Domineering appearance

At present, news of Range Rover replacement has been reported at home and abroad, and the new generation of Range Rover has long been exposed. The next-generation Range Rover will make drastic “improvements” on the front face. Due to the success of the Aurora, Land Rover engineers now plan to change the grille of the Range Rover to a slanted type and use flying headlights. Some people say that the new model is more sporty than the current model, but I think that sport is not what Range Rover should do. That kind of square head and square brain is more important.

Compared with other models of the same level, Range Rover has no obvious advantage in terms of body size, but the width has exceeded 2 meters. It is indeed a wonderful thing to drive such a big guy on an unmanned road. In addition, it can win the envy of people in the urban area and satisfy the vanity of car owners. No wonder so many people want to own it. However, the price of more than 2 million yuan is not a small sum for ordinary people!

I like the front of this generation of Range Rover very much. It is simple, angular and domineering. The rectangular honeycomb grille makes the Range Rover very noble. The family logo of “LAND-ROVER” may not have been paid much attention here, but the focus is on the English letters of “RANGE ROVER”.

A striking chrome-plated decorative strip is installed in the center of the front enclosure to enhance the texture. The internal shape of the headlights is very lethal, and LED light sources are used in many places. A camera is hidden around the left and right fog lights. The same camera is also available under the exterior mirrors and at the rear of the car, because the car is equipped with a panoramic image function.

The side design of the body is relatively simple. In order to prevent this simplicity from becoming dull, the engineer designed two straight and parallel waist lines, one of which is connected to the seam of the engine compartment cover, and the other is connected to the front and rear bumpers. The edges contrast, and the side vents are more decorative.

As a luxury SUV known for off-roading, you must be very concerned about its approach angle, departure angle and ground clearance data. This supercharged Range Rover uses an air suspension. The official maximum lift stroke is 105mm, while our measured stroke is 100mm, which is very close. Its maximum wading depth is 700mm. Even when the body is reduced to the lowest, the approach angle reaches 29°, and the departure angle is 24.2°. As the body further rises, these data will increase accordingly. For details, please Look at the picture above.

This level of luxury SUVs are basically equipped with air suspension as standard, including the aforementioned Lexus LX570, Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Mercedes-Benz GL450, and most of them are three-stage adjustable air suspension. Only the standard PASM air suspension system of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo has a 6-stage adjustable function. The standard height ground clearance is 215mm, the heightened height 1 rises to 243mm (selected at a maximum of 30km/h), and the heightened height 2 rises to 273mm. (Selected at the highest 80km/h), low height 1 is reduced to 193mm (automatically selected when the vehicle speed exceeds 138km/h), low height 2 is reduced to 183mm (automatically selected when the vehicle speed exceeds 210km/h, manual selection is not possible), and finally The loading height can also be selected when stationary, and the ground clearance will be reduced to 163mm.

Land Rover provides more choices for consumers who buy Range Rover, and many parts can be customized according to their preferences. For example, in addition to the standard 20-inch 10-spoke aluminum alloy wheels, this Range Rover 5.0 supercharged version can also choose three 19-inch wheels at the same price when buying a car. I think most people would not choose the size. Smaller wheels! Unless you really hate the standard 20-inch wheels.

In addition, Land Rover uses a full-size spare tire. However, it must be pointed out that the reason why many manufacturers do not use full-size spare tires may be due to safety considerations, because this will prevent some car owners from using spare tires for a long time. I also remind car owners that even if your car is equipped with a full-size spare tire, please do not use it as a normal tire for a long time.

Range Rover’s rearview mirrors are fully functional, with functions such as electric folding, heating, memory and automatic anti-glare. In addition, auxiliary prompts for paralleling lines will also be displayed here.

Finally, in terms of appearance, I don’t like it personally. In my opinion, the small taillights do not show the dominance of the Range Rover very well. The exposed exhaust pipes and the design of the roofless rack are the characteristics of Land Rover. , But there will still be some discounts in aesthetics and practicality. However, the design of the spoiler and D-pillar above the tail window is more fashionable and individual, and the rear wiper and rear camera are cleverly hidden under the spoiler.

Excellent interior materials and workmanship, four-wheel drive system is the focus

The door opening sound of most British cars will be very blunt, not as pleasant as the German cars, perhaps the British like this pure feeling! However, the Range Rover is not equipped with a keyless entry function, which is a bit unreasonable. Users still have to use the key to remotely unlock the car before entering the car.

In the case of standard configuration, the Range Rover does not have side pedals, which is very inconvenient for getting on and off the car. If you want to have it, you can only choose to increase the price. Fortunately, the Range Rover is equipped with an air suspension. When the driver presses the button in the picture above before getting off the car, the car will automatically select the “entry height”, and the body will be lowered to the lowest level for easy getting off.

This Range Rover uses an all-black interior, and the materials and workmanship are worth more than 2 million yuan. The seat heating and ventilation functions each have 5-speed adjustments, and the details are also well dealt with. It's just that the central watch doesn't know what brand it is. Compared with other luxury brands such as IWC, BREITLING and other famous watches, Land Rover is still not very kind!