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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] When it comes to Southeast DX7, I believe everyone is familiar with it. As the first product created by Southeast Auto and Penn, it attracted attention when it was launched in 2015, and it also opened the way for the rise of Southeast Auto. , And subsequently launched a number of SUV products, gradually forming a new product matrix for Southeast Auto. In the following 2018, it launched the facelifted model DX7 Prime, and what we are going to introduce today is its mid-term facelift Southeast DX7 Xingyue. In addition to visible changes in appearance, it mainly improves power. , In this 30-day car, we will show you its advantages and disadvantages one by one.

Southeastern DX7 Xingyue’s “Past and Present”

Southeast DX7 is the first product created by Southeast Motor in cooperation with Penn, and subsequently launched a number of SUVs and cars, and gradually formed a family design style. The Southeast DX7 Xingyue will be launched in August 2020, with a total of four models launched, with a guide price range of 119,900 to 139,900 yuan. This is also the most competitive market segment for the Chinese brand's compact SUV. The Southeast DX7 first debuted at the 2014 Guangzhou Auto Show and was officially launched in July 2015; its mid-term facelift, the Southeast DX7 Prime model, was launched in 2018, and the DX7 Xingyue launched this time is based on this. A major facelift, mainly to upgrade the appearance and power system, and replaced with a new electronic gear.

Re-evolution of appearance

What we got this time is its top model, which is the flagship version with a guide price of 139,900 yuan. Personally, I think this top model has the highest overall cost performance, like the current mainstream model. The LED headlights, L2 level driving assistance, panoramic images, etc. are also exclusive to this top-of-the-line model. I believe everyone knows that manufacturers like to give us top-of-the-line models, just like us, who is not willing to show the best to others? You are right. In the days when I was in contact with it, what kind of impression did it leave me and what exactly did it attract me?

Southeast DX7 Xingyue has redesigned the front and rear parts of the front and rear on the basis of the previous DX7 Prime. This change makes it look less aggressive, more stable and calm. The overall design emphasizes the creation of texture and class sense, and the design concept has also changed compared to before.

As a mid-term change, it has also added Xingyue to the naming method of the product. It is the front grille that best reflects the “star element” of the whole car. It adopts the Xinghui dot matrix style. The manufacturer named it Wings of the Starry Sky, which extends from the LOGO in the middle to the dot matrix on both sides, which further increases its sense of quality while also improving its recognition.

The length/width/height of the Southeast DX7 Xingyue are 4570×1905×1720mm, and the wheelbase is 2700mm. It is still a very standard compact SUV. Compared with the mainstream products of this level, such as Haval H6 and Changan CS75 PLUS, it It is the widest in width. The outline of the entire car side and the current model are basically unchanged.

Another new feature is that when we walk near the left front wheel of the vehicle, the vehicle will automatically turn on the rearview mirror and welcome light. After we reach into the front door handle, it will automatically unlock and open the door. Compared with the traditional Keyless entry adds a sense of ritual.

The focus of the changes on the side of the car is the new petal-shaped rim style. The multi-spoke shape and the two-color combination show that the designer has put a lot of thought on this.

The rear of the car has also been redesigned from top to bottom, which has changed more than the previous Prime models. Now it looks less rounded, more stylish, and more uses horizontal lines supplemented with chrome decoration. From the previous slightly bloated “little fat man”, he turned into a handsome man.

The changes in the shape of the Southeast DX7 Xingyue launched this time are mainly focused on the appearance. From the previous sporty look, it has become more capable and improved the sense of grade. From the perspective of its final effect, The change this time is obvious. If it is said that where is the presentation of sports elements? I think it is surrounded by the front and back, the size is large and the chrome decoration is added through it, the layering and sports atmosphere will be immediately available.

■The interior is still the familiar formula

The interior of the Southeast DX7 Xingyue is still what we are familiar with. There are currently two color schemes to choose from. Simply put, it is a shade match and a black match. As for which one looks good? It depends on your own aesthetics. In terms of materials, it still maintains the high level of this level of cars. Basically, the areas that can be touched are covered with soft materials. The addition of more soft bags is also a more direct way to enhance the sense of class in the car. And an effective method.

