Everyone can be a racer

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[YesAuto Race] As a loyal fan of motor sports, while paying attention to the race, I also look forward to driving a car in the paddock. However, there are only a few lucky people who can realize themselves in the paddock. Of course, I also have a way to feel the speed and passion-go-karting. I wonder if the same is true for you on the other side of the screen?

Next, we will show you a world of karts from the origin, development and status quo of karts, as well as several drivers who have grown from kart racers to F1 world champions.

★The predecessor of the kart-lawn mower

We often hear the saying “Karting is the cradle of F1 drivers”, so what is the cradle of karting? The kart sport originated from the lawn mower in every backyard of every western family. In the earliest days, the so-called kart was beaten by some creative parents on the basis of lawn mowers in their backyards for children to play.” toy”.

After having toys, everyone will inevitably have to “compare”, so there is a lawn mower contest. Unlike other car races, the lawn mower competition is not about speed but endurance. The race only has a starting point and no end point. In the same time, whoever ran the longest distance is the champion. After the referee gave the command, all the players ran to their own. “Racing”, and then start to rush out of the starting line. According to the rules, the participating drivers must be 3 people in a group, and take turns to run around the 1.3-kilometer track for 2 hours. They can refuel and make necessary repairs in the middle. This rule is very similar to the contemporary Le Mans Grand Prix.

★History and development of karting

Karting in the true sense of history originated in the United States in the 1950s. At that time, it was recognized that the first mass-produced kart was manufactured by Art Ingels. Although many people have made the prototype of the kart before, they have not been able to produce it.

Karting is also known as Go-Kart. The size and output power of a car driven by a driver is much less than that of a professional racing car. It is suitable for beginners to learn and use for leisure. Such characteristics laid the foundation for kart racing to become a national motor sport in the future.

The 1950s and 1960s that followed were an era of rapid rise and popularization of karts. Below are some promotional posters of kart production companies. It can be said that they have witnessed the growth of karts. The propaganda methods at the time were almost the same as those in modern times, and now they are both very interesting.

At the end of the 1950s, people were no longer satisfied with just using karts for leisure and entertainment, and kart racing activities with racing competitions as the main form were widely carried out at that time.

Since the karting event has just started, the organization is still very loose, and the vehicle specifications and competition rules are not uniform. In order to be able to guide the correct development of karting, unified standards to facilitate management and promotion of karting around the world, in 1962, the then chairman of the FIA Baleste founded the International Automobile Federation Karting Committee, which is responsible for popularization and promotion worldwide. Promote kart sports and supervise the implementation of unified kart sports rules and technical standards.

In 1978, the FIA reorganized the Karting Committee. After the reorganization, the kart sport has changed a lot on a global scale. The modern kart sport has gradually formed, making the kart entering a new period of development, and making it the basis and bridge for training modern formula racing drivers.

The Chinese Automobile Sports Federation “ FASC joined the International Automobile Federation World Karting Federation in 1995 , and completed the work of integrating China's kart sports with the international standards. In October 1997, the “International Automobile Federation” officially changed the name of the “International Automobile Federation Karting Committee” to the “World Karting Federation” based on the development of the world's kart sport.

Development status of kart racing   

With the continuous improvement and upgrading of karts in terms of performance and safety, and the completion of standard competition venues, and the entry technology and cost requirements are not very high, karts has rapidly developed into a sport suitable for all ages. Projects, large and small international karting events all over the world have emerged as the times require. The most representative event is the All-European Karting Championship.

The All-European Karting Championship is divided into 16 sub-stations throughout the year. Most of the races are completed in Europe, and a small number of sub-stations will be completed in Asia. For example, this year there will be a Japan station in May and a Macau station in China in October.

Since kart racing is suitable for a wide range of age groups, children to adults can participate in kart racing. Therefore, many world-class kart racing competitions, including the European Kart Championship, will be based on age, driving skills and racing level. Kart races are roughly divided into 9 groups, and the kart races of different groups are held at the same venue at different times.

●High-level kart racing is as exciting as F1

Below is a video of the All-European Karting Championship. From a visual point of view, it can be described as “speedy and fast”. We can even feel that it is more exciting to drive than it looks. At 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the car in the first view began to approach the car in front, and completed the first overtaking at 5 minutes and 10 seconds. At this time, the opponent can be seen to indicate that he can pass. In the ensuing competition, the distance between the car in the first view and the car in front had been shortened and bitten very tightly, almost hitting the car in front at 8 minutes and 50 seconds.

★Familiar faces on the karting field

Generally, children can be trained to become kart riders from the age of 5. Some riders started their kart career at the age of 13 like Prost, while Alonso began to learn karts at the age of 3.

Since its establishment, the International Automobile Federation Karting Committee has issued more than 70,000 driver licenses around the world, and holds tens of thousands of various races every year. There are more than 150 races included in the international race calendar, which are excellent all over the world. Players have to participate in 15 world championships organized by the Karting Committee every year, which has played a considerable role in promoting the development of world motor sports.

The following two F1 world champions have rich experience and outstanding performance in kart racing. It is precisely because of these performances that Schumacher rose to a higher level of F3 competition after finishing his kart racing career, while Alonso is Three years after leaving the karting race, he entered F1 directly.

Karting is a special category of motor sports. It is not only an event for auto racing, but also an event for mass leisure, fitness and entertainment. The joy of driving it can bring you is wonderful and exciting, allowing you to experience the beauty of speed with the least cost, which cannot be replaced by any mass-produced car. In the next issue, we will introduce you to the cars in the kart race, so stay tuned.