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[YesAuto Design Decode] Many auto companies will almost collapse in 2020, let alone launch new products, living well is winning. However, despite the adverse trend, there are still arduous predecessors active in the market. This year, there are already strong Chinese brand products such as Xiaopeng Motors P7 and BYD Han EV. In the second half of the year, the two joint ventures of Volkswagen and Skoda The brand has also begun to make efforts. In October, the Volkswagen ID.4 will be unveiled in China, and on September 2, 2020 Beijing time, Skoda's first pure electric vehicle ENYAQ iV also made its world debut. This is a sister model of ID.4, but believe me, you will see Skoda's unique intentions, this is not a “standard car”.

The opposite of “re-engraving” is “innovation”, innovation is difficult, and “innovation + inheritance” seems to be even more difficult, but Skoda did it on ENYAQ iV. Who said that a pure electric car must be made into a “white board” closed front face? In other words, for pure electric vehicles, we can hardly think of any other way to replace the closed grid in the traditional sense. Skoda has given a new option.

Interesting, from a distance, ENYAQ iV seems to be equipped with a light-emitting grille in the front of the car, and it is also a three-dimensional, vertical family-style design. From a closer look, this “grid” is actually composed of luminous bodies. In order to protect the luminous bodies and at the same time form a closed design to reduce wind resistance, Skoda has installed a transparent panel on its exterior. The design of Skoda ENYAQ iV should be an innovation in pure electric vehicles, which is enough to make people interested in this car.

Skoda’s previous fuel vehicles have adopted an eye-opening headlight design, and ENYAQ iV has inherited this. In addition, there is not much connection between the central grid and the headlights of fuel vehicles, but ENYAQ iV has added a horizontally penetrating light strip to the central grid, which makes the headlight group more relevant to it. If it is night, the front face recognition of this car should be much higher than Skoda's previous fuel models, and even higher than the Volkswagen ID.4.

ENYAQ iV is positioned as a compact SUV with a length, width and height of 4648/1877/1618mm, and a wheelbase of 2765mm. From the side of the car, the shape of the car is not like a traditional SUV, but like a crossover, crossing the boundaries of SUV and MPV. The advantage of this is that it can make users feel that it is appropriate to drive this car alone, and it can also make home users think that this car is very practical and suitable for home use.

The car will provide single-motor and dual-motor power versions. Skoda has prepared a variety of styles of rims for different models. The styles of these rims are not tacky, and once again reflect Skoda's engraving of ENYAQ iV. Fine-tuned.

The main design highlight of the rear of the car comes from the taillights. The luminous body inside the front center grille of the ENYAQ iV is like a “diamond crystal hidden in the display window”. The sharp lines of the taillights also make it full of crystal-like texture.

Many pure electric vehicles now like to create a sense of science and technology through simple design. The exterior design of ENYAQ iV is not simple, but the car still uses the element of “light” to create a strong sense of refinement and future. Skoda's original family-style design is relatively mature and the market is more recognized. For more user groups, it only needs to add innovation. In this regard, Skoda has done a good job.

The Skoda ENYAQ iV car also has many details worth pondering. Perhaps the positioning of the car is not high, and the cost limit may be relatively strict. However, the designer still uses a lot of processing methods to create a visually good interior for the new car.

In addition, the model in the photo is the “Founder's Limited Edition”. The car has a special logo on the front fender. At the same time, under the steering wheel, it also shows the particularity of this car in a unique and classy way.

In the past few years, many models have used the “double-deck instrument” design. At that time, many models had a small display screen because of insufficient instrument functions. For today's pure electric vehicles, it is simply too simple to be equipped with a set of feature-rich instruments or central control screens. However, ENYAQ iV still uses a “double-layer” design. It is conceivable that its most important purpose should be to enhance the The layering of the console, not for function. Of course, we guess that it will have the corresponding display capabilities, and the display effect should be more refined.

Skoda always has some surprising little details, such as a simple mobile phone storage slot. The inside of the storage tank can be completely separated, or even equipped with non-slip rubber pads, but ENYAQ iV performs well, which will enhance the user experience, and the details will be very important.

The shape of the electronic shift lever is also an innovative part of ENYAQ iV. This small slider-like shift mechanism is so delicate that you want to hold it in your hand. Think about the design of the former China Open. Skoda has injected a lot of unique elements into this car, and so far, the results are good. As for the future, whether these designs will become the family-style design of Skoda pure electric vehicles depends on how strong the market reaction of ENYAQ iV is.

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to sum up:

ENYAQ iV is undoubtedly a test of Skoda. This is not only Skoda's first test in pure electric, but also a breakthrough for the brand in a brand new family-style design language. I think Skoda is very smart. As a well-positioned brand, it has not made any “excessive operations” because it “wants to subvert”. This makes ENYAQ iV still a model that can be accepted by the masses of consumers; Without innovation, it cannot bring surprises to consumers. Skoda sports many unique methods and ideas that bring too many differences to this car. ENYAQ iV is an exploration. If this product can succeed, Skoda must have found its future direction.