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[YesAuto static experience] Although it has been reported that BMW is about to release the “new M3” in July, it does not affect my excitement when I see this snow-capped white M3. This is the fastest BMW 3 Series sedan, even higher than other versions of the M3. In fact, it is not much different from the upcoming new models. It has enough charm to attract everyone passing by. .

Everyone would like to see the performance of the strongest M3 in history on the track, and of course I am no exception. But before that, we should still restrain the eagerness, let this V8 steed stay quietly for a while, and taste its bright and strong mane and carefully carved saddle accessories. Just like those real gentlemen. After these procedures have been completed, he asked with his eyes bright: Where is the key?

This article will mainly introduce the static experience of the vehicle. For more descriptions of the design style, please refer to the actual shooting article.

Appreciation of appearance-German sports style created by air kit

When you see M3, you may be attracted by its dynamic temperament, or you may be shocked by its appearance. It depends on whether you stand on the opposite side of M3. Whether it is charm or deterrence, almost all come from the unique air kits in appearance. Their role is not only for aesthetics, but more for the M3 to accurately guide the direction of air flow.

We have already introduced the M3 coupe in detail in the previous real shot articles. This time we mainly explored the role of the shape air package. The bump on the engine cover is a way for many performance cars to show their strength, the M3 is no exception, but the main function of this bump is to make more room for the larger V8 engine. The small air outlets on both sides look the same, but one of them is actually sealed. The front fender air outlet that we didn't understand last time was found to be connected to the engine compartment, which can take away extra heat during driving. As for the front enveloping air intake, the cold air is directed to the brake system, and its role is to cool the latter.

Internal configuration experience articles-advanced technology promotes the breath of sports

As a modern high-performance sports car, if it only has a bright appearance and rough power, it is obviously not affirmed by consumers. The internal configuration should also be luxurious enough and worthy of the expensive price. Some of these high-tech configurations are used to enhance comfort, but most of them are to help drivers better enjoy the driving pleasure of the vehicle.

First, let’s take a look at the steering wheel dedicated to M3. The general shape of this small-diameter steering wheel is not much different from that of an ordinary 3-series car, except that there is no chrome decoration, but the red and blue stitching line and M logo are unique features of M3 . What is really intriguing is the shift paddle behind the steering wheel. It is larger than the 325i or 335i. This makes it more convenient for the driver to add and subtract gears during intense driving. The operation method is also From both sides on the 335i, the addition and subtraction can be controlled to change to the current mode of left subtraction and right addition. It feels that this mode is more in line with habit.

In addition, the M button on the right side of the M3 steering wheel is something we have never seen on other 3 series cars. The function of this button is to turn on the M Drive mode, and this mode can be set through the on-board iDrive system. The settable contents include 6 engine electronic control system, dynamic stability control system, electronic suspension adjustment and steering assist adjustment. For the project, the car owner can design a set of schemes he likes, either passionately or smoothly and comfortably, as long as the M button is pressed, the car will switch to the set state to provide the driver with an exclusive driving control experience.

We have experienced BMW’s new version of the iDrive system before. We did not encounter any difficulties during this use. Generally speaking, this system already has a very complete set of functions and a very friendly ease of use. Just follow the instructions. If you are familiar with it for about half an hour, the average driver can easily get started.

This generation of M3 has abandoned the SMG sequential gearbox used in the previous model, and is equipped with the current very popular dual-clutch gearbox, but this change can not be realized when the vehicle is stationary. And what we can see is the exquisitely shaped electronic gear handle. Like other BMW models, the gear shifting operation can be completed only by lightly pushing. However, we also noticed that there is no P block display on the gear, that is, we don’t need to use this gear to set the car in the parking state. The way to engage the P gear is also very simple. Just turn off the engine and pull out the key, and the M3 will automatically engage the P gear.

As we mentioned earlier, the M Drive mode can be set through the iDrive system, but the so-called M Drive is actually an option worth 520 euros on foreign models. However, even if there is no M Drive mode, we can find the complicated setting on the left side of the gear. The buttons of the electronic control system, if you have full information about your driving skills, you can also directly press the DSC OFF button, but you will be at your own risk for the next thing.

