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[YesAuto Model PK] On the 23rd of last month, imported Kia officially announced the launch of its third-generation Jiale model in China. The new car comes standard with panoramic sunroofs, LED daytime running lights, leather steering wheels and electric folding rearview mirrors. A series of attractive configurations, and the starting price of the 7-seater model is 163,800 yuan, which really impressed many people in the editorial department, including me, of course. You know, for those of us who are approaching or have passed, there is a practical need for a family car that does not worry about space.

Jiale 2013 Model 2.0L 7-seater Automatic Standard Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

16.38 million

Mazda 5 2013 Model 2.0L Automatic Comfort Type

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Manufacturer's guide price

17.68 million

In addition, in the category of entry-level 7-seater MPV, before the third-generation Jiale, the imported Mazda 5 is also a car that everyone can easily think of. Just the dual electric sliding doors of the top model imported from Japan and the multi-link independent suspension of the rear wheels sound very good.

Compare models in the text
Model Jiale 2.0L 7-seater automatic standard version Mazda 5 2.0L 7-seater Automatic Comfort Edition
Guide price 163,800 yuan 176,800 yuan
Market preference 8000 yuan

At present, Mazda 5 has a cash discount of nearly 8,000 yuan in the market, and the price of the 2.0L 7-seater automatic comfort version of Wanglihou is only about 5,000 yuan more expensive than the Jiale 2.0L 7-seater automatic standard version. Combining price and other considerations, we put together the low-end models of the third-generation Jiale and Mazda 5 today to make a comparison, and let everyone see between the two cars, what each can make consumers The bright spot that pays for it.

◆ Body size and detail comparison

After Kia Motors settled in Peter Cyrill, the new car's appearance is well-known, but perhaps few people know that the second-generation Jiale that was once modest to the extreme is actually designed by his team. Nowadays, the appearance of this generation of Jiale has obviously embarked on the brand's family-style design procedures. The tiger-style air intake grille and the more coordinated body proportion can be seen at a glance that it is a new model of the same era as the K3. The product is not a small change of fried cold rice.

In contrast, this generation of Mazda 5 has been on the market for two and a half years. Compared with Jiale, the slender body and side sliding doors make the Mazda 5 look closer to everyone’s traditional concept of MPV. The “NAGARE” design language makes the overall body line look smooth and natural through the waist line formed by the three curves on the side of the car and a fold line under the door. The cheerful “big mouth” on the front gives the model a young and lively character. The overall effect still seems to be fashionable.

Body size comparison
Model Jiale 2.0L 7-seater automatic standard version Mazda 5 2.0L 7-seater Automatic Comfort Edition
Length (mm) 4525 4585
Width (mm) 1805 1750
Height (mm) 1620 1605
Wheelbase (mm) 2750 2750

Since it is an entry-level household MPV, these two cars are naturally inferior in size to the Odyssey, GL8 or Mazda 8, and even from the data point of view, their actual car length is not as good as some compact family cars, but the wheelbase is not. It is surprisingly consistent, 2750mm. In contrast, the wider body of Kia Jiale helps to improve the ride comfort of the lateral space in the car, and the lower height can theoretically help driving stability.

Cost-effectiveness has always been the killer of Koreans. From the perspective of the functionality of the headlights, Jiale has more LED daytime running lights and steering assist lights than Mazda 5. It also blackened the lights, so it is so-called The “quality sense” has been improved in quality. Actually? Both cars use halogen light sources, are equipped with lenses, and both have the function of adjusting the height of the headlights. It's just that Mazda, which is insecure, even forgot the low-cost, high-practical thing of LED daytime running lights when making small changes.

Even in the lowest model, imported Kia still equipped Jiale with heated and electric folding exterior mirrors. The only regret is that it does not have double-curvature glass and LED turn signals. The design of Mazda 5 just made up for this. The rearview mirror on the driver's side uses double curvature lenses to reduce blind spots on the line of sight. After the launch of the 2013 model, the outer LED turn signal was added, but all models did not The rearview mirror has electric heating and electric folding functions, which are expensive if installed later.

The wheel specifications of the two models are exactly the same, both of which are 205/55 R16. Jiale uses simple five-spoke wheels with Korean brand Nexen tires, while Mazda 5 is equipped with a more dynamic double Five-spoke wheels and Japanese brand Toyo Tire products. Both cars have shown their support for the tire industry in their respective countries. From the market price point of view, the Toyo tires on Mazda 5 are much more expensive than the Nexans products selected by Jiale, and the price difference is as much as 250 yuan/piece. .

