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[YesAuto Industry] In order to further enhance the cockpit experience of drivers and passengers, Faurecia, an auto parts supplier, has cooperated with a number of innovative companies. A few days ago, Faurecia announced its investment in GuardKnox, an Israeli automotive network security provider, to enhance the information security of intelligent connected cars. It is reported that GuardKnox can provide a series of network defense products (including hardware and software) for connected and autonomous vehicles.

With the help of GuardKnox's technical expertise, Faurecia is able to integrate a complete end-to-end automotive network security solution into the cockpit, ensuring the safety of software, data and cloud storage systems in the cockpit. Through the technology platform located in Tel Aviv, Israel, Faurecia will cooperate with GuardKnox to create a safer cockpit.

Previously, in order to further enhance the cockpit sound experience, Faurecia also announced in April 2019 that it had acquired a majority stake in the Swedish company Creo Dynamics. The company was established in 2010 and mainly provides innovative automotive acoustic technology and active noise control solutions. The voice technology of GIA Clarion's automotive electronics business unit can effectively complement each other. At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Faurecia and Creo Dynamics jointly demonstrated an independent cockpit noise control solution, integrating Creo Dynamics' virtual microphone technology and active noise control algorithm into the sound system of the headrest, which improves driving as a whole. The comfort and privacy of the sound experience in the passenger car.

At the beginning of 2019, Faurecia also reached a partnership with the Japanese display company JDI. The two parties jointly developed the first product: a 32.1-inch 6K display. This display can be integrated into the dashboard and relies on mechanical electronics, dynamics, and materials. And design expertise to optimize user experience, and can be switched according to different modes of manual driving and automatic driving.