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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Many new car companies have emerged and disappeared over the years, and most of them died of insufficient funds. So when the funds are sufficient, will it be easier to build a car? On this question, Xu Jiayin, who is not short of money, is the most resourceful to give the answer. Unlike those brands that carefully took out one or two cars to see the market feedback, Boss Xu’s Hengchi took out 6 renderings of cars next time today. Now let's take a look at the first appearance of the “Krypton Gold Player”.

● For new enterprises, capital is a stumbling block. As the saying goes, “A problem that can be solved with money is not a problem.” With sufficient capital reserves, it can greatly shorten the time to market;

● On the other hand, there is also a problem that cannot be solved with money, that is, aesthetics. Thousands of people have a lot of faces, and it is difficult to adjust, and the one that can satisfy everyone's taste is likely to be boiled water;

● Whether the cooperation results of many experienced design directors can get 1+1≥2 is a question that the outside world has been concerned about. The 6 cars unveiled this time may be part of the answer;

● It should be noted that the pictures announced today are all renderings of these products, which means that they may be slightly different from the current shapes when they are put into mass production;

As the saying goes, good things are tedious, and the well-funded Evergrande has a bumpy road into the automotive industry. The important reason is that the threshold of the automobile industry is quite high. This is not the capital demand, but there is also a blocking technical barrier.

Overview of Evergrande's investment in the automotive industry in the first half of 2019
time Investment object Investment purpose
January 15 Entered the Swedish NEVS Obtained vehicle R&D and manufacturing capabilities
January 24 Became the main power battery company Canai Company Acquired Japan's leading power battery technology
January 29 Formed a joint venture with Koenigsegg Committed to R&D and production of the world's top new energy vehicles
March 15 Acquired Dutch e-Traction Master the advanced in-wheel motor technology in the field of commercial vehicles
May 30 Acquired British Protean Master the advanced in-wheel motor technology in the passenger car field
June 11 Invest 160 billion in the development and production of new energy vehicles, batteries, and motors in Nansha, Guangzhou
June 15 Invest 120 billion to build a new energy vehicle R&D and production base, a hub motor R&D and production base, and a power battery factory in Shenyang
August 28 New energy vehicle brand name “Hengchi” launched

Compared with the real estate industry, the replacement of cars is much faster, and those technical barriers that may not be able to break through years of hard work have also become barriers to entry for players in other industries. But for Evergrande, which has a strong financial background, it seems that it can achieve the goal of “good and good” through the method of “buy, buy and buy.”

Designer of part of the strategic cooperation agreement of Hengchi Automobile
Name Resume Masterpiece
Walter De Silva Design Director of Volkswagen Group, Design Director of Audi Audi A6, Q7, A4
Michael Robinson Fiat, Broadcom Design Director Alfa Romeo Pandion 2014
Andres Warming Chief designer of BMW Group and MINI brand BMW X3, Z4
Stephane Schwarz Pininfarina Design Director Lamborghini Zagato
Alexander Sasha Selipanov Bugatti designer, Ferrari designer Bugatti Vision GT
Samuel Chuffart Jaguar Land Rover designer, Broadcom design director Hongqi HS7
Jason Clark Hill Mercedes-Benz, Porsche designer Porsche Carrera GT
Giuliano Biasio Broadcom Design Director BMW Birusa
Matteo Fioravanti Broadcom Design Director Ferrari 575M
Luciano D Ambrosio Honda European Design Center Manager Honda Accord, Civic
Shibuya Kokuhiro Mitsubishi Motors Design Director Mitsubishi Pajero
Gwenael Pennarun Chief Designer of Ikona MINI CLUBMAN
Andre Frey Mercedes designer Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force concept car

Introducing foreign designers can learn from advanced design experience and concepts, and take a shortcut for the rapid launch of products. It should be said that the rise of design of Chinese brand car companies in recent years has brought in many foreign design talents and the internationalization they bring Ideas are closely related. But at the same time, the product created by a team of many famous masters seems to have a high starting point, but there are many problems that need to be solved. Each of them has a status in the design level of their own company. Who has the right to speak in the project of Hengchi? Or are they all at the mercy of others? We don't know the specific situation.

