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[YesAuto crash test interpretation] If I remember correctly, the new Audi A4 should be the 24th E-NCAP test car after adjusting the crash test project this year. I often watch our friends who analyze the content of the E-NCAP crash test. You should be well aware of the specific test items, but after nearly a year of observation, we found a topic worth discussing, that is, whether a safety air curtain needs to be popped up to protect the occupants in the frontal 100% crash test. Through this collision Let’s talk about the opportunity to test and interpret.

Edit summary:

In the frontal crash test, the front airbag must play the main protective role. In an offset collision, the body will shift to varying degrees. Lateral movement may cause a secondary impact on the passenger compartment. At this time, The pop-up safety air curtain can play a certain protective role. Of course, the system must calculate the corresponding protection strategy according to the degree of deviation recognized by the sensor. A more advanced system version can also control the degree of airbag inflation to reduce the impact on the occupants The impact. In the frontal 100% crash test where there is almost no lateral deviation, even without the protection of the lateral air curtain, the occupants will not be directly affected. Of course, this is still related to the development concepts of different manufacturers. Some manufacturers believe that, When the vehicle speed exceeds the safety threshold, the collision is considered a serious collision accident. In order to avoid injury to the occupants caused by the secondary collision, the entire vehicle needs to be protected as much as possible. Looking at it from another angle, this concept also leads to higher maintenance costs.

In any case, the performance of the new Audi A4 on E-NCAP is remarkable. In addition to passive safety protection, active safety technology also has a richer choice in this generation of models. (Photo / Li Boxu, the home of the car)

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