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[YesAuto] In December 2013, the Volkswagen T2, which had been produced in Brazil for 37 years, finally completed its mission and announced that it was discontinued. This classic longevity model of Volkswagen finally withdrew from the stage of history. Although it has become history, the Volkswagen T2 is still the dream car in the hearts of many nostalgic fans.

Classic car modification to electric vehicles seems to be a popular trend in the modification market. Whether it is official or private modification factories, they are building electric old cars based on classic vintage fuel vehicles, and the proportion of electric vehicles in the SEMA modification exhibition is gradually increasing. . It is precisely to see the position of Volkswagen T2 in the hearts of car fans, Volkswagen North America branch recently launched a new project called Project e-Bus, and teamed up with the local professional electric vehicle modification company EV West to create an electric T2.

The project is based on a 1972 Volkswagen T2 modified, repainted Kansas beige and white roof, with a chrome-plated dog bowl rim cover, all of which is the classic Volkswagen T2 in everyone's eyes. The key modification project is its power system. The 60-horsepower gasoline engine of the original car was replaced by the 134-horsepower electric motor of e-Golf. The 35.8kWh battery pack is placed under the front seat, and the fuel tank used to be placed here, so no space was wasted.

The electric motor of e-Golf still adopts the rear layout of the original T2, and the “original” modification scheme of replacing the fuel tank with a battery pack also greatly reduces the difficulty of modification. The most interesting thing is that the original T2 gearshift lever has also been retained, the interior has not been adjusted, absolutely authentic.

The person in charge of Volkswagen's North American branch said that this form of power conversion allows T2 e-Bus to have the characteristics of e-Golf zero emission, and it has a range of 125 miles (approximately 201 kilometers). When it comes to whether the electric T2 will be mass-produced, Volkswagen said that the creation of the electric T2 is only to demonstrate the feasibility of this power form conversion, and it is also an attempt to electrify classic old cars, combining it with the emerging field of electrification. Volkswagen's classic old cars further demonstrate the strength of the Volkswagen brand. (The picture comes from Li Haopeng, the home of the network car