In this era when large screens are dominant, the Southeast DX7 Xingyue will naturally not fall in this regard. It is equipped with a 10-inch large screen as standard, and features such as AutoNavi navigation, voice control, and Internet of Vehicles. Appearing as a standard, it is worthy of praise. However, this large screen also has its shortcomings, that is, the overall display clarity is not high, and the panoramic image is also the same. This needs to be further optimized and improved in future versions.

The design of the entire sub-instrument panel area is also relatively high-end. This part is covered with a black paint panel, as are the various function buttons. In addition, the Southeast DX7 Star has a multimedia control area behind the handlebar, including menus, Navigation, volume quick adjustment knob, etc., the addition of this part can make it more convenient for the driver to perform blind operation. This design is used in many luxury cars before, but in my car, it is not used very much. I am more accustomed to using a multi-function steering wheel to solve some simple functions such as volume and song adjustment.

Floor-type throttle design is rare in this level. Most cars that are usually driven are also suspension type. In fact, the two are very similar in daily use, but one thing impresses me. Take myself as an example. I usually use my toes to tap the accelerator pedal when driving. But when our soles are slippery (such as water stains or snow), the shoes are prone to slippage, which is not the case on the floor accelerator. The problem, coupled with a more calm adjustment style, makes it easy to drive.

Large seating space and high seat comfort

As a compact SUV for home use, the Southeast DX7 Xingyue performs well in space. Taking my height as an example, the legroom in the second row is about two and a half punches, which is basically the mainstream performance of this class of models. . In terms of seat configuration, such as the six-way electric adjustment of the main driving position, lumbar support, rear seat angle adjustment and three headrests, etc., the front seat heating function on the previous Prime version did not appear in the DX7 Xingyue, this function is still very practical in the current north.

In the trunk space, it is not a problem to put down three suitcases under normal conditions, and after we put down the second row of seats, the rear row and the trunk can form a flat space, plus an inflatable cushion and With a sleeping bag, it’s no problem to take an emergency overnight break outdoors. However, since the backrests and cushions of the second row of seats are thicker, you need to pull out the seat cushions and then fold the backrests when you lay down. This folding method is the same in many cars.

Improving power is the top priority

In the Southeast DX7 Star Leap, in addition to the appearance changes, the improvement of power is the top priority of this facelift. In terms of power, it is equipped with a 1.5T engine from Mitsubishi Aerospace, with a maximum power of 197 horsepower and a peak torque of 285 N·m. The performance of the parameters has been greatly improved compared with the previous one, and it is also very high in the same level of models. Performance. In the transmission system, the electronic shift lever is also the first to appear. How about the performance of the 7DCT wet dual-clutch transmission from Getrag in the actual driving process? We will bring you a detailed experience in the next issue.

Full text summary :

Through our article, I believe that everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of it, such as all-inclusive car doors, electronic barriers, panoramic sunroofs and floor-style throttles are all my favorite configurations; and the clear panoramic image Degree is what it needs to be further improved and improved. In this issue, I will share with you the static status, details of the Southeast DX7 Xingyue, and some of the configurations I like in use. In the next issue, we will talk to you about its daily driving experience, automatic parking and other functions. How does it perform.

[YesAuto Use Car Collection] In the last issue, we shared with you the static experience of Southeast DX7 Xingyue's appearance, interior, space, and car machine. In this issue, we will bring you its dynamic driving and driving assistance systems. As well as the experience of automatic parking and other functions, after all, good-looking and good driving are two different things.

Let’s review the power part of the Southeast DX7 Xingyue. It is equipped with a 4A95TD 1.5T engine from Aerospace Mitsubishi, with a maximum power of 197 horsepower and a peak torque of 285 N·m; compared to the previous model 4A91T, which is 1.5 T engine, its power increased by 26%, torque increased by 33%, the improvement is very obvious from the perspective of parameters. The transmission system is matched with Getrag's 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox with a transmission efficiency of 97%. Speaking of the dual-clutch gearbox, I believe everyone is very concerned about its smoothness and shifting speed. I have also deliberately felt it in these days of test drives. First, I will tell you the conclusion and feelings that the up-down gear is not fast but smooth. Good sex.