In other words, we may be able to see the results of their efforts through the 6 new cars announced today. Regardless of beauty and ugliness, let's take a look at the interesting ideas behind it.

Hengchi 1

Any car is designed to meet the needs of users, and Hengchi 1 is obviously no exception. Although we do not know how the designers originally portrayed the user portrait of Hengchi 1, from the appearance and positioning of the current official disclosure, the Tesla Model S, which has been in the pure electric car market for some years, is only In theory, medium and large pure electric cars are still not considered as direct competitors of Hengchi 1.

Even if you put aside the definitions of “ultra-luxury” and “D-class sedan”, you can still feel that the product serial number is represented by 1. For Hengchi Auto, Hengchi 1 is the set of the design style of the entire family. It should be the flagship model. Or, at least a flagship sedan.

However, judging from the current six models released by Hengchi, apart from the serial number in the name, it seems difficult for us to categorize them as “family” designs in terms of appearance.

From a functional point of view, the pure electric vehicle itself does not need to exchange heat through such an exaggerated grille; from a design point of view, this is also a departure from the traditional car “big mouth grille” Ideas. Everywhere shows its own uniqueness and difference.

But even so, I believe that when most people see Hengchi 1, the focus of their eyes is definitely not the grille. After all, this front cabin cover with a different color from the body is too eye-catching.

The two labels of “performance car” and “ultra-luxury” are different from ordinary family cars in any way. The purpose of Hengchi is also to connect them with Hengchi 1, which invisibly highlights the luxury positioning of the model. It also cryptically expresses the unique advantages of electric vehicles in terms of acceleration performance.

If the front of a car is like the “face” of a human being, then the part that represents the body is naturally the side of the vehicle. The Hengchi 1, which does not use ridges as an embellishment, has similar design concepts to Mazda. They both hope to show the car's beautiful body with mellow light and shadow changes.

As for the “starry sky”, combined with the positioning of the model, it is reasonable to suspect that Hengchi has also added some unique functions to the roof of this car. For example, a luminous star roof like a Rolls-Royce? Of course this is just a speculation, after all, its interior has not officially unveiled.

From the appearance alone, Hengchi 1 has indeed achieved the goal of “making yourself look expensive”. However, returning to the essence, many electric vehicles on the market are beginning to minimize the complicated styling and design, but they are more pursuing the sense of science and technology of the intelligence and automation of the whole vehicle. They avoid as much as possible the “luxury” understood by consumers in the past, which is enough to prove that today's user perception is transitioning from the traditional “large leather sofa is luxury” to functional luxury, which is not just the appearance of the local tyrants. It can be done. How to define a “ultra-luxury pure electric D-class car” at the technological level? We are also looking forward to the answer to this question.

Hengchi 2

Hengchi 2 is positioned as a medium-sized car. Compared with the calmness of Hengchi 1, Hengchi 2 which is one size smaller obviously has a different pursuit. We often say that a good car starts with a good product design. For Hengchi 2, in my opinion, what it considers a good design is dynamic and color.

The front face of Hengchi 2 is a product of symmetrical aesthetics. It looks more balanced and stable, while the long and narrow headlight strips and faint blue headlights add a sense of technology and vitality to the front face. Although it is an electric car, the front face of Hengchi 2 is not a fully enclosed mode. An air intake grille is still designed above the front lip, and the grille and the front fog lights are integrated, which makes the whole front of the car more rich in general. The sense of hierarchy.

In addition, in order to reduce resistance, Hengchi 2 also uses electronic exterior mirrors and hidden door handles. At present, domestic laws do not allow the use of electronic exterior mirrors, so this configuration will not be available on mass-produced cars.

