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[YesAuto technology] A new generation of Octavia based on the Volkswagen MQB platform won a 5-star award in the E-NCAP crash test, and the Golf 7 based on this platform is also comparable. Does this mean the future generation of Sagitar and more Can Volkswagen models that switch to this platform have such outstanding performance?

The model involved in the collision was a 1.6L new Octavia, but the official website of E-NCAP did not specify the type of engine. According to Skoda's official website, the new Octavia with this displacement is currently equipped with a diesel engine (TDI), so Based on this, the collision model is judged to be a 1.6 TDI model. The car was built in 2013, with a five-door sedan hatchback and a curb weight of 1276kg.

In terms of specific safety configuration, this overseas version of the compact car has super-advanced safety configurations that Chinese people envy, especially the 9 airbags that completely reach or exceed the configuration level of domestic medium and large cars. In addition, the test vehicle is also equipped with an ESC body electronic stability system, and a reminder function for front and rear seat belts.

Rear passenger side airbags (2), main driver's knee airbags (1)

The main/co-pilot and rear passenger seat belts are not worn reminding function Main/Co-pilot seat belt pre-tensioning and force limiting function ESC body electronic stability system

For those who don’t know much about the content of the E-NCAP crash test, you can click “3 Series and Escape on the list to analyze E-NCAP's best car of the year” to view. The following table lists the performance of the new Octavia in various crash tests. Next, I will analyze each individual item one by one.

Evaluation type

evaluation items


Adult crew

(Project score/% of total project score: 34/93%)
Note: All scores and percentages are directly derived from the E-NCAP report.

Frontal collision with 40% overlapping deformable barrier


Deformable mobile barrier side impact


Side bump


Whipping test score


Child occupant

(Project score/% of total project score: 42/86%)

Child protection status

18 months child


3-year-old child


Interface instructions 7

Installation method


Pedestrian protection

(Project score/% of total project score: 30/82%)







Active safety technology

(Project score/% of total project score: 6/66%)

Speed limit (active control/reminder)


Electronic Stability System (ESC)


Seat belt reminder




40% frontal collision with deformable barrier

In a frontal collision, the structure of the passenger compartment remained intact, and the A-pillar only produced a 2mm displacement backwards. During the collision, the airbag bounced normally and played its due protective role. In the end, the torso and head of the dummy sitting in the main and co-pilot seats are all green (good).

After the collision, under the squeeze of some parts in the engine compartment, the clutch pedal moved up 46mm, and the brake pedal moved back 45.5mm. I think it is this displacement that directly caused the right calf of the driver to a certain extent. Therefore, the evaluation of this part is yellow. Since the 40% offset collision is biased towards the driver’s side, when the vehicle collapses, the left side of the vehicle will be relatively more serious, and the knee airbag can play a certain role to prevent the driver’s legs from contacting the center. The console is in direct contact.

Side collision with deformable mobile barrier

In a side collision, the side curtains and side airbags bounce normally, which protect the torso and head of the dummy well, so the new Octavia also got a full score of 8 in this item.

Side column collision test

In the more stringent side-column collision test, the side air curtain maximized the protection of the occupant’s head. Perhaps due to the large deformation of the vehicle’s side, the degree of protection of the dummy's chest cavity was only weak, and the dummy’s chest was only weakly protected. The waist of a person has not been optimally evaluated.

Whipping test

In the whiplash test, the seat and headrest provide good protection for the occupants, and can effectively prevent the injury caused by the excessive flexion and extension of the cervical spine in the rear-end collision.

Child protection

The two rear seats of the new Octavia are provided with ISOFIX interfaces, and the interface instructions are clear, and there is no problem connecting the anchor points. The new Octavia can ensure the safety of the child when the child seat is placed in this position by closing the airbag on the passenger side. In this issue of E-NCAP's child protection project, a display of the degree of adaptation of mainstream child safety seats to the vehicle has been added for consumers' reference.

Whether in a frontal or side collision, the dummy sitting on the child safety seat is well restrained in the seat, minimizing the possibility of the child's body, especially the head, contacting the vehicle body. It can be said that the structural design of the body's reasonable buffering and energy absorption in a collision reduces the degree of injury to children.

Pedestrian protection

In this project, the design of the new Octavia’s bumper provided good protection for pedestrians’ calves, so this sub-item got a full score of 6 points, but the front edge of the hood does not protect the pedestrian’s pelvic area effectively, so only Get 1.6 points, in addition, the entire engine compartment cover and most of the windshield area can play a good role in protecting pedestrians.

In order to better protect pedestrians in collisions, Skoda will equip its models with a specially designed engine compartment cover that is farther away from the relatively hard engine. In the event of a collision, the engine compartment cover plays a role of protecting pedestrians' heads by bulging upwards, and after testing, it can play a good role in protecting pedestrians for most of the height of pedestrians and collisions within a certain speed range.

Active Safety Technology

The ESC body electronic stability system is the standard configuration of the Octavia models. Unlike C-NCAP, E-NCAP has an assessment for the rear occupants when the seat belts are not attached, while the main, co-pilot and rear occupants of the Octavia have seat belts. No reminder function, so it got a perfect score of 3 in this project, but because Octavia does not have an electronic speed limit function, it has no points in this project.

New Octavia E-NCAP crash test video

Based on the prospect of more vehicles using the MQB platform in the future

After analyzing the new generation of Octavia using the MQB platform, I would also like to talk about the Golf 7, which is also based on this platform. In the E-NCAP crash test conducted in 2012, the Golf 7 also received a 5-star rating, although the Golf 6 also scored Good collision results, but the Golf 7 can be regarded as a good one.

Will Jingrui, Sagitar, Tiguan and other models that are also based on the MQB platform also achieve such results in the future? In particular, the Sagitar, which is also a compact car, will share almost all parts with the new Octavia under the MQB platform, except for the body shape and car logo, so we basically know the safety of the next generation of Sagitar in the future.

Full text summary:

On the whole, the results of the new Octavia in the test did not have any obvious shortcomings, but in the side column collision test, the driver's chest was slightly injured. It should be said that the new Octavia achieved such results inseparable from the reasonable body structure design and various active and passive safety technologies, especially the 9 airbags. To be sure, the new generation of Octavia introduced in China in the future will also adopt the MQB platform. I believe there will be no changes in the body safety structure. However, the new generation of Octavia in China is unlikely to be equipped with 9 airbag systems like overseas. Let us wait and see whether the ESC system will come standard with all systems.