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[YesAuto Race] Many new faces appeared in the 2013 Audi R8 LMS Cup. Among them, the Swiss driver girl Rahel Frey, who drove the No. 66 Castrol Multi-Pole Green Car, was the most Frye has attracted attention not only because she is a fair-skinned blonde, but also because her outstanding driving skills are not inferior to the top male drivers on the field. This inevitably made me interested in this woman and wanted to talk to her about the growth story of being a successful female driver.

● My name is Rael Fry

Name: Rahel Frey
Birthday: February 23, 1986. Place of birth: Niederbipp, Switzerland. 1.63 meters tall. Hobbies: motor sports, various sports, food, and life motto: (Go fast and never ever give up!)

● Fry’s driver growth experience

★ 1986-1998 Discover the world

Frye, born in 1986, said that when she was a child, she was a complete “hyperactivity disorder”. At that time, she always needed to find ways to do something. She tried ballet, football, tennis, gymnastics and other sports, but none of them lasted long. It is her father who associates Fry with the car, a former professional racer. Yes, maybe this bond is innate. It only takes a right time for Fry to realize the relationship between her and the car. The existence of bonds.

On Frye's 12th birthday, her father took little Frye to the karting yard and used her as a birthday gift by stuffing her into the kart. Frye's racing career began naturally. For racing, Frye only finished elementary school in 2001 and graduated from high school in early 2006, when Frye was already 20 years old. Frye said: “School was never my first choice, but I had to go to school because my mother said that if I didn't go to school, I wouldn't be allowed to drive a car, but now I know her decision was correct.”

★ 1998-2004 embarked on the road of racing

“I have always dreamed of becoming a pilot. Now I have to say that my skills are as good as a pilot. The only difference is that I am sitting in the cockpit and control four wheels.” Frye said wittily. As a child, Frye dreamed of joining the Swiss Army to become a professional helicopter pilot, and when she was 12 years old when she first entered the karting arena and made great progress, I think this dream of becoming a pilot can only be ranked second after becoming a driver. .

Before entering the international stage, Frye had been participating in some national competitions held in Switzerland. She showed extraordinary competitiveness in the competitions, and everyone around her quickly recognized her. Little Frye was funded by her parents when she participated in the kart racing in the first year, and by the second year she had already received the support of professional sponsors. That's right, because in the second year she participated in higher-level karting competitions and she performed very well and was always able to get on the podium. When it comes to the first sponsor of Frye's racing career (a Swiss car dealer), Frye always expresses with emotion how lucky he was to get the sponsorship in the second year.

★ 2004-2006 Moved to the international arena

In 2004, Frye received a phone call informing her that she could test on a formula car, which gave her the opportunity to switch from kart to formula car and opened up her higher-level driver career. Frye’s experience of participating in the Formula Car race at the beginning is unforgettable for life. In the first two rounds of the Swiss Formula Renault 2.0 in 2004, she has been on the podium twice and won a third and a third. The impressive results of the champion proved her ability to adapt to new challenges quickly. In 2004, the Swiss girl won the fourth place in the annual total score at the time, and the third place in the annual total score in 2005. In 2006 she had already started competing in international championships like Italy and Europe Formula Renault 2.0.

★ 2007-2009 If you want to win, first have patience

Frye believes that hard work will pay off, so she always follows her motto “go fast and never ever give up!” In the three years from 2007 to 2009, this girl has experienced many ups and downs. In 2007, she started from Formula Renault. 2.0 moved to the higher level of the International Formula Masters. At this time, Fra was still very fast, but she always stopped on the podium due to the mechanical failure of the car, and she stopped on the engine in second place in Pau, France. The cylinder burst. She was in third place in the Oscherslein station in Germany. She stopped at the electrical system failure. This not only did not make her discouraged, but also made her understand a truth. If you want to win, you must first learn to have it. patient.

This mentality allowed her to pay off when she successfully tested the DTM car for Audi for the first time in 2007. Because of this successful test, Frye received sponsorship from the Volkswagen manufacturer and has represented the Volkswagen in the European F3 since 2008. game. But the first year of participating in F3 was the most difficult year for Frye. She did not find any feelings with the car or the team. In 2009, she changed her mind. After changing the team and environment, she was on the right track. She was on the podium at Oschersleben Station and won the first place at the Nürburgring Station. This is also in history. Women won the F3 championship for the first time. Unfortunately, Frye had to withdraw from the 2009 season after 4 races because the sponsor broke the contract.

★ 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race

As Frye failed to find financial support from a new sponsor to continue her formula racing career, she began to accept new challenges from other racing fields. In 2010, she found a local Swiss team and, together with two other Swiss girls, drove a Ford GT GT3 car to participate in the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans.

In addition, Frye was invited by Volkswagen to become a guest star driver for the Scirocco R Cup, and once again won the favor of Volkswagen manufacturers. She said that we are all willing to pay for something. At the end of 2010, she did a job for the Audi DTM racing car. In the second test, he successfully passed the test and became a professional DTM driver.

★ The highest peak of 2011-2012 racing career

At the beginning of 2011, Frye’s dream came true officially signed with Audi as a professional DTM racing driver. In the first year, she played for the Phoenix team and the second year for the Abt team. Frye's best result in DTM was the second. The seven also made her the first female driver to score points for Audi in the DTM event. (Know that there are many masters in DTM, and former F1 masters like Coulthard and Schumacher are all involved.) During the two years at DTM, Frye was systematically trained by the Audi factory team and grew up as a professional racer. The experience in such top world events will help her a lot in the future. Of course, Frye will accept more new challenge.

★ 2013 “Lai” to China

Frye came to China in 2013 and joined the Audi R8 LMS Cup competition, becoming the second female driver to play for the Castrol team after Zhang Ran. Facing such masters as Xiong Long, Li Yingjian, Fang Junyu, and Sun Zheng, Frye has achieved several fourth results. One of them was once the second place she dropped due to a slip of the car and was only one step away from the podium. Far away.

In the future, Frye hopes to achieve higher achievements in the field of racing. Just like her idol-Rally Queen Michel Morton, Frye knows that she needs to practice more in-depth and hard work if she wants to achieve the highest achievement. Improve yourself.