In general, the overall design of Hengchi 2 is not ugly. The front face is dominated by lines, highlighting the sense of strength and speed, and the side is dominated by the back shape, which makes the whole car look smoother, while the tail is rounded. Emphasize stability. The lamp group uses the popular lamp strip design, and the tail lamp design is innovated. There are not many highlights but a certain personality.

Let’s talk about positioning. At present, the biggest dominant player in the pure electric mid-size car market is Tesla Model 3. Compared with Tesla, we don’t know the power parameters of Hengchi 2, but Hengchi 2 alone does not have a great advantage. Therefore, it also takes a long way to go in terms of brand premium.

Hengchi 3

After talking about cars, let's take a look at the SUV. As mentioned above, the models launched by Evergrande this time are very comprehensive. All cars, SUVs and MPVs are involved, and Hengchi 3 is one of which is positioned as a medium and large SUV. In addition, this car also uses Hengchi 1 and 2 have completely different design languages. But as far as I am concerned, the overall design style of Hengchi 3 is obviously not as beautiful as that of a car. Overall, it is quite satisfactory. Of course, this may also be related to its positioning. Compared with the personality, it is more stable and luxurious.

The real intake grille is also designed above the front lip like Hengchi 2, and the ACC radar is also integrated on the top. I guess the driver assistance system will also become an important configuration of this car.

For Hengchi 3, the design of this car actually has some shadows of other brands, such as the design of the taillights, the design of the side profile, etc. Generally speaking, there is no design that makes people eye-catching.

Hengchi 4

    The six pure electric models launched by Hengchi in one go can be said to basically cover the current mainstream hot-selling models in the Chinese market (including traditional fuel vehicles). Next, let's take a look at the rendering of a pure electric MPV model named Hengchi 4: What kind of insight does Hengchi have on other models that are rarely used by other new energy car companies.

At present, in China's pure electric vehicle market, few car companies have set foot in the MPV field. On the one hand, this type of vehicle is a niche model even in the fuel vehicle market, and it is difficult to sell; on the other hand, compared to other models, MPV uses scenarios There are also significant differences, and the current “pain points” of the current charging difficulties of pure electric models will be further magnified on MPVs. If Hengchi really mass-produces this pure electric MPV, we hope it can break through the limitations of pure electric MPV models in terms of service and technology.

Hengchi 5

    If Hengchi Automobile enters the mass production stage, then this car must be the “strategic model” that Hengchi depends on for survival. If it is predicted from the sales volume, Hengchi 5 should be the most popular one.

From the perspective of body design and proportions, Hengchi 5 is like a well-deserved “top student”: it makes people unable to fault it. At the same time, it is difficult to find unforgettable highlights from various familiar design elements. As a mass model, perhaps “the golden mean” is the way to win.

Hengchi 6

Now let's take a look at the last piece of the puzzle of this conference-Hengchi 6, a compact crossover pure electric SUV.

Like the Hengchi 5, the Hengchi 6 is also made by Maruyama, but in terms of design, you can clearly feel the difference between the two models. The roof line of the Hengchi 6 is more stretched and the overall posture is more dynamic. Indeed, since the BMW X6 pioneered the field of coupe SUVs, this model has gradually grown amidst controversy and has now become an indispensable product line for many car companies.

Compared to flagship models such as Hengchi 1, Hengchi 6 may be more acceptable. Because the users of this kind of products are mainly young urban consumers. This kind of people is quick to accept new things and new information. Compared with traditional models, a car with a beautiful appearance is easier to catch people's attention, so that consumers can understand this new brand more quickly.

The words written at the back:

Car building is undoubtedly a business that requires huge investment. For a new enterprise that has no accumulation, investing heavily in equipment and recruiting talents can undoubtedly greatly shorten the gap with industry leaders. But on the other hand, the soft power needed to build a car cannot be settled by money. Especially in the direction of automobile design, it is difficult to come up with a product that satisfies everyone's aesthetic direction, and at the same time is full of its own design style, let alone take out 6 different products at once. Of course, it is absurd to judge victory or defeat based on these pictures alone, and it takes time to refine.