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[YesAuto Smart Car Association Evaluation] I believe that after a period of promotion, many netizens have already got a certain understanding of the new brand of Xingtu and its first model Xingtu TX/TXL. Before we conducted this evaluation of its in-vehicle multimedia system, we had already had two more detailed experiences with it, but as for how much Xingtu’s “Lion Zhiyun i-Connect@Lion 2.0” system can get Please take a moment to look at it. For detailed scoring criteria, please click “Introduction to the Evaluation Criteria of Autohome 2019 Smart Car Association”

Currently Xingtu-TX is still in the pre-sale stage. This time we tested Xingtu-TXL 1.6T two-wheel drive diamond version, which is the only one equipped with a 10.25-inch central control screen and a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel among the three models. Therefore, its in-vehicle multimedia system is also the most feature-rich among all models.

●Human-vehicle interaction

Judging from the above summary table, Xingtu-TXL's vehicles have high scores in terms of human-vehicle interaction and function realization. First of all, let us start with the human-vehicle interaction. The 10.25-inch central control screen of Xingtu-TXL is currently a mainstream configuration with a resolution of 1920*720. However, as a brand new brand, the design of Xingtu-TXL's central control screen is quite satisfactory, without any fancy, but often this This kind of “simple” is also the most convenient and practical.

The design of the interface is very simple and will not affect the operation. At the same time, the interaction level of this system is also reasonable. Basically, the basic functions such as navigation, online music, and broadcasting can be set in three steps. In terms of level, Xingtu-TXL's vehicles performed well. However, Xingtu-TXL still retains the physical operation buttons, and the design logic here is somewhat different from what we usually understand.

In addition, when you quickly turn the knob to increase/decrease the volume, the adjustment speed of the volume cannot keep up with the rotation speed of the knob. That is to say, when you want to reduce the volume as soon as possible and quickly turn the knob counterclockwise, you need to turn a few more times. To achieve the desired effect.

The voice recognition function of the Lion Smart Cloud i-Connect@Lion 2.0 system is jointly developed by iFlytek and Baidu Big Data, which can wake up voice control by voice, steering wheel buttons, and icons in the upper left corner of the screen. The speech recognition rate of this system is very high, but in our test, the system has some problems with the understanding of Chinese numbers.

The voice control system can support contextual connection, and can judge whether the voice broadcast needs to be interrupted according to the instructions of the personnel, but it is still unable to recognize the position of the person who issued the instruction, so it is impossible to make a differentiated response, so in terms of functional satisfaction The score is not very high.

Putting aside two small problems in physical operation, as well as some problems with voice control, Xingtu-TXL's Lion Zhiyun i-Connect@Lion 2.0 system has a good performance in other small items of human-vehicle interaction, especially It is the texture of the central control screen, which is in line with this new brand with a relatively high-end positioning.

●Function realization

In this part of the multimedia playback function, in addition to the basic Bluetooth music and radio functions, the Lion Zhiyun i-Connect@Lion 2.0 system directly “throws” other functions to online audio sources, including online audio books and news information. And other content.

In terms of navigation, Xingtu-TXL directly uses the Baidu map car version, and its operation is exactly the same as that of the mobile phone Baidu map. Of course, in the navigation function of Xingtu-TXL, the biggest highlight comes from the AR navigation function. Combining navigation information with real-time road scenes can become a boon for some “road crazy players”.

The Lion Smart Cloud i-Connect@Lion 2.0 system has good scores in navigation, entertainment, system functions and remote control. The score in communication is low. It can only make and receive calls, but cannot send and receive text messages. , And there is no real-time communication function. In addition, in this part of the mapping function, the system only provides Apple CarPlay as a form of mobile phone interconnection, and the mobile phone's own audio source playback and QQ music playback are still retained. The reason why Baidu CarLife is not provided is that the technology of the entire system originated from Baidu, and CarLife does not have much practical significance.

●Service Ecology

Because of the face recognition function, the Lion Zhiyun i-Connect@Lion 2.0 system can realize the online payment function, but the current payment function of the system only supports the online purchase of movie tickets. In the future, it will open up a series of parking lots, toll booths, etc. Scenes. Although Xingtu-TXL has one-button emergency rescue in the car and appointments for maintenance and repairs through the car, the mobile app cannot complete the maintenance and repair appointments. It can only display the current vehicle faults or problems, so the app scene function satisfaction degree is not scored. .

●Communication Favorability

Finally, in terms of communication favorability, since the voice system has room for improvement in the understanding of some scenarios and some needs, Xingtu-TXL does not have a two-dimensional character in the car like some Chinese brands, so in this respect The score is not very high.


Autohome smart car linkage test
Rank Model Human-vehicle interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score
1 Changan CS95 92.0 82.2 22.0 40.0 74.0
2 Star Way-TXL 85.0 80.2 44.0 20.0 73.2
3 MG HS 78.5 74.7 68.0 30.0 72.6
4 Baojun RS-5 77.4 79.2 52.0 30.0 72.1
5 BYD Tang DM 88.3 71.9 50.0 20.0 70.9
6 BMW X7 99.9 75.3 12.0 20.0 70.8
7 Weimar EX5 Pro 92.4 74.0 32.0 10.0 70.0
8 Geely Borui GE 84.3 77.0 32.0 20.0 69.6
9 JAC Refine S4 79.9 73.6 34.0 50.0 68.3
10 Dongfeng Fengshen AX7 68.2 77.4 40.0 50.0 67.7

Everyone has different demands for in-vehicle systems, so as a brand new brand, Starway’s i-Connect@Lion 2.0 system does a good job in several basic functions, such as the current mainstream voice control and multimedia. There is a good performance in entertainment. There is also a navigation function from Baidu, which can completely free car owners from relying on mobile phone maps. The title of the article also says that AR navigation is a bonus item, which is still very useful for novice drivers. In addition to these basic functions, we can also see that the Lion Smart Cloud i-Connect@Lion 2.0 system is also committed to opening up a new service ecosystem, but the functions that can be achieved at present are still relatively limited, and it will be upgraded through OTA in the future. , Bring more convenience to users in the practical and interconnected fields.