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[YesAuto News] According to foreign media reports, Borg Warner (Borg Warner) invested in a battery supplier called Romeo Power and established a joint venture company to produce batteries. Borg Warner holds 60% of the shares. The establishment of the joint venture company It is bound to further enrich BorgWarner's existing hybrid and electric vehicle product portfolio.

Romeo Power is a start-up that produces battery packs. In addition to former engineers from Tesla and SpaceX, several former engineers from Apple and Samsung are also working for the company. Romeo Power claims to have more advanced battery modules and battery pack technology. In this investment, BorgWarner holds 60% of the shares and Romeo Power holds 40% of the shares.

The company said that its current level of technology has surpassed its competitors. In addition to battery safety that is superior to other batteries, its battery pack has a 25% higher energy density than existing lithium-ion battery packs. The charging time of the battery is shortened by 15% to 30%. (Source: electrek; text/Autohome You Dongqing)