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[YesAuto Electric Vehicles] During the epidemic, masks were made, and the stall economy gave birth to Wuling Rongguangyi. Open vans. Wuling Motors takes “Wuling builds whatever the people need” as its purpose. It can always meet the needs of users and follow the trend of the times. Hot product. In the field of new energy vehicles, the number of pre-sale orders for Hongguang MINI EV before the launch is close to 30,000. This car has given a shot to the shrinking market for mini electric vehicles. The compact and exquisite Hongguang MINI EV is really the scooter you want. ? Today's “New Car Unpacking” reveals the secret for you.

●New car overview:

●New car pickup:

● Get started quickly:

● Get started quickly:

● Front engine room:

● Chassis analysis:

Full text summary :

Hongguang MINI EV has a small and exquisite appearance, and the interior design is mainly for use. In terms of configuration, the new car is fully equipped with standard ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD braking force distribution, tire pressure monitoring and reversing radar. The official promises that the car's three-electric system will be guaranteed for 8 years or 120,000 kilometers, which solves the worries of car purchase. . Wuling Motors is a master of cost control. The Hongguang MINI EV has a very competitive starting price of 28,800 yuan, and it is a new generation of cars that occupy and buy food. (Photo/text/photograph by Zhang Wenhao, the home of the car)