Engine parameter comparison
Model parameter 4A91T 4A95TD Promote change
Engine displacement (L) 1.5 1.5
Maximum power (horsepower) 156 197 26%
Maximum torque (N·m) 215/2000-4500 285 /1500-4500 33%
Fuel supply method Multi-point EFI In-cylinder direct injection

In the current domestic mainstream compact SUV market, the 1.5T displacement is the main force. It can well take into account power and fuel economy. In recent years, whether it is a joint venture or a Chinese brand, models with 1.5T engines have been increasing. more. Sit in the car of the Southeast DX7 Xingyue, fasten the seat belt, step on the brake and start gear in one go. Now that it is driven, let's talk about its daily driving experience. The first thing to talk about is the field of view. As an SUV, its high center of gravity and sitting posture give it a good field of view, but the A-pillar is still a bit wide, which has a slight impact on the left and right sides, but it does not hurt.

The parameter performance of close to 200 horsepower and 285 N·m is normal in our previous tests, but overall it is remarkable, especially the low-torque performance at the start, and it will even give you a sense of swiftness. Compared with the previous 1.5T model, the subjective feeling is significantly improved. Coupled with the easy-to-control accelerator pedal and response speed, it will give you a very brisk feeling when you just open it, and even a little surprised at the power performance. The overall power response speed and performance are satisfactory.

According to the official data of the manufacturer, this 1.5T engine can output a maximum torque of 285 N·m at 1500rpm, but from the actual experience, there will be more obvious power bursts when the speed reaches about 2000rpm, but The whole power is a little bit abrupt. If you usually like this kind of power adjustment that has obvious explosive points when driving, then it is more temperamental to you.

The adjustment of this Getrag 7DCT gearbox in terms of ride comfort exceeded my expectations, especially the frequent upshifts and downshifts between the 1/2/3 gears that tested it the most (morning and evening peak hours) It was able to complete the gear shifting smoothly. Subjective experience did not bring the feeling of jitter or agitation, which surprised me a bit. In terms of up-down gear speed, it can be said that it is neither fast nor slow in the same level. The habitual adjustment of many manufacturers for dual-clutch models is to sacrifice shifting speed in exchange for better ride comfort, but often when switching low gears. It’s not doing well either, and the Southeast DX7 performs much better in this regard. Its overall performance is very much like an AT gearbox.

After merging from the ramp into the high-speed main road, we stepped on 1/2 of the accelerator, and the gearbox was able to downshift relatively quickly to respond. As the gearbox completes the shifting actions again and again, the vehicle speed can also quickly approach 120km/ h, the whole process was done in one go.

The driving experience of Southeast DX7 Xingyue in different modes is quite obvious. The economic mode is the least I use, because the overall power response is much slower. The lazy throttle response and the earlier upshift of the gearbox will allow you to improve. I can’t afford any emotions, as if I have entered a lazy state. It is more like a long-term restraint of you; and the movement mode is different. It is more like the grown-up you. At this time, it has an intention for you. With faster feedback, the gearbox’s delayed gear shifts and more aggressive throttle feedback remind you that it can run lighter and the power comes more freely.

As a main family SUV model, the more comfortable chassis is set in our expectation, and it can also have stronger adaptability in the face of complex roads. Whether it is fine bumps or speed bumps, it can be better resolved. And when the expressway jumps through the bridgehead, the chassis has a good conformability to the road surface. But when it passes through continuous bumpy roads, the chassis is looser and the overall feeling is not strong.

L2 level driving assistance function experience

This top-of-the-line Southeast DX7 Star Leap is equipped with L2-level driving assistance functions, and the main function is realized by a monocular camera. It includes functions such as active braking, adaptive cruise, lane centering, and anti-collision warning. And the ACC adaptive cruise function is the one I used the most during this time. The round-trip distance from my home to the company is about 43 kilometers, and the city loops with a speed limit of 80km/h are the main ones. This also gives me more opportunities to use adaptive cruise.