Seat space feeling articles-although it is a two-door Coupe, the rear row is also very practical

Facing the M3, I don’t think everyone will stand outside the car for too long. It’s time to open the door and throw themselves into the bucket seat in the low body. The large frameless doors are really cool, even if it takes a little effort to close, it still feels cool.

However, through a short period of experience, I can feel that some of the subtle designs on the M3 are a bit unsatisfactory. For example, there is no logo on the rearview mirror adjustment controls. Even so, most drivers know how to use it, but it feels It's still a bit too simplistic, and similar flaws will be mentioned later.

After all, the flaws are not concealed. The M3 is still in place in some humanized designs. Although it cannot be compared with the Japanese cars we have experienced, the intimate configuration in the appropriate position can often add some small surprises to our experience.

The M3 seat is the best among the 3 series sedans we have ever seen. Every time we mentioned the seat of the BMW 3 series before, we all showed helplessness and regret, but this time it won’t. This set of seats not only uses delicate and exquisite leather wrapping, but also adds additional adjustment options. The front end of the seat cushion can be pulled out manually to give more adequate support to the legs, and the adjustment of the lateral support is convenient for those who are overweight drivers.

For me, the front row space of this two-door Coupe version of M3 is not enough, but whether it is the steering wheel in the hand or the tightness of the seat to clamp the body, it is easy to forget the depression overhead, sitting Here, it is easy to be dazzled by the performance breath of the car.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the M3's automatic seat belt transmission device, when the driver closes the door after getting on the car, the bracket will automatically extend to deliver the seat belt to the driver. This is a very friendly design. But sometimes it can also make people feel helpless, because sometimes when the driver's seat is unoccupied, the bracket will automatically extend when the door is closed. At this time, it gives people the feeling that this thing is a bit too attentive.

What's helpless is that I can't start the engine yet, and there is still the back row waiting for me. Although it is a two-door Coupe model, we have felt that its rear two seats are definitely not decorations during the last real shot.

However, it takes a lot of effort to get into the back of the M3. After moving forward and tilting the front seat forward, you need to hold the seat back that cannot be fixed by yourself while being careful not to touch your head and get into the car. , Don’t think about how elegant your posture is, because that’s useless. But as long as you sit in the back row, you feel a lot easier.

For a car with only two doors, the rear space of the M3 can basically meet the requirements, and the knee is still a punch from the front seat, which is similar to the performance of the ordinary 3 series. But according to the requirements of Coupe shape, the roof curve needs to be considered for aesthetics. The resulting 1-finger rear head space is expected, so passengers above 1.8 should try to avoid being stuffed into the rear seats. Run two steps to grab the steering wheel.

But when I wanted to get out of the back row, another small flaw bothered me. When the door is closed, the button that controls the front seat fails, and the button resumes its function only after the door is opened. The purpose of this setting should be to ensure that the driver's seat cannot be moved during driving, which indeed improves safety. But it always makes people feel a little depressed. The car sensor should be able to determine whether there is someone on the front seat, and it should not only determine the authority of the rear passenger based on the state of the door.

Finally, we found some interesting things in the trunk of the M3. These fixtures installed in order to avoid the sliding of items in the trunk generally appear on off-road vehicles or SUVs. It can be seen that the designer’s concern should be that the M3, which is similar to a sports car, will often have aggressive manipulation behaviors such as sudden acceleration or sudden braking. If the items in the trunk are not damaged, they can only be fixed with these devices. .

Experience summary:
The two-door Coupe version of the M3 can be regarded as a 2+2 coupe, of course it is not a GT, but the rear space can tolerate a long time for passengers under 1.8 meters, and it will not be felt for passengers under 1.75 meters. Any discomfort, just pay attention to the correct steps when you enter the back row and do not meet and when you want to get out. As for those who sit in the front row, they are undoubtedly lucky. Not only is the space more comfortable, but the most important thing is that you can reach the M version of the steering wheel and seats that directly transmit the sporty atmosphere, and the powerful iDrive system also gives more front passengers. permission. Well, there are enough static parts. This is the M3. You will never experience its value when it is not moving. So please continue to pay attention to the car home, and the wonderful performance test will be provided later.