Ordinary hinged rear doors make Jiale look more like a compact sedan. In contrast, for MPVs, the side-slide opening of Mazda 5 may be more “orthodox”, not only the openable area is large enough. , The side sliding door is not easy to be embarrassed when the parking space is small. Of course, the elders like my father always think that a “van” with a sliding door is a problem of conception, and time has to be changed slowly.

Coming to the rear of the car, Jiale’s rear design still presents sedan-like elements, and the overall line is tightened from bottom to top, making the car present a sense of stability with a lower center of gravity. Mazda 5 is slightly rough in the rear end of the car. The wide and narrow line design in the middle is more reminiscent of excellent loading capacity, which is more in line with the traditional impression of MPV in everyone's mind.

Jiale’s lowest-equipped model does not use LED light sources in the taillights, and this generation of Mazda 5 also shows a “backward” trend in the light source selection of the taillights. All systems use halogen bulbs instead of the LED taillights of the previous generation models. In addition, this low-profile Mazda 5 doesn't even have a reversing radar, so it shouldn't be an imported MPV with a guide price of more than 170,000.

◆ Comparison of the details of the center console and seats in the car

In the car, the two cars once again showed typical stylistic differences. Kia Jiale uses more soft line processing and dark and light color matching, which can make the shape of the center console look more warm. The large area of soft materials is also very particular, and the workmanship is even more impressive. It is no exaggeration to describe it as fine.

The Mazda 5 has an obvious sporty style with elegant lines, but it is at a disadvantage in terms of materials and details. It does not conform to the exquisiteness of the original Japanese imported products in the impression. This is quite surprising and also leaves people behind. In recent years, the workmanship details of Korean cars have tried to counter the feeling of Japanese cars.

In terms of the steering wheel function, Jiale once again demonstrated the characteristics of high cost performance. The thick leather covering and multi-function buttons are nothing more than nothing. Before the listing, no one would have expected the steering wheel heating and the three-level steering intensity adjustment to be the standard of the whole system. Match. On the other hand, the steering wheel of Mazda 5 is not covered with leather. Before this price, no one would have thought that there would be heating and steering force adjustment. There are only simple volume adjustment buttons, but fortunately the steering wheel has a moderate grip, 3 o’clock and The 9 o'clock grip is good.

In terms of the workmanship of the audio panel and the damping of the buttons/knobs, both imported cars are well done, and both have USB/AUX input ports. Mazda 5 puts the air conditioner/audio display on the top of the center console, making it easier to observe when driving, and besides supporting MP3 and WMA formats, the audio also supports high-quality music in the AAC format.

Looking further down, Mazda 5 has more automatic air-conditioning and rear air-conditioning independent adjustment than Jiale, which is one of the few bright spots in the comfort configuration, but it can only output cold air, which makes people feel the designer's lack of heart.

As for the seats in the car, both Jiale and Mazda 5 use fabric fabrics. To be honest, the fabrics of the two cars feel very good. If you don't have a special habit of leather, I strongly recommend that you don't change it. In terms of seat functionality, both have moderately soft filling materials and large cushions/backs. Mazda 5 has more lumbar support adjustments for the main driver and independent armrests for the front seats than Jiale. These two inconspicuous places It's actually very useful when driving long distances.

The functionality of the second row of seats is still the specialty of Mazda 5. There are actually other things under the seat cushion. The seat cushion of the middle extended seat is hidden under the left seat cushion, and the right side is a multifunctional storage bag covered with a partition. The rear practicability is extremely strong. Turn them out and form an objective storage box at the bottom of the cushion.

In addition, the backrest of the middle seat in the second row of the Mazda 5 can be folded to one side, making the middle present an “aisle” form, which is convenient for the second and third rows of passengers to move around. This is a very practical design for MPVs.

Of course, Jiale also has its own killer feature in the comfort configuration of the car, that is, the panoramic sunroof that is standard on the whole series, which is much stronger than the shabby small sunroof of the Mazda 5. More importantly, Chinese consumers like big skylights!

◆ Comparison of riding space and storage space

Coming to the car space competition that everyone is more concerned about, it is not difficult to see from the previous design that Jiale is more like a large family car, and the “MPV flavor” on Mazda 5 is obviously stronger. Will the two very different design styles be different in actual rides?

It is not difficult to see from the picture that in the past, our traditional impression of the built-in sunroof affecting the front head space does not seem to exist on Jiale, and the front head space of both models can be maintained at about a punch. In addition to the functional differences mentioned before for the second row of seats, the maximum leg room can be guaranteed to be about two punches, and the head room is also one punch.

But when we adjust the second row of seats to the standard of a leg punch and sit in the third row, the longer body of the Mazda 5 immediately shows its advantages, and its third row of seats is due to the width and thickness of the cushion. The above are obviously better than Jiale, so the comfort is better.

