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[YesAuto New Energy] On May 1, 2020, Tesla again adjusted the price of the domestically produced Model 3, and the price was reduced by 32,000 yuan before the subsidy, which was less than a week after the last price adjustment . Since 2020, Tesla has caused widespread doubts among users due to multiple incidents involving new products and price adjustments. Regarding the “reasons for frequent price adjustments” and “cutting users’ leeks”, Autohome also contacted Tao Lin, vice president of external affairs at Tesla China, and conducted interviews on a series of recent sensitive topics. The focus of attention of the users gave a one-by-one response.

On May 1, 2020, the pre-subsidy price of the Chinese-made Model 3 standard battery life upgraded version was adjusted from the previous 323,800 yuan to 291,800 yuan. According to China's new energy subsidy policy in 2020, the subsidized price is 271,55 yuan. As previously speculated by public opinion, the domestic version of Model 3 has not only made a further price reduction, but the price has also had a great impact on the market. So how did Tesla officially respond to the focus of public opinion?

1. For old car owners, is Tesla “cutting leeks”

In fact, before this price cut, on April 24th, due to the decline in subsidies, Tesla adjusted the subsidized price of the domestic Tesla Model 3. The subsidized prices of the standard and long-lasting models were respectively Floated upwards of 4500 yuan and 5000 yuan. In less than a week, the price of the standard endurance version was reduced again. Many people think that this is to use the subsidy to take the opportunity to “cut the leeks”. So, is Tesla a scheming Boy?

Tesla emphasized that there are actually many factors that can affect the final price of a vehicle, such as new energy subsidies, purchase taxes, tariffs, manufacturing costs, logistics, storage costs, etc. Once a certain item changes, Tesla needs to follow suit. Make adjustments. “We think we were wronged.” Tao Lin was also helpless. In addition, Tesla adopts a unified direct sales model. Unlike traditional dealers who have room for adjustment of terminal prices, all information of the direct sales model is reflected on the official website. Once the price changes, consumers can also intuitively see this Called by Tesla as a more transparent price system, this will indeed attract more people's attention to price adjustments.

In the traditional 4S store dealership model, car owners need to compare prices by themselves. Experienced consumers can get a relatively satisfactory price, but the first-time car buyers may have to buy at a relatively high price. . “We don't want to harvest some consumers to make up for the loss of profits caused by other consumers through a similar black-box operation, so as to achieve the company's own balance of payments. This is not in line with our corporate values.” Tao Lin explained.

Due to the direct operation model, many companies make decisions, and Tesla's sales colleagues also obtain information together with consumers. So there is a question about some previous car owners who believed that Tesla sales staff gave false promises and misled them into making purchase decisions. Tao Lin also made a positive response here, “When communicating with consumers, salespeople and consumers all answered with the information they had at the time, and there was absolutely no subjective motivation to mislead consumers .”

2. What is the reason for this price adjustment?

Tesla’s price adjustment this time is in response to the latest subsidy policy . On April 23, the four ministries and commissions issued a new subsidy policy for 2020. In principle, the subsidy standards for 2020-2022 will be reduced by 10% from the previous year. 20%, 30%. In addition, it is mentioned in the supplementary conditions that the price of new energy passenger vehicles must be less than 300,000 yuan before subsidies (except for the power exchange mode), which means that the New Deal has set a subsidy threshold of 300,000 yuan. After the transition period in July, 300,000 yuan Vehicles priced before the above subsidies will no longer enjoy subsidies.

According to the statistics of domestic passenger car insurance data, since the delivery of the domestic Tesla Model 3, the domestic pure electric vehicle market share has directly increased from 4% in 2019 to 18%. Pull next will further “cannibalize” China's electric vehicle market share. In addition, price cuts can also help Tesla further expand its voice in the electric car circle. Different from the traditional automobile industry, battery suppliers have a greater say than the whole car. If Tesla can quickly increase the sales scale and market share of its products, this will prompt battery manufacturers to bid for supply to Tesla. Batteries, in this link, Tesla can get rid of the price clamp of battery manufacturers and thus hold down prices, which will further reduce the cost of the entire vehicle.

3. After the price reduction, will the model differ from the previous version?

In addition to price adjustments, consumers are most concerned about whether the model version will be different, for example, the battery supplier, software, etc. will be different from before. Tesla China also responded that “this price adjustment will not involve changes in the software and hardware of the vehicle” and has always emphasized that the supply chain system adopted by Tesla has strict, unified standards and perfect products. The control system will ensure the consistency of product performance of all models.

4. Will prices be adjusted frequently in the future?

Regardless of the reason for price adjustments, frequent price adjustments have a terrible blow to consumers' buying confidence. Buying is not not buying or not, but according to Tesla, they are also very “passive .” The imported version of Model 3 is mainly affected by tariffs and exchange rates. The factors affecting price fluctuations after domestic production have been reduced, and changes will be reduced to a certain extent.

However, Tao Lin also said frankly that new energy vehicles are relatively new things, and uncertainties such as policy orientation and industrial chain changes still exist, so Tesla will still respond to the market in the future.

5. Is now the best time to buy Tesla?

After this price cut, the price of the domestic-made Tesla Model 3 standard battery life version will not change much in the short term, and friends who liked this model before can get it. However, in the long run, based on the guidance of the national new energy subsidy policy and the continuous reduction of localization costs, whether other versions of the domestic Model 3, such as the long-life after-drive version, will still have the possibility of price reductions, is still a question mark.

According to a research analysis by China Securities, after full localization, the gross profit margin of each version of the domestic Model 3 will be mentioned. Therefore, whether it is from a trend point of view or a profit margin point of view, the domestic Tesla Model 3 standard battery life version is not without room for price reduction. As for the long battery life version, although the price has not been adjusted this time, the price before the subsidy was 366,650 yuan, and the price difference between the standard battery life version after the price adjustment is large. Does this also leave a certain possibility for future price adjustments? ?

Therefore, when it comes to buying a car, it is still recommended that you follow your actual needs. If what you want is an opportunity for bargaining, you probably have to wait. If you are a “just-needed” user, it is absolutely right to buy and enjoy early.

Six, about the voice of doubt

This also makes people question Tesla's trustworthiness, but in fact, this is a product planning issue. Tao Lin explained: “ Tesla China is still a start-up and has some straightforward thinking. It will be conservative in the initial planning, but I did not expect the actual progress to exceed expectations. Many of the progress of the Shanghai factory exceeded expectations. From the perspective of global planning, the Model 3 long-range version should indeed be produced by the US factory, but due to the worldwide epidemic, production has been affected to a certain extent, and the Shanghai factory has shouldered this responsibility.”

Advance product planning is actually a good thing. The problem lies in the failure to “treat honestly” with consumers. From the editor’s point of view, Tesla, as an emerging car company, is just when it expands its market share and flexes its muscles. The changes in product planning are understandable, but only by communicating well with salespersons and consumers’ car purchase expectations can it be possible. Avoid more doubts.

The editor has something to say:

It seems that there has never been a car company's price adjustment that has caused such extensive discussion in the industry like Tesla. This time, due to changes in the subsidy policy, the price of the domestic Tesla Model 3 has dropped. This is undoubtedly good news for consumers. In the short term, the price of the domestic Model 3 standard battery life version is relatively stable. At this time, it may be the domestic Model 3. A good time for the standard battery life version. Although the long battery life version will lose government subsidies after the transition period in July, don’t forget that in July, Tesla’s Shanghai factory achieved 70% localization rate and the time to start the battery supply of the Ningde era, so I want to choose the long battery version Friends can continue to wait and see.