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[YesAuto Owner Interview] FAW Toyota RAV4 is regarded as a veteran of urban SUVs. After years of hard work, it ushered in a new generation of models in 2013. Compared with the old models, the most significant feature of the new generation of RAV4 is that it is completely abandoned. The Zhongyong design caters to the aesthetic needs of young consumers. This car has been on the market for about a year, so we invited three RAV4 owners to listen to their car selection and see how the RAV4 performs in actual use.

Owner 1: Mr. Bao

Mr. Bao is 33 years old this year. He bought the RAV4 2.5L four-wheel drive luxury version in September 2013. He has driven about 22,000 kilometers today. From the perspective of mileage and time, Mr. Bao’s car travels compared to average home users. The mileage is more. Mainly because of the distance between home and company, the daily commuting distance is about 120 kilometers, and sometimes I have to drive my own car to go to work, so the average mileage has reached more than 20,000 kilometers every year.

Car purchase experience:

Mr. Bao had two cars before, at first it was Alto, and then changed to a fourth-generation golf. After getting married and having children, on the one hand, I felt that the golf space was small and it was not very convenient to go out. On the other hand, the golf cart was in bad condition, so I decided to change to a SUV with a lot of space.

When choosing a car, I hesitated between Toyota RAV4, Tiguan, Honda CR-V, Escape and Forester, and went to a 4S shop for a test drive. I feel that Tiguan's rear horizontal space and head space are average, and the budget of 250,000 can only buy 1.8TSI models. I heard that the maintenance of supercharged cars is very expensive, and I think it is not necessary in the city, so I temporarily ruled out the Tiguan.

Honda CR-V performs well overall, the price is not high, and the space and the like are all in line with their requirements, but the appearance of the new generation of models is not very popular with the family, and they temporarily give up.

I arrived at the Ford 4S shop and prepared to test drive the Maverick, but no one received it after entering the door. I immediately turned and left. I didn't have a good impression of the brand. I hope that Ford dealers can pay attention to sales training.

The Forester also met expectations. In the end, considering that its imported car is an identity, I heard that the maintenance is very expensive, and if the parts are broken, it will take a long time to wait and hesitate to abandon it.

The RAV4, which was finally tested and drove, feels very beautiful and has a large space, and there is a Camry at home. It is very pitiful and there is no problem. I also trust the Toyota brand itself. It just happened to catch up with the 4S shop and the existing car, but because it was just launched There is no discount, so I booked the car at the original price.

What are you satisfied with about the car?

First of all, I like the new appearance and interior of the RAV4, which is the youngest and fashionable among several alternative vehicles. The two-tone interior is covered with leather, which is very high-end, and the orange body color is specially selected to match the saddle brown of the interior.

After buying a car, I am most satisfied with the space, which is fully in line with the purpose of changing the car. The family has a lot of space in the back row, and the rear passengers will not be too tired when going out for medium and long distances. Moreover, the seat back can be adjusted, and the angle and hardness are very suitable, which fully meets expectations.

The buttons on the multi-function steering wheel are located in the right place, and the buttons are large, which is easy to operate when driving. The storage space in the front row is very rich and can hold a lot of odds and ends. The cup holder is even more exaggerated. It can hold a one-liter drink, but there is no fixing mechanism inside. The general bottled water (about 500ml) will shake back and forth when placed in it.

Is there any dissatisfaction?

Mr. Bao is quite satisfied with this car. When we asked about our dissatisfaction, he thought for a while and summed up three points. First, due to the double skylight design, the front row can only be tilted up and cannot be opened backwards. Sometimes when going to the suburbs or driving by car, I want to open the skylight for a ride, but there is nothing I can do. Another thing I’m not very satisfied with is the trunk. The overseas version is a non-full-size spare tire, so the trunk is completely flat, while the domestic version is a full-size spare tire. The trunk has a big bulge and the items inside often slide. Go to the end of the trunk and get stuck between the raised cover and the trunk door. Once the door is opened, it will all fall to the ground. The last dissatisfaction is that the noise is loud, within 80 km/h, but the wind noise is too obvious at the high speed, and the engine sound is not very good. I plan to do sound insulation later.

