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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] Whether you are an Apple fan or an Android fan, I believe there will be a variety of interesting apps on your phone. Nowadays, the hot Internet of Vehicles has connected mobile phones and cars together. The newly developed open source Internet of Vehicles application platform-Car Easy Apps by PSA may add another screen to the App on your mobile phone desktop. Will the functions of the Blue-i in-vehicle interconnection system on Peugeot 308S, 408 and other models be further expanded under the new application platform? Let's talk together below.

● What is Car Easy Apps?

Car Easy Apps is a car networking platform solution jointly developed by PSA Peugeot Citroen Group, Continental Group, IMATILA, ALTLA, and software developers CTAG and GRADIANT. On the basis of this platform, any software developer can write their own programs, exert unlimited imagination, and then experience their new ideas on the vehicle. For Peugeot Citroen Group, its advantage lies in brainstorming, gathering firewood, and working together to explore and meet the new needs of users.

● Why can it customize its own car networking function?

Similar to the Android system platform we usually use on mobile phones, Car Easy Apps is a car networking platform that follows an open source protocol, and provides developers with simulators, software development kits, application programming interfaces, etc., so it can be based on personal Like to customize your own car networking function.

The Car Easy Apps platform provides a standardized and open application programming interface (API), which means it can connect to different smartphone operating systems, so whether you are using an Apple, Android or Windows Phone operating system, you can connect to the car .

● Will expand the functions of Blue-i in-vehicle interconnection system

At present, the Blue-i in-vehicle interconnection system on Peugeot 308S, 408 and other models already has a wealth of functions, and we have actually experienced it before (please click to understand the experience). Blue-i in-vehicle interconnection system can provide users with one-key navigation, real-time road conditions, vehicle positioning, automatic collision alarm, road rescue services, and weather and stock information services.

On the basis of this Blue-i system, the Car Easy Apps platform will inspire more in-vehicle interconnection functions for the models of the Peugeot Citroen Group. For example, we can customize the interface of the in-car interactive system as simple as changing the theme of a mobile phone. In addition, it can remotely control the air-conditioning system, multimedia entertainment system, etc. in the car. With the development of time, the functions will become more and more abundant.

● How to deal with the security risks brought by the open source Internet of Vehicles platform?

Open source brings a variety of whimsical and mind-boggling apps to increase the functionality and convenience of our daily cars, but at the same time, the security of the Internet of Vehicles is also a major issue that cannot be ignored today. Peugeot Citroen officially stated that any apps applied to the car will be strictly reviewed and certified. Apps that affect vehicle safety or violate regulations will not be approved for use, ensuring the safety of the car itself.

● Summary:

The Internet of Vehicles has now become a hot spot for major car manufacturers, and cars with Internet of Vehicles functions on the road are also commonplace. In the competition field of Internet functions, Peugeot Citroen’s Car Easy Apps platform can be regarded as a relatively easy strategy, using open source software protocols to attract more software developers to build applications, and everyone gathers firewood to satisfy consumers' different applications. demand. Even with the opening of the platform, perhaps more car manufacturers will join the Car Easy Apps team. But what each car manufacturer needs to pay more attention to is that in this open environment, the safety of the Internet of Vehicles is extremely important, because I believe that consumers would rather not have so many convenient functions than lose the safety of their cars.