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[YesAuto owner interview] Since its launch on July 13, 2012, the new generation of BMW 3 Series has quickly occupied the hearts of young consumers with its ostentatious exterior design, strong power system and precise control as always. Today we invited three 2013 BMW 3 Series owners, including the long-axis version and the short-axis version, to hear what they think about their car after using it for a period of time.

● The first owner: Mr. Sun

Forum ID: Sun Xiaohou 7

    Mr. Sun is only 23 years old this year, but he has 5 years of driving experience and is currently a college student about to graduate. I bought this 2013 328Li luxury design suit in April 2013. Due to the frequent need to travel between Beijing and Shandong, it has traveled more than 6000 kilometers in just two months.

■ About buying a car

Mr. Sun experienced a short period of hesitation when choosing a car. On the one hand, he himself likes more sporty models. On the other hand, Mr. Sun sometimes needs to pick up some business customers for his father, and he also used to choose the car model. Troubled with Audi’s three models (A6L, A5, Q3) and the BMW 3 Series, Mr. Sun finally learned through forums and other channels that Audi’s maintenance is more expensive, and there is a phenomenon of burning engine oil. After careful consideration, he had to give up Audi’s There are three models, but in fact, BMW’s previous N52 series engines also burned oil to a certain extent. I hope the new N20 engine can avoid this from happening.

“Audi A6L” “Audi A5”

After confirming the new generation of BMW 3 Series, Mr. Sun's choice has become clearer. The 328Li luxury design suit that takes into account both sports and business has become his ideal car. In the car purchase process, due to relatives who work in a BMW 4S shop, Mr. Sun was able to “lead” his BMW home at a very attractive price.

■ About car

What are you satisfied with

    The front face design of the new-generation BMW 3 Series is the point that Mr. Sun is most satisfied with. The fashionable and fierce style suits his taste, and the maximum power of 245 horsepower provided by the 2.0T high-power version of the engine also makes him very fascinated. In addition, Mr. Sun is convinced of the safety of German cars, and he has a little experience on this point.

What are you dissatisfied with

    Mr. Sun's dissatisfaction with the new generation of BMW 3 Series mainly focuses on three aspects. The first is the abnormal noise of the steering wheel, which often occurs when turning; the second is that whether you listen to music through the radio or an external device, the multimedia system will always be stuck, which may also cause the external device to crash; the third is When the gearbox is in P gear, there is a certain chance that it cannot be engaged in D gear.

Spatial performance

Mr. Sun prefers basketball, so there is no lack of friends who are more than 2 meters around. However, Mr. Sun has never worried about space. The nearly 3 meters long wheelbase ensures the comfort of the rear passengers and helps his father pick up and drop off customers. In the process, 328Li is able to perform well.

■ Mr. Sun’s simple summary

    Mr. Sun, who is still in the “honeymoon period” with the 328Li luxury design package, said that his car fully meets the expectations at the time of purchase. His work is calm and comfortable, and some of the dissatisfaction mentioned above is still within the scope of Mr. Sun's acceptance.

● The second owner: Mr. Ma

Forum ID: male8422 (check his homepage)

    Mr. Ma is 29 years old and has been driving for 10 years. He currently works for a large state-owned enterprise in the communications industry. Unlike the other two car owners, Mr. Ma is the only short-axle car owner in this car owner interview. His 320i sports design package was purchased in September 2012, and it has traveled more than 10,000 kilometers so far.

■ About buying a car

“Audi A4L” “Benz C-Class”

    Before buying a car, Mr. Ma also considered Audi A4L, Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz C-class models, but ultimately prompted Mr. Ma to choose the BMW 3 Series 320i fashion model or its import status. Mr. Ma believes that imported models are in terms of quality and durability. Sexually more secure. In terms of price, since the discount rate of the short-axis version is far less than that of the long-axis version, Mr. Ma, who has been exhausting his tongue, only got a discount of more than 10,000.

■ About car

What are you satisfied with

    What Mr. Ma likes most is the control that has always been admired by the BMW 3 Series. The front-rear drive driving style combined with excellent suspension tuning makes Mr. Ma feel the strong driving pleasure during driving, and the new driving mode options are added. The system also makes Mr. Ma feel the human side of the new 3 series; in addition, the relatively cheap maintenance price is also a point that Mr. Ma is more satisfied with.

