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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] In life, everyone plays a different role; in life, everyone is the protagonist. This Father's Day, let us approach the three rim dads and unlock different rim masters.

He is Fan Xin, the editor-in-chief of the Information Department of Auto House, and is also Pudding's best friend and closest playmate.

At work, he is the editor-in-chief of the Information Department of Autohome; in the family, he is Pudding's father and even Pudding's closest partner. They play drums, read books together, play rugby together…

It is said that parents are the best teachers for children. As the son of Fan Xin, the father of the car circle, Little Pudding has been familiar with cars since he was a child. No, not long ago, my dad took him to experience the CEC China Auto Endurance Championship Ningbo Station up close. The little guy and the car home racers fought side by side and went hand in hand!

In Xiao Puding's eyes, Fan Xin, the rim father, is his world. Let's take a look at how they write the relationship between father and son.

He is a media person–Wu Pei, the son who once challenged Yan's father, and is now a super good father.

On the road to growth, my father taught us life skills, taught us to face life bravely, and taught us to face challenges head-on… But the day-to-day relationship with my father will inevitably lead to friction. Teacher Wu Pei and his father spent 30 years in a “reconciliation”. Teacher Wu Pei feels deeply about his father’s decentralization…

Growing up all the way, walking and stopping, the father's hands supported us for the first half of our life, and the children let him rely on for the second half of our life. On Father’s Day, Teacher Wu Pei and his father hold hands together to witness the transmission of father’s love~

Many fathers are bad words. This Father's Day, Teacher Wu Pei wants to say a sincere word to his father: Dad, Happy Father's Day!

He is Xia Dong, the producer and host of the kick-cars, and a good teacher and helpful friend on the path of his daughter's growth.

For children, the father is the hope, the direction, and the beacon of life… Even if you do not change your face, he must be the person you are most proud of.

For Teacher Yu Xiadong, the role of his father is always changing, sometimes he is a good teacher and sometimes a good friend. He always appears in front of his daughter in a suitable role, just for the sake of her daughter's growth path can be smoother.

Next, we might as well approach the father and daughter together to see the emotional resonance between them.

After reading the parenting experiences of the three car rim fathers, what do you experience? Which way of education do you prefer, A or B? This Father’s Day, I wish all of you who work hard to be a good father, happy holiday! Finally, a collection of videos of three car lap dads was sent intimately. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Yajun)

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