In addition, Mr. Bao often waxed the car, but once the wax rubbed on the unpainted anti-scratch strip, it left a white mark, which was difficult to wash off, which made Mr. Bao a little unhappy. But there is a way, you can wipe it with a rubber, or go to a beauty shop to have a special wax wash. In short, it is not difficult to solve it.

How about power and fuel consumption? How much is the maintenance?

Mr. Bao usually drives smoothly, but he doesn't like to use the ECO mode. He feels that it is too fleshy and the power is severely restricted, so he basically does not drive. The 2.5L engine power is completely sufficient. Now the average fuel consumption is about 9.8L/100km, which is normal for a 2.5L displacement car, not too high. Mr. Bao has done maintenance for four times, using fully synthetic engine oil each time, and the maintenance price is about 800 yuan after counting the working hours.

Owner's summary:

Mr. Bao doesn't have much demand for car performance. Don't have problems and delay the car, drive easily, and have a lot of space. It seems that this RAV4 is in line with Mr. Bao’s initial expectations when he bought the car. It can be awarded 90 points according to the percentage system, hoping to improve the sound insulation and trunk floor.

Owner 2: Mr. Lin

Mr. Lin is 32 years old this year and works as a key account manager. In March 2014, I bought the 2.5L automatic four-wheel drive elite version of the RAV4, and the current mileage is 9,400 kilometers. This car is mainly used to travel to and from get off work, and occasionally picks up customers. In view of this need, Mr. Lin specially chose black.

Car purchase experience:

Mr. Lin drove Sega with automatic transmission before. The reason for changing the car is very simple. There are two main reasons. One is that the 4AT Sega is too much gas. Basically, the fuel consumption in the city is 12 liters/100 kilometers. The other is also getting married and having children. , Need a car with a lot of space.

In addition to the RAV4, Mr. Lin also valued the above four cars. The Copaci directly abandoned because of the rough workmanship and no sense of grade. The Roewe W5 has a strong four-wheel drive capability and is also very robust, but it is generally reported that the fuel consumption is high. Mr. Lin is indeed hurt by the high fuel consumption. In addition, there are not many Roewe 4S stores. Future maintenance may be troublesome, so I won't consider it for the time being. After test-driving the Maverick, I feel that the price is a bit high, and the space is small, which is not suitable. In the end, I chose Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. Toyota RAV4 won by design. When buying a car, there is a discount of about 9,000 yuan and a discount card for maintenance man-hours.

What are you satisfied with about the car?

First of all, I am satisfied with the design. The front face, headlights, and rear of the car are all beautiful. The two-color interior is also very special. When choosing the car, the family also agreed with this. This is the main reason why I finally decided to buy it and abandon the CR-V. .

The second satisfaction is the space, ease of use and comfort. When Mr. Lin eliminated Sega, one of the main goals was to change to a car with a lot of space. The space in the rear of the RAV4 made the family very satisfied, and it was correct. In terms of storage space, there is a lot of space in the front row, and the diameter of the water cup groove is large. As Mr. Bao said before, there will be obvious shaking when putting bottled water, but it is much better when putting a thicker thermos. This is an advantage, because the cup holders of many cars can't hold a thermos cup.

Are there any dissatisfactions?

The main dissatisfaction was the problem with the trunk that Mr. Bao mentioned earlier. The cover was too protruding and had a slope, and things did happen to roll off. In addition, the noise of this car is not ideal, and the engine noise and wind noise control are not very good.

At present, the vehicle will have some abnormal noises when passing through the potholes. Fortunately, it is not serious. The preliminary judgment is made by the center console. When it is time to maintain it, go to the 4S shop to find a solution. Remind everyone, if you find abnormal noises, you must first determine whether it is caused by debris in a certain storage box, door storage slot, and under the seat, so as not to delay time when running a 4S shop.

How about power and fuel consumption? How much is the maintenance?

