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[YesAuto Appearance Modification] Today's car modification culture changes the appearance abound, young people like to pursue individual appearance modification, for this part of the considerable consumer group, powerful and large-scale modification manufacturers have taken their thoughts, and Hamann modification not long ago The factory modified a Porsche Macan S.

For junior modification enthusiasts, they are usually only interested in the appearance. This wide-body kit tailored for Macan S by the Hamann modification factory can instantly increase the appearance of this car and get a lot of praise. , Also attracted a lot of attention.

From the side lines of the car body, we can see the dimensions of the full car body kit. The air intake grille at the front of the car body has been specially designed, and the lowered suspension system is matched with 22-inch wheels to enhance the beauty and domineering. There is a famous saying in the modification circle, the so-called one low cover one hundred ugly. Although this Macan S is an SUV model, it does not affect its appearance. The spoiler on the luggage compartment at the rear of the body echoes the spoiler at the bottom to improve the stability of the rear of the body. The exhaust system on both sides is made of stainless steel to ensure the exhaust tone while increasing the beauty. The positioning of the Macan S itself It is the young group, I hope they can accept the works of Hamann modification factory.