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[YesAuto Racing Exposure] The news of Toyota's return to WRC has been aroused, and even the president Akio Toyoda also visited the WRC Finland station as the Toyota racing platform. Recently, foreign media recorded a video of Toyota YARiS WRC prototype racing test in Belgium, so that everyone can see the running attitude of this violent little guy first.

According to the Toyota Racing Department (TMG), the car has been undergoing testing since March this year, but they have yet to disclose any details of the car, and the tone is really rigorous. However, they denied the rumors that this car will debut in 2015. According to foreign media speculation, it may be until 2017 that the car will appear on the WRC arena.

Driving this Toyota YARiS WRC prototype was tested by French driver Stephane Sarrazin. He participated in the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours on behalf of the Toyota team and won second place. In 2011, he played for the Peugeot team. . If you follow the first Formula E race held in Beijing not long ago, you will find that he is also the driver of the Venturi Formula E team. (Compilation/Auto House Guo Feng)