What are you dissatisfied with

    Through the interview with Mr. Ma, we learned that although he purchased an imported model, his 320i sports design package also has the phenomenon of abnormal steering wheel noise and multimedia playback jams, and for the navigation function in the BMW iDrive system, Ma Mr. also feels that it is not very useful. In addition, Mr. Ma's car also experienced rusty seats, but with the good service of the 4S shop, this problem was solved satisfactorily.

Spatial performance

Mr. Ma's family does not have much demand for space, and the utilization rate of the rear seats is not very high. Therefore, although he bought a short-axle model, he still feels that the space is sufficient.

■ Simple summary of Mr. Ma

    As the only short-axis version owner in this interview, Mr. Ma is quite satisfied with the other aspects of the 320i sports design package, apart from his dissatisfaction with the navigation. He doesn't need to invest in space, he can confidently chase the control, and the driving pleasure provided by the short-axle version fully meets his expectations when he buys the car.

● The third owner: Mr. Gan

Forum ID: GW42420959 (check his homepage)

Mr. Gan, who has been driving for 12 years, is 31 years old this year. As a teacher, he bought the 320Li fashion design suit next to him in January 2013. In the past 5 months, Mr. Gan and his car have been driving. After more than 8,000 kilometers, let us listen to what kind of experience Mr. Gan wants to share with us.

■ About buying a car

Mr. Gan used to own a Santana 2000 before, and later changed it to the Excelle Travel Edition. With the improvement of living standards, Mr. Gan also had the idea of entering a luxury brand. However, because the elderly in the family are old, There are many inconveniences in movement, so convenience for getting on and off and riding comfort are Mr. Gan’s rigid standards. In the face of such standards, the taller Audi Q5 and the smaller Mercedes-Benz C-Class were eliminated. Finally, between the Audi A4L and the BMW 3 Series, Mr. Gan chose the larger BMW 3 Series.

“Audi Q5” “Audi A4L”

In the car purchase link, Mr. Gan has won a discount of nearly 50,000 yuan for himself through unremitting efforts, as well as a year's full insurance and a gas card. In addition, on this basis, because Mr. Gan participated in the car purchase activities of the Auto House, he also received a cash reward of 1,000 yuan.

■ About car

What are you satisfied with

    Like the first two owners, Mr. Gan was very satisfied with the power and control of the new-generation BMW 3 Series, and the average fuel consumption of about 9L per 100 kilometers also made Mr. Gan more pleased. For a 2.0T engine, It is not easy to control fuel consumption within a reasonable range while having strong power.

What are you dissatisfied with

    Mr. Gan’s dissatisfaction with the new 3 series is mainly focused on the seats and humanized design. Among them, the lumbar support that can only provide point support makes Mr. Gan feel very uncomfortable; and the car can still be locked in the ignition state without any prompts. It is Mr. Gan’s doubts about the humanized design; in addition, the aforementioned abnormal steering wheel noise and multimedia playback stuttering also occurred in Mr. Gan’s car. It seems that this should be a common problem of the new 3 series.

Spatial performance

    In daily use, Mr. Gan's BMW 3 Series often needs to pick up and drop off the elderly. Fortunately, his 320Li did not let him down. The spacious space and comfortable seats made him very relieved.

■ Simple summary of Mr. Gan

    Although he has certain dissatisfaction with this 320Li, overall, Mr. Gan still believes that he has met his expectations when he bought the car. The spacious space has successfully completed the task of picking up the elderly, and the strong power and low fuel consumption have made it possible. While enjoying driving pleasure, he also obtained a good fuel economy.

Full text summary

    Through today’s car owner interview, we learned that the three invited car owners praised the appearance and interior design of the new generation of BMW 3 Series, and the strong power and low fuel consumption gave them a lot of use in use. Surprisingly, as for the space, even the short-axis version of the car owner said that it is completely enough. Of course, if it can solve the phenomenon of abnormal steering wheel noise, multimedia playback jams, etc., the new generation of BMW 3 Series will take another step towards “perfection.” (Photo/Text Car Home Li Weilong)