Mr. Lin usually drives more vigorously and likes the big foot pedal. He thinks that the power of this car can only be said to be enough, which is not a small gap with his friend's 2.0T Magotan. Normally, the ECO mode is not used at all. The ratio of traffic jam and unblocked traffic in the vehicle environment is basically 60:40. The fuel consumption is generally about 10 liters/100 kilometers. Since it has just run for a short long distance, the fuel consumption is 9.4L. /100 kilometers. When buying a car, there is a discount card for working hours given by a 4S shop, so the full synthetic engine oil is also used, and the price for each minor maintenance is less than 600 yuan.

Owner's summary:

Mr. Lin expressed satisfaction with the space and comfort of the RAV4, and the service of the 4S shop is also in place, and the fuel consumption is within an acceptable range. Only the noise control is not very satisfactory, and I have plans to upgrade myself in the future. If you give points, you can give up to 90 points, which is in line with expectations, but it is not perfect. The points are mainly deducted from the noise.

Owner Three: Mr. Song

Mr. Song is 27 years old this year and is engaged in engineering-related industries. In October 2013, he purchased the 2.5L four-wheel drive elite version of RAV4. He has driven 23,000 kilometers in a year. The vehicles are mainly commuting to get off work and self-driving, and the mileage is relatively long.

Car purchase experience:

Mr. Song previously drove the B5 Passat. Since this car is older and has too many minor problems, after some comparison, it was replaced with Toyota RAV4.

Mr. Song does not have any preference for the brand and only considers the product itself. We believe that this is a very rational consumer with clear car purchase needs: large space, good-looking, and reasonable fuel consumption. Only four cars were considered when choosing the car. After the test drive, I was not very satisfied with the Tiguan space. Think that the Honda CR-V model is relatively old, and gave up on the principle of buying new rather than old. I am not very relieved of the fuel consumption of the Mavericks, and I am worried that there will be more minor problems, so I don't consider it for the time being, and finally decided to buy RAV4 through the elimination method. There is no cash discount when buying a car, but 40,000 kilometers maintenance (8 times) is given away, which is equivalent to a few thousand yuan in RMB.

What are you satisfied with about the car?

The first thing that attracts Mr. Song is the appearance of RAV4. The new Keen Look style is very beautiful, which is a world-wide change from the old one. It seems that Toyota's new design style is quite successful, and the three owners all expressed high recognition of the appearance.

The RAV4 configuration is not very rich, and there are no big highlights. It is practical. Mr. Song later installed navigation and reversing images by himself. In order to solve the problem that the original factory does not have the functions of automatic locking and one-key window lifting, two additional modules have been installed. The prices are both around 200 yuan, which is not very expensive.

Are there any dissatisfactions?

When it comes to dissatisfaction, Mr. Song thinks that the gap on both sides of the trunk cover is too big, big enough to fit into the fingers of an adult male, looking very awkward. Mr. Song found that the paint on the car seemed to be “soft” several times by self-driving, and the paint would fall off when stones hit the bumper at high speed, so he put a “rhinoceros leather” on him to protect it.

How about power and fuel consumption? How much is the maintenance?

Mr. Song's driving style is gentle, and he has been on the ECO mode for a long time, thinking that the power is still enough. His daily driving conditions are not very ideal. He basically drives on the third and fourth ring roads of Beijing. The traffic jam is more serious. The trip computer shows an average of 8.8 liters/100 kilometers, which is a good result. Good driving habits do improve fuel consumption. Economy helps. In terms of maintenance, Mr. Song gave a small maintenance of 40,000 kilometers (about 8 times) when he bought the car. So far, he has just done it four times so he has not spent any money. I don't know the price of the maintenance.

Owner's summary:

Mr. Song likes the appearance of the RAV4 the most, and his fuel consumption is even more satisfying. Since the configuration of the car is not very high, Mr. Song has added some configurations. In short, it meets the demand for car replacement, and the overall expectation is 95 points.

to sum up:

The youthful design of the new RAV4 can be said to be very successful. The new exterior style has made three car owners agree. In addition, the space, comfort and ease of use are very good, meeting expectations. All three car owners bought a 2.5L four-wheel drive model with sufficient power and fuel consumption of 9-10 liters/100 kilometers. The driving experience is still relaxed, but the wind noise control is relatively weak. This is also common to the three owners. Reflected issues. (Wentu Auto House Zhang can assist Zhang Ziyi)