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[YesAuto News] Fang Yunzhou, a representative of the National People's Congress, proposed to increase the charging pile facilities in the construction of rural infrastructure, increase rural charging pile electricity subsidies, and introduce a rural new energy car purchase subsidy policy.

Fang Yunzhou said that as a strategic emerging industry, new energy vehicles need to use their technological and resource advantages to support the construction of new rural areas. He introduced at the meeting that in 2017, the number of charging infrastructure in the country reached 1,445,723, and the ratio of new energy vehicles to piles was about 3.8:1. The construction of charging infrastructure has been vigorously promoted. However, from a national perspective, charging facilities are more concentrated in developed provinces and cities such as Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, and Jiangsu, and the popularization of charging piles in vast rural areas still has a long way to go.

“The rapid popularization of the new energy automobile industry cannot do without the follow-up of supporting facilities such as charging.” Therefore, he suggested that charging piles should be included in rural infrastructure construction as soon as possible, and charging piles should be installed in village committees and village public places for free for villagers. Charging use. At the same time, he also proposed to increase the subsidy for electricity charges for rural charging piles, and for those who install charging piles, a certain amount of electricity subsidies will be given.

In terms of car purchase, Fang Yunzhou believes that the country should introduce a subsidy policy for new energy car purchases in rural areas. He said that in 2009, the country’s policy for autos to the countryside has promoted the entry of Chinese cars into Yicun’s tens of thousands of households. It is recommended to follow this policy and formulate special subsidies for rural car purchases. Rural residents who purchase new energy vehicles will be given appropriate Subsidies for car purchases and installation of charging piles for free. (Information source: Dahe Newspaper; Compilation/Car Home Zhang Lianyi)