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[YesAuto Electric Vehicle] As the second product of Leaper Auto, Leaper T03 returns to the mainstream line. Its sleek shape and stylish and exquisite appearance have “connotations” that exceed those of similar cars. The new car is equipped with 3 cameras. The hardware combination of 1 millimeter wave radar and 11 ultrasonic radars supports up to 10 automatic driving assistance functions. As a miniature electric car, what are the advantages of competing products such as the Zero Running T03, Benben E-Star and Euler R1? Let's learn about it through today's unpacking!

●New car overview:

●New car pickup:

● Get started quickly:

● Get started quickly:

● Front engine room:

● Chassis analysis:

Full text summary :

Zero Run T03 has the leading NEDC endurance and relatively good riding space performance, and its appearance is not low. It has cross-level configurations such as face recognition and automatic parking. If the later L2 assisted driving can be opened in time , The overall competitiveness of the car should not be underestimated. The S01, the first product of Leaper Auto, is relatively niche. As the second mass-produced model, Leaper T03 is responsible for shipments and reputation. If you are planning to buy a mini-electric car recently, you may wish to test drive it. Zero run T03. (Photo/text/photographed by Zhang Wenhao; assisted in shooting Xu Bo and Zhao Congdi)