In the comparison of storage space, Jiale is obviously richer, focusing on the center console, the side of the co-pilot seat and the rear door. However, the Japanese are more sophisticated in the design of the details. The small table cup of Mazda 5 The size of the shelf is just right, with spring cup holders and small hooks for garbage bags. In contrast, Jiale’s second row of small tables is more of a decoration. You can intuitively feel the difference between them just by looking at the picture. .

In terms of the flexibility of the luggage compartment, because Jiale’s passenger seat can also tip over, it will have a higher utilization rate than the Mazda 5 in terms of vehicle length, which is suitable for carrying long items. In addition, the Mazda 5 leaves more cargo space for the rear row when the second or third row of seats are down than the Jiale under the same circumstances.

◆ Safety configuration and power system comparison

In this part, let’s get straight to the point. The safety configuration is a major weakness of Jiale’s lowest model. The active configuration only has ABS+EBD, and the passive configuration only has the front double airbags and the second row of child safety seat interfaces; In contrast, Mazda 5 is not much better. There are two airbags and child safety seat interfaces. However, after the 2013 model upgrade, all models are equipped with a body stabilization system, which is much better than Jiale. .

In terms of power system, Jiale still uses the familiar Nu 2.0L MPI engine with a maximum power of 152 horsepower (112kW) at 6500rpm and a maximum torque of 194 N·m at 4800rpm. The accounting data is better than the 2.0L LFX engine of Mazda 5. The maximum power of the latter is 144 horsepower (106kW)/6500rpm, and the maximum torque is 180N·m/4500rpm.

But the good-looking data alone can’t tell you much. Kia equipped the third-generation Jiale with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission, while the Mazda 5 is a 5-speed automatic manual transmission. The speed of the two cars is actually driven. The adjustment of the gear ratio will directly affect their power output style. In view of the fact that we have not done a detailed comparison test drive of the two cars, so we won't let everyone know which one is good or bad.

The difference in the suspension system is obvious. Jiale uses a very common torsion beam non-independent suspension, which is characterized by simple structure and saves space in the car; compared to Mazda 5, it is much more generous and multi-link The independent suspension is very much in line with the tradition of Mazda brand fashion sports. Of course, this design is placed on the MPV, which can significantly improve the ride comfort. After all, no one will take a household MPV to run the street all day, and it is not safe. It's not appropriate either.

● Edit summary

After reading the above comparison content, let us briefly summarize the characteristics of the two entry-level 7-seater MPV minimum models. Also as an imported car, Kia Jiale's exterior and interior design are brand new, and the internal configuration is also very rich, especially the steering wheel function and the large sunroof are equipped with fully qualified Chinese consumers' car buying concept. As for the materials used in the car, Jiale has a tendency to counterattack Japanese brands, at least it has gained a lot of money in comparison with the Mazda 5. However, for Jiale’s low-profile car, it shouldn’t be equipped with a body stabilization system. In addition, the functional design of the rear seats is not as detailed and practical as the Mazda 5.

In contrast, Mazda 5 may be more able to attract consumers who like “MPV flavor”, it pays more attention to the rational use of the interior space behind the B-pillar. The sliding door structure saves parking space, and it is also convenient to get on and off the car; the functionality of the second row of seats is absolutely leading in the same level of models, and the detailed design is obviously more practical than Jiale, and due to the longer body, Therefore, it is also better than Jiale in terms of riding space; in addition, Mazda 5 is also equipped with a body stabilization system and a more comfortable rear independent suspension, which can draw a lot of favor points in comparison. However, the materials used in the interior of the Mazda 5 are really sorry for its identity as an imported Japanese car. This may leave a not-so-good first impression, especially when it comes to a face-to-face PK with Jiale.

Let's talk about the actual price. The current guide price of the Jiale 2.0L 7-seater automatic standard version in the article is 163,800 yuan. Since the new car has just been on the market for less than a month, few dealers will give cash concessions. The guide price of the Mazda 5 2.0L automatic comfort model is 176,800 yuan. Calculating the profit margin of about 7,000-8,000 yuan, the market price is about 168,800 yuan, which is actually about 5,000 yuan more expensive than the Jiale minimum model. In these two cars, I will choose Mazda 5. As an MPV, I still pay more attention to whether the space behind the B-pillar can make my family more comfortable, and the body stability system is also an important item to consider when choosing. So who would you choose if it was you?

★ Thanks to the following dealers for providing the vehicles photographed in the article

Shanghai Zhonglong Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. (imported Kia 4S shop)
Address: No. 7169, Zhongchun Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (near Huamao Road)
Phone: 400-868-1628

Shanghai Tongrui Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. (FAW Mazda 4S shop)
Address: No. 6800, Zhongchun Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Tel: 400-868-8852

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