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[YesAuto Design Decode] What car is environmentally friendly? Is it a pure electric car? In the eyes of Polestar Global CEO Thomas Ingenlath, pure electric vehicles may not represent environmental protection. On February 25, 2020, Polestar demonstrated a concept car-Precept. As Thomas Ingenlath said, what direction should the brand's future take? After the successive launch of Polestar 1 and Polestar 2, this “direction” has become more obvious, that is, Precept, that is, the continuous pursuit of environmental sustainability.

Article guide:

1. Appearance design: bold innovation under minimalism

2. Internal environmental appeal: environmental protection in the whole life process

3. Human-computer interaction: understand your intelligence better

4. Active safety: unlimited possibilities in the future

Following Polestar 1 and Polestar 2, Precept allowed us to see the new Polestar. The new car adopts minimalist aesthetic design. In terms of appearance, the car maintains the family design elements on the basis of design details. It creates a completely different visual experience from the previous two production cars.

The design of Polestar 1 and Polestar 2's “Thor's Hammer” daytime running lights is the same as Volvo models. On Precept, although it still maintains the design language, it has completely separated from Volvo's “Thor's Hammer” and has a new look The headlight set of the company is also more suitable for use on this new brand.

Compared with the drive system/transmission system of fuel vehicles, the electric drive system of pure electric vehicles is smaller, which also provides more possibilities for riding space. In addition, in the exterior design, from the Porsche Taycan to the SONY VISION-S concept car, and then to the Precept mentioned today, we can see that the front of the pure electric car can generally have a relatively low design, thus creating a coupe-like design. The sense of movement is also because the front cabin of the pure electric vehicle does not have redundant internal combustion engines and other components, which provides more possibilities for design.

In terms of exterior styling, Precept is still relatively close to the state of a mass-produced car, which has the advantage that it is more convenient for mass production of concept cars. In addition, we are pleased that the detailed design of the new car's appearance has completely separated from Volvo, and it has a brand new design. Compared with the appearance, the interior of the car actually brings us more surprises. In this car, the interior is the most important thing.

Rather than saying that Precept shows the new design language of the Polestar brand, it is better to say that this model shows the brand's philosophy and vision. In an interview with Polestar Global CEO Thomas Ingenlath, he first emphasized the environmentally friendly interior of the Precept, which is also the key significance of this car.

In the introduction of the new car, the official mentioned a word-plastic reduction, as the name suggests, is to reduce the use of plastic; in the brand's view, the environmental protection of vehicles should not be limited to pure electric vehicles, but the entire life process of the vehicle can be environmentally friendly and reduce The use of plastic is one of the key points of the interior and also one of the ways for the brand to achieve environmental protection. According to officials, compared with traditional interior parts, natural linen materials can not only reduce plastic use by 80%, but also reduce weight by up to 50%.

It is reported that, like the interior panel, the seat back panel also uses natural flax fiber composite materials. In terms of production process, the car seat uses 3D-Knit seamless weaving technology, that is, through 3D three-dimensional tailoring, it can be three-dimensionally woven into a seat fabric at one time, and there is no seam in the middle. Customized according to size, no waste of scraps.

If I don’t say it, can you guess that the seat fabric fiber comes from recyclable PET polyester resin plastic bottles? Through new production processes and new materials, it has implemented the concept of sustainable development in the three links of raw materials, production and recycling, and from the perspective of visual effects, is the sense of grade of this seat no less than that of leather seats What? Perhaps this is also a manifestation of what Precept calls “new luxury”.

What is the significance of the emergence of pure electric vehicles? I believe that a large part of the reason is for environmental protection. According to Thomas Ingenlath, pure electric drive is not enough to achieve the goal of environmental protection. Precept thoroughly demonstrates the Polestar brand’s vision of pursuing environmental sustainability. It is the important point that this car wants to express.

Precept wants to express more than just environmental protection. At the level of human-computer interaction, it also brings us new ideas. Among them, the proximity sensor is a representative. The proximity sensor, specifically the central control screen, can adjust the brightness and content according to the driver's state and reaction. When the driver needs it, the button will become larger, which is convenient for the driver to operate.

In addition, in the voice recognition system, the official said that the car will not use the preset voice interaction, but let the vehicle and the user have a natural dialogue, and the system will support multi-language recognition, multi-accent recognition, so that the voice recognition system Be smarter. Unfortunately, we have not yet seen the actual demonstration of the system, if we have the opportunity, we will bring you the relevant experience as soon as possible.

In addition to the personalized experience of voice recognition, navigation, etc., the official claims that the vehicle can also automatically recognize the user through the Polestar digital key function, and automatically complete related vehicle settings based on user preferences and recent driving behavior. Since it is a pure electric vehicle, a future-oriented car, in addition to being intelligent, it is naturally indispensable to have excellent driving assistance functions and active safety systems.

As a pure electric vehicle, Precept does not have the traditional front air intake grille, and the general pure electric vehicle only uses a closed front center grid to demonstrate the identity of new energy or fit the design of the whole vehicle. On Precept, the closed former China Net was replaced by the official “Polestar SmartZone”.

Polestar did not disclose what level of driving assistance system the Precept concept car is equipped with. However, from the perspective of the hardware of the whole car, it provides unlimited possibilities for driving safety. Maybe for mass-produced models, active safety The system and driving assistance functions will give us a big surprise.

At this point, we have basically understood the significance of the birth of Precept: expressing Polestar's pursuit of environmental protection and sustainable development, showing the possibility of future human-computer interaction, and attaching importance and performance to the active safety level.

to sum up:

     At the Geneva Motor Show on March 3, 2020, the Precept real car will be officially unveiled, and the official also stated that the car is expected to be put into mass production in the future. In addition to the market and other products, Polestar officially plans to deploy 50 Polestar art spaces around the world by the end of 2020, of which 20 experience stores will be located in 14 cities in China; the Polestar 2 model launched by the brand will be launched in 2020. Delivery officially started in the second quarter of the year.

Many concept cars focus on exhibiting the manufacturer’s advanced design language. In contrast, I think Precept has brought more meaningful things to us or to the environment. It will make the demands of pure electric vehicles (environmental protection) more thorough. Hope In the future Polestar production models, we can see the actual implementation of these environmental protection concepts.