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[YesAuto original test drive] It is very interesting to go to Paris, France to participate in the test drive activity itself, not to mention the latest flagship model of the Jaguar family-the new XJ will greet us. This new model with the responsibility of continuing the classic style was just unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in July last year. So we haven't had much time to get in touch with it, and this opportunity has finally come.

Appearance design articles-interpret the classics in another way

In our inherent impression, Jaguar has always been a representative of the classic British style. It can be seen from the previous S-type, X-type and the old XJ that their unified characteristics are classical, honorable and elegant. But this tradition has changed since XK, because Ian Callum came to Jaguar.

The arrival of former Aston Martin designer Ian Callum has injected new impetus into Jaguar, and this time it is a complete change. The new XJ is no longer a well-dressed, graceful and luxurious British aristocrat. While inheriting the noble blood, the new XJ shows more power and passion. From a certain perspective, this is also a bit different in luxury cars. .

In addition to the 5.0-liter naturally aspirated version of the XJ that has been released in China, the test drive also includes a Supersport model equipped with a supercharged engine. There is no obvious difference between the two models in appearance, and the body size is exactly the same. However, the introduced domestic models are all extended models, and there is not much difference in wheelbase compared with rivals of the same level.

We feel that the design of the rear of the Jaguar XJ car is not inferior to the design of the front face, especially in the treatment of the C-pillar. The stepped sense of the entire rear of the car can actually be seen as a cross-section of the body curve. From here, you can see that the lines of the new XJ are very rich and dynamic.

Jaguar’s new XJ uses a large number of LED materials for daytime running lights and taillights. In addition to improving the overall visual effect, higher brightness and lighting speed also improve driving safety. In addition, the use of LEDs can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.4 grams per kilometer due to energy saving and environmental protection.

Central control interior articles-digital new sensory enjoyment

Echoing the passionate exterior design is the brand-new interior of the center console. The use of multi-curved surfaces makes the entire interior look much more active than the previous model. The embracing three-dimensional effect is inspired by the yacht deck, which is luxurious enough but not as high as before.

The winter in Paris is as cold as Beijing, especially in the morning when you get on the bus. At this time, the steering wheel heating appears more affinity than all the other buttons on the steering wheel. After warming up, we can take a closer look at this brand new three-spoke sports steering wheel in our hands. Needless to say, the workmanship and materials, and the above multi-function buttons are really centralized.

The instrument panel of the Jaguar XJ is a highlight of the interior, and we have also introduced it in the previous real shot article. This is not a traditional instrument panel, but a 12.3-inch high-resolution LCD screen, so the display content can be changed according to the driver's needs.

Jaguar’s DriveSelector gear shifting system is also equipped on XK and XF models. The unique design makes it easy to impress people, and the exquisite workmanship and styling are like a work of art displayed in the car. We can choose sports gear, snow mode and track mode.

Riding space-the vertical space of the front and rear rows is not ample

To be honest, we are not very satisfied with the Jaguar XJ's seat shape. Considering the dynamic shape design and the avant-garde modern center console shape, this kind of seat seems a bit mediocre. Fortunately, it is excellent in other aspects. The white stitching thread plays a very good embellishment role, and the seat is fully functional, and there should be a lot of this level.

For a limousine, it is possible to fully display its luxury capabilities under the premise of providing ample space, and we feel that the front head space of the Jaguar XJ seems to be a little insufficient. The 1.85-meter-tall experiencer has no headroom after adjusting the driving posture. It is a compromise to adjust the seat back to a more inclined point, but the lack of head space is a bit regrettable.

There are two models for overseas markets to choose from-standard and extended versions. Just like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7 Series, these two models are developed at the same time to meet the needs of different customers. For the domestic market, it is the extended version. When the experiencer sits in the back row of the extended version, the leg room can reach two and a half punches, while in the standard version, there are barely two punches. I believe domestic users will care about this gap.

Test drive experience-dynamic, agile and powerful body

There are two models in this test drive, the 5.0-liter V8 and the performance flagship Supersport that have been released in China. The former has a maximum power of 385 horsepower and an official score of 0-100km/h in 5.7 seconds, which is already very satisfactory. The latter, with the help of a supercharger, has a maximum power of 510 horsepower, and can complete a physical state change from a standstill to a vehicle speed of 100km/h in 4.9 seconds. After understanding this, pay attention to buckle the engine cover, we are about to set off.

Driving a Jaguar XJ on French country roads, first of all let us feel that this is a very pleasant thing. The XJ's steering mechanism is relatively neutral. It doesn't drive like a large car of nearly 1.8 tons. It will not burden people too much, but the feedback when necessary can also bring a steady and solid driving feeling.

The 6-speed automatic gearbox equipped with Jaguar XJ performed very cleverly during the entire test drive. In the ordinary D gear mode, we can feel that it is finding a balance between performance and energy consumption. The engine speed does not respond very positively to the action of the accelerator pedal at this time, which can avoid some unnecessary fuel waste, but if you are sure what you want to do, step on the accelerator a little bit. XJ will use A downshift tells you it knows.

If the D gear is not fun enough, then Jaguar XJ also provides two more aggressive driving modes. The simpler is to directly select the S gear. At this time, the accelerator pedal is more sensitive, and the subtle movements of the feet can be exchanged for changes in the value of the tachometer, and the body dynamics do not hesitate at this time. We can control the emotions of this car as we wish. At the same time, the suspension system of XJ in S mode has become tougher, which can give good support to the body when cornering.

If the S gear is still not enough for you, think about the track mode that we introduced earlier that can turn the dashboard into red. After starting this mode, the seat belt will automatically tighten. This has already told the driver that this mode is unusual. At the same time, the air suspension will be adjusted to a state more suitable for intense driving, but due to road conditions, we did not fully reflect the passion brought by the track mode.

As a performance flagship model, the Jaguar XJ’s Supersport model may be more in line with the image of a leopard. The explosive power displayed from the start makes it easy to think of a jaguar heading for its prey. This is due to the characteristics of the supercharger, as long as the engine starts, the supercharger will enter the working state, ready to increase the engine output at any time. Drivers of Supersport models also get a sense of acceleration on call.

to sum up:

We can clearly see the classic transformation of Jaguar's new XJ, but this is definitely not a denial of tradition, but a way of continuation of the classic in the new environment and era. What's more, we think this transformation is very successful. It completely got rid of the classical styling of the old model. The more sporty and fashionable appearance and interior will make XJ more consumers' attention, but the internal vertical space is indeed not satisfactory. In terms of dynamics, the power performance of the two engines is convincing enough. Although the steering system is not agile and sharp, it also meets the requirements of sports cars. Air suspensions spend most of their time detecting the driving state of the vehicle, but they will not disappoint the driver in more aggressive modes.

In short, the new Jaguar XJ is a luxury and sporty model. The only regret now is that there is only one model sold in China. The reduction in choice will inevitably lose some users. This should be the first consideration for Jaguar at this stage. problem.