, it will be better to become an electric adjustment It is more in line with the design ideas of boutique cars.

The person in the picture is 185cm tall. After adjusting the proper sitting posture, there is two-finger space between the head and the roof of the front row, and there is also three-finger space in the back row. I think this space is a bit small for most. , And the longer wheelbase also improves legroom.

In terms of the rear seating space, the K2 also has a small detail in the floor design, that is, the rear floor is very flat, so that even if the rear seat sits down, the feet of the middleman of three people are still more comfortable than the model with a large bag.

Returning to the space issue discussed in this chapter, under normal circumstances, there are fewer opportunities for people to sit in the back of a family car. In most cases, the back row will become another trunk of ours, so if the back row can be down, it will be as large as the volume of things. Increases. Only the top model of the K2 can have the function of splitting the rear 4/6, and the rear seats are almost flat after being down, so it is more convenient to enlarge things. In fact, for this function, it is often used in many times. It is a little regret that the K2 cannot be configured with 4/6 split seats in the whole series.

1.4L power system is sufficient for urban use

For this kind of small car used in the city, power is not its highlight. Therefore, our focus on power has changed from how fast it accelerates to whether it can handle the daily use in the city. Since the 1.4L automatic transmission model will be the main model to be promoted by the manufacturer in the future, our test drive will focus on the 1.4L automatic transmission model.

The power system of K2 is the same as that of Beijing Hyundai's Rena models. They are both 1.4L and 1.6L engines of the Gamma series. In actual driving, the performance of the 1.4L engine can be described as qualified, starting and mid-to-low speed. The driving feels very relaxed at that time, including the accelerator and brake pedals are also very light, but when you need to accelerate quickly, the engine response is a bit weak, dry roar does not rush forward, but this is also in line with the 1.4L engine launch meaning , It was originally a civilian city car. You have to drive in the style of F1. Of course, it won’t be possible. Let’s drive honestly and steadily.

There are two types of 4-speed automatic gearbox and 5-speed manual gearbox matched with the 1.4L engine. The 4-speed gearbox has no advanced technology, the shift shock is small, and the response is relatively fast. The standard ECO economy driving mode function of all K2 series can remind you whether you are driving in a more economical state, while the manual transmission model can remind you that you should drive in which gear according to the current speed to save fuel. Today, fuel prices are soaring, it is very practical, and it is also a very intimate design for family cars.

The K2 top-fitting model uses an electric power steering system. The steering wheel feels very light and does not require much effort. Even women can easily handle it. However, I don’t know if this electric power steering system is a case of my driving. It feels directional. not good. The non-top-matched models use a hydraulic power steering system, which is relatively heavier in operation, but has better directivity than electric power steering.

Although the K2 uses a torsion beam rear suspension, the tuning is relatively soft, not as tough as a sports car, but it will not make you feel up and down like a boat. The body also has a very high body at high speeds. Good stability.

to sum up:

My knowledge of the K2 in a few short hours of contact can only be said to be superficial. For a deeper level, I have to wait for a more in-depth experience after the arrival of the individual test car. But as for the feelings he gave me during the time I was in contact with K2, I would use one sentence to describe it: he is very suitable for family use, especially the young families of young couples born in the 1980s. Because the K2 has an appearance design that is enough to make young people tempted, and the interior space and rich configuration suitable for family use, the result is also the result of the accurate analysis of the domestic market by the Dongfeng Yueda Kia manufacturer.

At present, the models that compete with K2 in the domestic market include Guangqi Honda Fengfan, Changan Ford Fiesta and Beijing Hyundai Rena. From the analysis of competitors' brands and market share, the launch of K2 is bound to face threats from many aspects, so K2 Whether you can get a share in this market depends on his pricing. If you can come up with the kind pricing that Korean cars should have, then this car will definitely sell well in the market.

Pre-sale of 70,000 to 100,000 yuan domestically produced Kia K2 will be listed on July 18