[YesAuto Review] Chevrolet Malibu has a high rate of returning heads. People are attracted by its novel appearance and the bold “MALIBU” word on the rear of the car. The name comes from the Malibu area on the coast of California. It is said that there are clear waters, golden beaches, elegant beach houses and girls in bikinis. It is a paradise on earth.

I like the popular commercial “Heart Back to Malibu”, in which Tony Leung drove the new Malibu indulgently on California Highway 1, recalling how he drove the 1969 MALIBU SS here, the most classic is The soundtrack “california dreamin'”, I believe many people are infected by that artistic conception.

Before the article starts, let's enjoy the commercial again and find out the feeling!

In this way, Mai Rui Bao painted us a vivid picture of American style. It incorporates muscle car elements in the shape, with a strong sense of movement, like a Chevrolet Camaro; the interior is also inlaid with some classic designs from the golden age, and the deliberately rough lines in the details are impressive.

It's a pity that we are on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, 10,000 kilometers away from Malibu Beach. The sky is gray, the sea is yellow, and we have to face high car prices and high gas prices. I am afraid that no one is in the mood to appreciate American life. Instead, it focuses on simple requirements: space, workmanship, reliability, fuel economy, and so on.

For this reason, the General Motors Group once again brought out the Epsilon II platform with balanced performance, a medium-sized car chassis with a European design concept. On the basis of this platform, they successfully built two popular main products of Regal and Regal, which is equivalent to giving Malibu is insured.

Readers who want to know more details of daily use can pay attention to the two-day static experience article. Today we focus on the driving experience.