The adaptive cruise system of the Southeast DX7 Star Leap can be started at a speed greater than or equal to 30km/h, and can be cruised at full speed (within the legal speed limit) at a speed of 0~130km/h. Equipped with its lane centering function, it can basically “free up” both hands on urban loops and highways. In addition, its adaptive system also has a Stop-go function, which can automatically follow the vehicle in front within 3 seconds of parking, and between 3 seconds and 3 minutes, tap the accelerator or press RES+ on the steering wheel. Automatic recovery and follow, each start and stop action are relatively gentle, will not give you too much feeling of system control.

In our actual use, its lane centering assist function needs to be activated at 80km/h. I think this activation speed is a bit high, and it will automatically exit when the vehicle speed is lower than 75km/h. For example, when I usually take an urban expressway with a speed limit of 80km/h, there will often be prompts that the system exits the driver to take over. However, its lane centering function performs well in the actual experience, and it can keep the vehicle in the middle position in a moderate manner without frequent trimming of the direction. And in some high-speed corners, using this function to pass is also very calm.

Automatic parking

As one of the representatives of technological configuration, the automatic parking function is now more and more in the hundreds of thousands of models. Taking compact SUV models as an example, many products with high-end models have this function. The same is true for the top model of the Southeast DX7 Xingyue. Now that it is equipped, let's have a practical experience. This DX7 Xingyue flagship version is equipped with 12 radars. In addition to the familiar regular positions of the front four and the rear four, it also adds one on the outside of each of the four wheels to detect the surrounding environment.

This car can detect both vertical and side parking spaces on the right side. Let's take the vertical parking space as an example to experience it. When we press the automatic parking button, the vehicle will drive forward at a speed of 4-5km/h. When it detects the rear of the vehicle, it will remind the driver to stop and engage the P gear on the dashboard, and the vehicle will start parking randomly. Car parking, if there is less interference next to it, parking will be faster, and if you are downstairs in the community and there are often people passing by, it is not recommended.

We found a small problem in the actual experience. There will be a small sill in front of the parking space downstairs in my house. Usually, when I park by myself, it will fall directly after the inertia of the vehicle or a little bit of gas. However, in automatic parking, after the vehicle has automatically given oil 2-3 times without success, the automatic parking function is directly cancelled. This situation needs to be paid attention to during use. In some ordinary and relatively flat road conditions, there is no problem to use. Taking a comprehensive look at the results of my personal experience, the automatic parking function is the icing on the cake. The actual use conditions are a bit high. There are requirements for the size of the parking space and whether there are people on both sides, so it is like DX7 Xingyue. It's okay that it has this function. If you need to install it, I personally don't recommend it.

The details and highlights that I like

How to choose the four models

The Southeast DX7 Star has only four configurations. How to choose it? In fact, this is a relatively simple question. We combine configuration and price to make a comprehensive analysis for you.

First of all, the deluxe version lacks an openable panoramic sunroof and roof rack compared to the deluxe sunroof. The price is 3,000 yuan cheaper. I think this 3,000 yuan is still worthwhile. After all, the panoramic sunroof cannot be installed later. In addition, the light and permeability inside the car will also be greatly improved.

Next, let’s take a look at the premium version. Its guide price is 7,000 yuan more expensive than the luxury skylight version. You can buy a lot of configurations for this 7,000 yuan, but the improvement is not obvious compared to the luxury skylight version, and many configurations are also available. It's dispensable, so I think the overall cost performance is not as good as the former.

Next is its top-equipped flagship car, which is more than 10,000 yuan more expensive than the premium version. It has a lot of technology, safety and convenience in the configuration. Basically, it is very mainstream in this level and uses it. The rate is very high. Is this price/performance ratio comparable? Of course, it is the first choice. The high-tech configuration and safety configuration have been greatly improved.

to sum up:

As the former star product of Southeast Auto, the mid-term facelift of the Southeast DX7 is coming at a good time. The more refined design and stronger power behind the upper body have further improved its competitiveness. Judging from the current configuration performance, Reached the mainstream configuration level. However, some details of the configuration still need to be improved, such as the resolution of the large central control screen and the chassis, although the comfort is good, but the overall lack of texture and toughness, there is still room for improvement in tuning. In the 30-day car experience, it left a deep impression on me. In the compact SUV market, there are many powerful players active, but the market has not been strong since ancient times, and more of it is the latecomers. Southeast Motor has to work harder.

Related vehicle parameter configuration table: